Arsenal keeping Giroud as super sub – And why not?

If it ain´t broke don´t fix it is a maxim that can be used in many walks of life, football included, and it seems to be the way that Arsene Wenger is looking at his Arsenal striking options at the minute. So once again tomorrow, when Everton come to north London for the 10th round of the Premier League, it will be Theo Walcott leading the line.

As reported by Sky Sports, the manager admitted as much in his pre match press conference. The Frenchman accepted that Giroud is now in a much better frame of mind and his form is good after scoring for France and bagging goals from the bench in the last two Arsenal games against Bayern Munich and Watford.

Wenger said, “It is always hard. They are top players. I consider the form, the game on the day.

“At the end of the season both will have played their share of games but at the moment it is Theo. In a few weeks, it might be Giroud. What is important is that both contribute.”

Giroud only lost his place in the starting line up in the first place because he was missing chances and with Theo having drawn a blank in his last three starts, there have been some calls for Wenger to change back, but the England international has still been making great runs, getting into good positions and helping the team.

So while that keeps happening and Giroud keeps scoring as a super sub, why should Wenger change a winning formula?

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  1. Listen Baby Please

    I trust Wenger to make the right decision whether it’s to start Giroud or make him a supersub

    My opinion is not to automatically start him. Start Walcott and make Giroud earn his start

    Unless Walcott plays RW, then Giroud can obviously start. But I would start IOX as RW and Walcott as CF.

  2. His appearences off the bench has been reaping rewards a goal a game! This formula has been working, so if it aint broken why fix it!

  3. this is just biased when Giroud was missing goals and Walcott was scoring he was put to the sword and there were calls for him to be dropped now that Walcott is the one missing those chances and giroud is scoring it’s lets not fix what’s broken that’s rubbish he deserves the same treatment till he can produce again

    1. OG can scores goals but not good enough to our playing style especially when we want our super players like Sanchez and Ozil to control the pitch, Walcot always grantees that to the team, he may score less but contributes a lot to the team.

    2. u obiviously haven’t watched Arsenal play since the emergence of walcott at CF…… He offers Arsenal something different! ….. Glad i mandated for his staying at Arsenal even when many wanted him gone ….He’s in the right age…. I only pray he keeps up the good form , improve and dn’t get injured

      1. Let me guess, there was a time you wanted Coquelin gone, Ramsey too, Per also, and maybe even Monreal 50/50, and lets not forget the man who bought us all these players and introduced our exquisite brand of football. Ramsey is part of one of the very best midfields in the game, Coq has become one of best in his position, Per is part of great double act and now one of best units in league. Monreal Id say people wanted upgrade at one time and either himself or Gibbs to stay on bench but what other team has two left backs of our quality.

        Glad we have a manager who gives time for players to flourish and a fanbase majority who offer time, gratitude and respect. People should remember Coq and Ramsey scenario before they speak of Jack Wilshere exit.

        1. Exactly, Coq came to the first team at the age of 24, Jack still has a chance but I’m really afraid he might turn into RVP and only be fit when he reaches his peak age

    3. I agree with you.
      Aside from what our friends say above, which is also true, when og wasn’t scoring he did contribute to other stuff and imo it’s not the same measuring .
      But I’m happy the way it is.

    1. “Lucky athlete”……..duh!……… He’s been a winger all his life , now tryna settle into a new CF role and he can only improve!……. Please stop it!

  4. We have Sheffield Wednesday in Tuesday so I would have thought it was going to be Theo on Saturday and Giroud on Tuesday

  5. Since we abandoned our slow tiki-taka system of things and picked up a fast counter kinda football (thanks to the quad of sanchez, walcott, bellerin and monreal….nah infact the whole squad)…..with their drive and willingness to step-up…..everything have started to Look a bit organized for the Arsenal!….. And the intro of walcott to the new CF role makes this competition healthy for Giroud!…… Both see eachother as threats to the starting spot and are ready to impress to make the spot their own!….. Right now i’d say Let it be Walcott-starter, Giroud-supersub!… long as both plays substantial minutes, we are good! *pls keep the focus, no slacking…lets break Everton*

  6. Present formation is working, but Giroud can’t come from bench throughout d season, he deserves to start some games while theo start some. Theo run better Giroud score better

  7. Giroud should come from the bench even though walcott have not scored in the last three games. Walcott have contributed alot to the victory we are all enjoying now, his pace keep our opponent in their half. If not the pace of walcott, sanchex and Bellerin the Bayern match would have been opposite.

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