Arsenal keep up the momentum to convincingly beat London rivals Fulham

Arsenal have clinched a 3-0 win in the London derby clash with Fulham this afternoon, with us wasting no time in making our advantage pay.

The Gunners pretty much wrapped up the three points in the opening half, with Gabriel Magalhaes, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard putting us 3-0 ahead before the interval.

We initially took the lead when Martinelli broke down the left before sprinting with the ball into the box, with his cross being drilled off the defender and into the net, only for him to have been spotted as narrowly offside by VAR before picking up the ball.

We didn’t have to wait long before we had the lead we deserved however, when Leandro Trossard’s lofted cross into the heart of the box was directed home by the defender. His international teammate continued to be a nuisance for Fulham by popping up in the box to head into the open goal when the ball was cleverly knocked into his path by our January signing Trossard, who made it a hat-trick of assists when finding Martin Odegaard just before the whistle for the break.

The Norwegian picked up the ball inside the box, managed to take it down before moving across the box to find space to pick his spot, calmly slotting it away for our third.

We had hoped that our side would continue and pile on the goals after the break, but we weren’t able to enjoy as much freedom in the final third as we did in the initial 45 minutes. Our opponents were more organised and we struggled to penetrate. The biggest cheer of the new half was when Gabriel Jesus made his long-awaited return to action after his devastating injury, coming on for a short 15 minute cameo. He nearly made it the ideal return when Fabio Vieira laid it into his path in the box, but the goalkeeper managed to keep his outstretched leg out to block his placed effort.

Every three points is massively important at this stage in the season, and it was probably a well managed performance from our side given the fact that we had just played out a tough encounter with Sporting on Thursday evening, and taking our foot off the pedal a little in the second-half could help us ride out the next few weeks.


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  1. Arsenal simply outclassed Fulham in all aspects of the game. It could’ve been 0 – 7, if we were more clinical

    1. That should be a worry. We waste waaay too many chances! We didn’t concede today, but we’ve been doing so lately. This is a worry…

    1. Trossard has been a wonder signing. I’m glad Jesus is back, but Trossard is undroppable at the moment, he is doing solid business in the 9 spot.

      Perfect for Jesus to be eased back in, but no rush as Trossard is a boss right now.

  2. Fulham couldn’t be worse in the second half and had a couple of good chances. Yes, we did take our foot off the gas but we could have had more as Martinelli was whilst in the box as well as Jesus’ effort

    A deserved MOTM for Trossard and a team looking like they mean business. ManU dropped points so really must be out of contention and we have shortened the goal difference with City which could be vital at the end of the season.

    Hoping for a dynamic performance on Thursday and a win against Palace on Sunday COYG

  3. Great game, hit them hard and early, bragging rights fully established.

    So Psul Merson was right, it will be interesting what he think’s about the Newcastle game coming up

  4. No complaints today, a near perfect performance, only Ramsdale trying to be clever with the ball at his feet but made a couple of great stops. I know Trossard got MOM but today Partey was the Vierra figure, we used to dream of. Partey was his imperious one man midfield battering ram.

  5. Before the game I wrote that MERSE had it wrong when he forecast an easy win I went for a tight game with us only one goal better .

    Apologies to Merse, that widely recognised genius tipster.
    That last line just MAY be ironic though!

    Anyone still want Mudryk? Me neither!

    What price Trossard NOW!!!

    1. 👌! Yes o Jon, good morning 🌄 from Nigeria I can’t agree with you less. Arsenal sailed a dummy and Chelshit swallowed it hook and sinker show casing that they have money that they don’t know how to properly utilize. Not that Mudryk is bad but he’s not meant for Chelsea it’s a pity Shakstar sold him against his choice. Greetings once again.

  6. “His international teammate continued to be a nuisance for Fulham by popping up in the box to head into the open goal”

    Trossard and Martinelli are not international teammates !

    1. I think it was meant for Gabriel Magalhaes. That part is written a little confusing though but when reading it second time, the sentence starts after ‘the defender’.

    2. He’s an international. And they are teammates at Arsenal, so literally they ARE “international teammates” lol

  7. Admin remember to update and upgrade Gabriel Jesus picture the one you are using is an insult to our man and fans of this site do something on it please.

    1. Naftali, Why? Whats wrong with this picture ? Simply pulling a face, as humans do, even you and I, at times.



          It was a pathetic request to change that picture, so I told him that, in essence!

