Arsenal keeping a close eye on RB Leipzig star ahead of summer move

RB Leipzig are everything Arsenal once were. They have a young hungry team, with an innovative and passionate coach who likes to develop players both as young men and as tactical and clever footballers. They are a side who are clearly moving forwards and have a bright future. They have not gained any of the stale and painful lethargy that has put pressure on Arsene Wenger and seen a real decline in the quality of Arsenal’s play as well as any sense of optimism at the Emirates.

It is no surprise then that many of their players are being touted across Europe, with one,
Naby Keita already agreeing to go to Liverpool when the summer window opens. Keita, along with Timo Werner, is one of the most sought after players in Europe but Emil Forsberg, the Swedish star, is really not far behind them. He is positive on the ball, an excellent passer and has managed to improve year on year to a point where he needs to make a step up.

Arsene Wenger’s side might even get the chance to play against the Swedish star, with both Leipzig and Arsenal left in the Europa League and likely to progress to the semi-finals. Arsenal are one of the favourites for the title but many punters are sniffing a great deal in Leipzig, who at 8/1 are seen as dark horses to lift the trophy but, with their squad, have every chance. With lots of opportunities to grab free bets and bet on football, like Paddy Power’s risk free £20 bet, a lot of people are backing Die Roten Bullen to win Europe’s second biggest prize.

Forsberg would really be a superb signing for Arsenal, he was always destined for big things even when he began at Sundsvall and showed that he was far too talented for the small Northern Swedish town. He then moved onto to Malmo, giants of Swedish football, but didn’t flinch under pressure.

He is a real leader in the Sweden team that qualified for the world cup, he is happy to take the ball in tough positions and to take on the mantle of being the main creative outlet. Having him and Ozil serving Aubameyang would make real waves, Forsberg of course broke the Bundesliga assist record last season as Leipzig shocked Germany to finish second in the Bundesliga.

He is a player with a high ceiling, it’s clear that he can get even better and having seen Leipzig into the Europa League Quarter Finals, he is a player who has important and useful European experience. He also, would not cost a huge amount to prise away, by today’s standards, which is very important.

Arsenal need more depth, they need more creativity and they need better leaders and Forsberg would bring all of those things and more. If they do decide to go for the Swede they will not regret it and he will thrive in the rarefied air of the Premier League.

Updated: April 2, 2018 — 7:31 pm


  1. “He is a player with a high ceiling” What that then?

    1. I guess he must be very tall.

      1. Ha ha, I thought it was something to do with his house…..

        1. The sky is the limit

  2. Great article
    emil Forsberg is a great player.

    1. is he a DM a CD a GK if not he is at most 4th on our list.
      We need at least 200M with the current transfer fees to catch up.
      A top DM and a top CD will cost most of 100M today. Unless Sven finds diamonds in the rough then it will cost 60M.
      Need DM,CD, GK,LW( Iwobi and Wellbeck are not good enough) a second RB to push Bellerin as he has no replacement now unless we use Chambers there which is not ideal, and then we can think about another creative midfielder.
      Since i cant see Arsenal buying 5-6 players. I think this is a moot point.

      1. Zaha of palace for the low for me

  3. If “he was always destined for big things” then why would he come to us and Wenger?

    Wenger doesn’t like to think big (ie PL champions or winning Champions League) any more.
    To Wenger, “big” means Top 4 and the occasional FA Cup. That’s it!

    1. @innit because Wenger is the father of arsenal football club.A father figure is always respected

      1. Not when he f***s off and leave the home in a mess then keeps threatening his family about the women he could have had

        1. innit
          so why Auba , Mikhi and Lacazette came?you too negative mate

          1. They are not here because of Wenger I can assure you of that.Even he knows his time is up and he is out at the end of the season.Mikki and Auba were Sven signings and would have been sold on the vision of a new manager who can start rebuilding the club after this present one has taken us from SECOND PLACE to SIXTH PLACE in TWO SEASONS

  4. There will be 100m to spend which includes sale of fringe players, so we can buy 2 to 3 great players in the summer

    1. As long as Wenger is not here to spend it.

  5. Yet another German speaking player, might as well get another German CD or DM to communicate better with Mustafi, Xhaka and Kolasinac near our penalty box

    Forsberg seems to be a good player with good technical skills, but I don’t think he as explosive as Salah, Mane, Sane or Sterling in the wings. I saw his international match clip against Italy, which showed he lacks the speed

    Arsenal need an explosive inverted winger like Adama Traore or Leon Bailey (could play for England and understands German as well)

  6. Wtf is an inverted winger? We need a winger, full stop.
    False 9s, sweeping keepers, inverted wingers….. sigh.

    1. Winger that plays on the side of his/her weaker foot. E.g. Cristiano Ronaldo’s right foot is his stronger foot and hence he tends to play on the left side of midfield so he can cut in and score goals. Salah and Messi play on the right side because their stronger foot is the left foot

      Gone are the days when most teams played with strikers as their main goalscorers, supplied by the crosses from traditional wingers. As what you have said: False 9s, sweeping keepers, inverted wingers… Wenger has to be more flexible like Klopp and Guardiola

      1. Thats an inside forward.

  7. They are what Arsenal once were? 🤣🤣🤣

    We might not be mighty now but let’s not forget our history

  8. Forsberg is the closest thing we can have to Carzola is pretty much in Rosicky and Hleb caliber which has been missing under Wenger for long period of time now

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