Arsenal keen to include fan interaction into BCD Premier League action

Arsenal are trying to give fans some input into matches when football returns, but are yet to decide on just how to do so, with games set to be played Behind Closed Doors.

The Bundesliga opened the way for a return to action amongst the top leagues, and Portugal have followed suit of late, with Primeira Liga leaders Porto losing their opening game back, opening the door for Benfica to take top spot if they win at home to Tondela tonight.

The Premier League is yet to make their return to action however, but are scheduled to open with the two catch-up games in Aston Villa v Sheffield United, shortly followed by Manchester City v Arsenal on Wednesday June 17, with a full weekend’s schedule yet to be announced.

In the Bundesliga, we have witnessed cardboard cutouts of fans in the stadium for Borussia Monchengladbach, while in Korea we even witnessed sex dolls used to give the effect of attendance in matches.

Arsenal are said to be working on a way to bring fans into stadiums in other ways however, with a spokesman admitting to “We’re exploring multiple ways to bring fans into the stadium ‘virtually’.”

There is talk of possibly bringing crowd noise from actual fans live into stadiums, as opposed to the generated fan noise that has so far been mooted, while online fan hangouts and zoom fans put onto big screens also mooted as possible options.

Do you think that the club should find a way to have live fan noise played inside the stadium? Or could that prove too difficult?


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