  8. Our Imperious away form is powering us to the league title. 3 wins and 7 pts ahead of Mcity with only 5 matches left.
    Home record are usually close e.g we finished a humongous 24 pts behind city but only 6 pts behind at home.

    1. Hopefully we will continue to replicate this away form
      We have 3 huge away fixtures left..
      City away
      Liverpool away
      And Newcastle away..

      1. Very very crucial, if we can garner 4pts out of 9 from those 3 matches and buckle up the ones that seems likely easy wins then we’ll be celebrating before the final match. The fans here are seriously preparing for jam party come that day in Port Harcourt – Garden City.

  9. We looked a smoother, more cohesive unit in the first half and were irresistible. We looked miles better than City did yesterday and could’ve been 5 up at half time. The second half was frustrating because once again we completely backed off and let them come onto us. What is wrong with just keeping the pressure on and hammering them 7, 8, 9-0? We never do it and it’s incredibly irritating because it smacks of lack of killer instinct. You didn’t see Liverpool backing off against Man Utd. Was it professional? Yes. Was it satisfying? Mostly.

  10. well Liverpool’s 7 didnt do them any good yesterday when they lost all 3 points did they. Winning consistently is all that matters at this stage and conserving energy as much as possible. I was delighted with the Trossard acquisition but he has surpassed my expectations at this stage what a player!!! Saliba and Partey back to their Rolls Royce best.

  11. When you see this kind of gap in class between the two teams you realise that you’r in a good track…..We were head and shoulders above Fulham

  12. Fewer and fewer Arteta Out-ers…I wonder how those of you upset about the acquisition of Leandro Trossard must be feeling now.

    One more game, one more evidence of the genius of Mikel Arteta [by the way, his haters can go kick rocks or hug a transformer].

    Wonderful win, wonderful unity, and this is the season Arsenal will put their league drought to rest. Onwards and upwards!

    1. Fewer? Right now there seem to me to be NONE at all on JA. I think you are rather behind the times my friend.

      Lets talk about NOW and the future and forget the irrelevant past. Unless I am wrong , those who had doubts at one time , which TBH, was many of us, have moved on.

      Life is about moving on and NOT dwelling on things gone by. AGREED?

    2. Bro what does that have to do with anything? I was an Arteta out last couple seasons and was satisfied with both our transfer windows! Trossard was a baller in brighton I never remember anyone saying he was a bad buy!

    1. WHO do you propose to give us that “guarantee” You perhaps ?
      Little is ever guaranteed in football, however unlikely it seems. REALITY!
      So VERY likely, certainly, but “guaranteed”, NO!

      1. I agree it’s too early for such statements. I will wait until it is a mathematical fact before I rely on any “guarantees.”

        Instead I shall enjoy the result and the visually delightful first half, and the sublime performance of Trossard. Jesus should earn his way back in the starting lineup, because currently Trossard is undroppable as a 9 in his present form.

        1. Not a selection problem I thought we would ever have! But didn’t Jesus look great for that 15 minutes, Durand? I can honestly say I had forgotten quite what an amazing player he is.

          1. Absolutely right my friend! Delighted to see Jesus on the pitch again. Right now our attack is purring with Trossard as the 9, so I would be very hesitant to disrupt the monster that it is.

            Jesus will get his time, plus no need to rush him back and risk such a fine player.

  13. Agreed Jon. Those are no less a supporter to kpankulu. Let’s move on. This is not the time to remember every one mistakes of the past. Let’s enjoy the success as they come and the boys support until the trophy is back to Emirates. For me, Trossard is my MOTM. Congratulations boys and Arteta. We move

  14. Interesting facts :
    We have won more games than city and we have lost less games than city.

    I do believe that our game against Palace on Sunday, will be pivotal in seeing off city, as eight points in the bag, will be a physiological advantage and pressure point in the race.

    Hopefully our injuries will be non existent during the run in and today’s first half masterclass and second half durability test will stop the likes of Neville from continually putting us down.

    Thanks for the article Patrick, most of us understand that everyone makes errors.

    1. Pedants retort Ken! We have lost FEWER games than City. Just teasing, my friend!

      To be seious though, are you really saying that if we beat Palace , as we should, that that will be a decIsive moment in the title race?

      I accept that pivotal does NOT mean decisive of course, but I see no real PIVOTAL MOMENT until we play at City.

      As for Patrick, he makes far too many regular ASTOUNDING gaffes to convince me he knows that much about football,or even our club.

      One or two simple factual errors I could EASILY forget, but he does it very often KEN, in case you have not noticed.

      1. I’m sure Patrick knew what I meant Jon!!!
        I did say that going eight points ahead would put pressure on city and, therefore, I see it as being pivotal we win that game.

        1. Just want to jump in here, this game against Palace here will be MASSIVE

          Indeed it could be look back as a point in the campaign by the Citizens where the big one got away due to SHEER TIMING of when these eight points lead accumulated.

          If we manage to beat Palace we will be 8 points in the lead with ten games left to play, now when you consider the Citizens don’t play until April first when they face Pool in a game that could go any way..
          As it is said a bird in the hand is worth twice in the bushes
          So the psychological pressure here will be MASSIVE.

          That same day the Citizens face Pool we play less than two hours later anything less than a victory against Pool by the Citizens spell big trouble for the champion.

          1. The REAL truth is that ALL games, both for us and for CITY , are going to be massive , pivotal, crucial, up til the title is finally decided.

            PALACE is simply the next massive game on the list .Today at Fulham was also massive and so has every game for many weeks back been massive too. For both clubs BTW!

            All games have apossibility to have a six point swing from one extreme of results to the other extreme.
            So , OBVIOUSLY, ALL games to come are MASSIVE.

    1. Historically I would agree with you but the Liverpool of recent times are not firing this season.

      I know it is often repeated but all games are significant. Our later games are against teams currently facing an uncertain time. Playing Wolves who may need a win to avoid relegation could make or break our season if City don’t stumble

      It’s the joys of being a supporter

      1. Sue P

        A truly memorable day
        The away supporters never stopped singing and were unbelievable
        Out sung the home supporters and our team left them with nothing to shout about.
        The team from start to finish put in a masterclass performance
        We were composed
        We Were slick with our passing
        We were calm
        And we took our chance but not all
        We caused a bit of heart ache at times our self’s with a bit of sloppy play but overall the game was done as soon as we kicked off.
        fulham are by far not an ordinary team but we made them look like one
        GJ back and just in those short minutes he was on we could see we he can offer us and what what we have been missing
        We will be a monster of team when he has got his full playing legs back
        The debate about teams we still need to face. Based On today’s performance, with GJ coming back to full fitness, key players staying fit and looking at our Bench which may I say is looking stronger a d stronger. We have nothing to fear and teams will fear us and thst includes city.
        I predicted weeks ago that we will drop points but won’t lose another games
        Some scoffed, mocked and laughed.
        I say no more
        Onwards and upwards

        1. Definitely onwards and upwards Allan
          Got back yesterday so got to see it on the box today. My only wish was we scored goals in the second half to reduce the GD. But that is being picky. Delighted that the treatment table is virtually empty and my Mother’s Day treat next weekend is a seat at the Emirates with no2 son and a bite to eat afterwards.
          May all your predictions be right (a la Bing Crosby) regarding the remaining matches

            1. Awesome Herr Drier, thank you. 3 years late due to Covid regulations, but a trip to remember. Hilarious listening to the Spanish speaking commentators doing their usual GOOOOAAAAALLLL routines. It’s ridiculous that in other parts of the world, the EPL is readily available to view, but not here.

        2. Alanball08, agree that our support was loud. My only gripe with them is whenever they sing the B’Jesus song they sing it to fast. Also it’s a shame that the fans don’t sit down when singing it, as when it gets to the lyrics of “So Paddy got up and he sang it again” everyone gets up. Was a good craic singing at away games in the 80’s.

          1. HD
            When you are winning the singing always sound louder ..standing or seating
            It was a great day out.
            I have been supporting the Arsenal since the very beginning of the 70s
            Fulham have been my second team since I moved over there. my in laws who have been die hard fulham Supporters for generations having first taken me to Fulham back 88
            Never the same feeling being your 2nd team but always look out for there results but today craven cottage felt like the home of arsenal
            Been there ma y time even when AW managed good sides and we won but today for me it was a special day for the Arsenal

      2. Sue that worries me about the visit to anfield they seem to pull out there best when playing the bigger teams example what they did to man u so there more than capable of turning it on at there place and will be one of our toughest games to play we get something there and at City then 100% we deserve to win the prem league fingers crossed we achieve it!

  15. I’m sure Patrick knew what I meant Jon and I never look for errors, rather the substance of the article.

    I did say that going eight points ahead would put pressure on city and, therefore, I see it as being pivotal we win that game.

    1. Wouldn’t you say that with 27 games gone already that ALL our and Citys games are crucial(or pivotal) KEN? Because I would.

      On Patricks errors, I DIFFER FROM YOU IN THAT I genuinely expect regular inhouse writers to know their football onions, so to speak. I lose faith in those who plainly do not know even basic facts , and that, time after time after time.

      1. Our NEXT game is pivotal, as we COULD go EIGHT points clear… putting even more pressure on city.
        Now, if you knew YOUR footballing onions Jon, you wouldn’t try and dispute that claim, but by ALL means carry on trying to do so.

        Meanwhile, if we happen to LOSE the Palace game, would you consider THAT result to be a PIVOTAL moment in the title race, because it would mean we would only have a TWO point lead, if city beat liverpool?

  16. Let’s keep the winning mentality. Three points today was a big boost to our race to win the league. I hope Jesus comes back strong

  17. Outstanding performance today. A pleasure to watch. My MOTM was Trossard. He had 3 assists and played dazzlingly today. Trossard fits into our system and has delivered at the highest level from day one.

    1. Closely followed by Saliba and Martinelli I would suggest.
      Great to see Tierney given some playing time – ready for Thursday perhaps?

  18. Good game 3points in the bag and we March on. Happy to see Jesus back. Trossard best signing of the Winter!

    1. Trossard was a fantastic signing he shone at Brighton but no disrespect to them as there a pleasure to watch but he’s playing with more top quality players now and it’ shows the way he’s settled into the team and his performances has gone up another level!

  19. Good win today. Along with the 3 points, The Arsenal set a record concerning London Derbies. We became the first London club to win 5 away Derby games while not conceding a single goal.

  20. We still have to Play Liverpool & City AWAY, we are 5 points clear, any statements on having the league won with 11 games to go are insane. Plus Newcastle to play in there, no easy games at all.

    This league is unpredictable. Palace next before the international break is huge but a much needed home win in Europa comes 1st. We come back from the break to LEEDS then away to Liverpool. If we can beat Palace & Leeds then that leaves 9 games and at least 5points clear with even games played.

  21. A supremely confident performance. I understand that as we have a tricky April fixture list and due to out track record in past seasons there is still trepidation amongst fans. But we are actually improving and maturing every game, injured players are recovered and new signings (Trossard and Vieira) are bedding in. Challengers Man U, Newcastle and Spuds have fallen away and Liverpool and Chelsea are nowhere near being good teams. Yes, football being what it is we could lose games, but so could City. We are better than City and all things being equal I expect their only possible points gain over us to be at the Etihad. We are the best in the EPL by a mile. We have the best central defence, the best box to box midfielder, the best attacking creativity, the most innovative manager, and we lead by 5 points. Let the others be afraid of us, because only fear of losing can stop us from taking the title.

  22. It’s a great day at the office by the Arsenal players and staff when the only talking point is that we should have scored more goals. Needed that type of win after the recent nailbiters although I dare say there will be more of those coming up soon. As above, its very difficult to pick a man of the match so I’ll give it to the Partey, Saliba, Gabriel combo. What a solid foundation.

  23. A great win and a wonderful performance. Trossard was undoubtedly MOTM and so nice to see Jesus back on the field. All in all a fantastic performance and now lets beat Sporting CP and enter the quarter finals of the EuL.

  24. Trossard is very instrumental to the resurgence of our team in the past few games. What a signing he is! Teams have already figured out how to play us but for the timely tweaking of tactics by Arteta. He had to replace Nketia with Trossard in the middle. It becomes difficult for teams to deal with as the tree attackers can easily interchange positions. Good thing to see Jesus back. We are ready for the final push.

    Any faint hope of title charge by Man U is all gone. It is now b/w two teams.

  25. From the 15th minute to 45th minute, Arsenal steamrolled the Fulham midfield and assaulted their defence again and again that it could have 8-0 by halftime. Absolute domination by Partey and Xhaka in midfield while Saliba and Gabriel toyed with Mitrovic easily. Such comfort that Arteta used all his 5 subs by the 80th minute.

  26. Interesting and funny thing in the game was that even the ref gave us a freekick for Viera tripping on himself and there was no protest from the Fulham players lol. Even MA was shushing someone from the bench and controlling his laughter XD. Are the PGMOL scared following the exposure of their gaffes against the Arsenal this season?

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