Arsenal KNOW consistency is VITAL but have NOT found it!!

It is the halfway stage of the domestic season for Arsenal and our Premier League rivals and, while the Gunners finally seem to be hitting a bit of form and consistency, it is too early to say that we have put the troubles and struggles of the first half of the season behind us.

Arsene Wenger has often spoke about consistency being vital in the long format of a league campaign and in the past Arsenal have often managed to go on long winning or unbeaten runs, but that has been distinctly lacking this season. And in an interview reported by the Daily Mail, our new striker Danny Welbeck has been talking about the importance of not letting the current run falter as we have done previously.

The England international said, “The most important thing for us is to concentrate on the next game because we can’t afford to look too far ahead.

“We have just got to make sure that we’re ready for each and every game.

“We want to be gaining points and put the pressure on the teams around us.”

If Arsenal can avoid defeat against Southampton on new years day, that will be six games undefeated and that will be the best run for the Gunners since the start of the season, in all competitions. It does not take a genius to work out that this is not good enough for a club like ours.

If you look at just the EPL games, our longest unbeaten run is six games from the start of the season, but only two of those were wins. As well as going unbeaten, Arsenal must start recording more wins. So far our longest winning run in the league is a measly two games. A win at St. Mary’s would break that record, but can Wenger and Arsenal find the consistency that we all know is so important?

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    It’s all good

    1. RSH says:

      if it was all good we’d be in the title race. It’s only “all good” if we’re chasing top4 once again… which we are.

  2. Grazza says:

    Hummels even if he’s cup tied

    Reid seems to be linked with us again wouldn’t be cup tied but I want a better defender for Arsenal

  3. hecmanx says:

    We have a manager dat is consistently inconsistent. We should be doing better dat our current situation, LVG dat just came to d EPL is doing far better dan our manager with EPL experience, dat shows u how he has declined. He is no longer motivated to win major trophies, only to finish 4th like its a trophy. Datz why some fans are asking 4 his head. He has divided arsenal fans and what will united arsnal fans again is a new manager with great motivation to win major trophies. I want wenger to succeed but he is no longer motivated. Am not afraid of change datz d only constant thing in life, look at what simeone is doing at atletico dat are broke, tell u dat motivation is all u need to succeed. If I was wenger and I was beating 6-0, 6-3, 5-1 what do I do? I will enter d transfer window with much anger and strengthen all my weakness and prepare well to avoid and revenge those defeat. Whatz wrong if arsenal have d best squad in d epl? Is its inpossible? Am I asking 4 too much? If we. Spend and strengthen our squad we don’t need to spend much in oda windows cuz we wil have a good squad. D manager has made many wrong decisions and is not learning from his past mistakes. Real madrid and barca have e better squad dan chelsea and mancity but arsenal have a better squad dan atletico madrid, so hw did diego simeone did it? Its becuz he is motivated. Imagine he is paid 8m a year and have better transfer budget dan what he is getting in atletico. We need a new manager dat will unite us and take us to d next level not 4th place..

    1. hecmanx says:

      We need a manager dat is mentally tough

      1. muffdiver says:

        hes just tight and unwilling to share responsibility- it will be his downfall

    2. muffdiver says:

      it is? pass the dutch then!
      puff puff give man..your f*cking up the rotation

  4. muffdiver says:

    admin stop treatin this like the ussr – i said nothin more offensive than usual.

    stop your tyranny!!

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Ditto with my deleted post. Scarily inconsistent Big Brother policy in operation on here. If mine was the benchmark for deletion then half of all posts should disappear. Gobsmacked.

      1. admin says:

        Your abuse was becoming too personal for my liking. If you act like schoolboys I will treat you as such….

  5. paul35mm says:

    We as Arsenal supporters have to major problems. 1. We seem to be stuck in time. Arsenal is nlo longer one of the ‘Big 3’ of Liverpool, Man U, and Arsenal. Foreign investment, including in our club, has changed the landscape of the Premier League and our supporters cannot seem to get that. The ‘Big 3’ is now the Big 4; with Man City, Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea as the major players. Tottenham is still trying to join the party but their ownership continues to hold them back.

    2. Arsenal, one the owners of the second deepest pockets, now have the fourth deepest pockets. In the Premier League era, only four teams have won more than one title. Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal have all won 2 or 3. Man U has dominated at 13. Chelsea’s titles have all come since Abramovich bought the club and poured cash in. Man City’s have come in the last few years under Oil tycoon ownership. WE all want football acumen to be what makes us great, but the fact is, resources matter most and we have fewer than Chelsea, Man City, and Man U. This is making ‘regaining former glory’ difficult if not impossible.

    Our issue can be looked at in microcosm with the current center back situation. The ideal signing would be Matts Hummels. He’s young, athletic, big, and strong. He could be Arsenal’s John Terry. His starting price is somewhere between £30 million and £60 million depending on the source. Man U is also interested as their back line is even more screwed up than ours. They will pay more. They’ll bid more and they’ll offer more wages; not because they want to but because they can. Arsenal have more money now than in past years, but they still can’t match Chelsea, Man City, or Man U when it comes to transfer fees and wages.

    Are there players available besides Hummels, sure. Are they as good, maybe. Does the fact that Arsenal have so many Germans on the roster help Arsenal? All things being equal, yes. But they aren’t. If Arsenal are willing to pay the same fee as Man U, and Man U offer £200,000 per week in wages, Hummels is going to Manchester. We can’t match those wages and the people at Man U know that. So when we compete head-to-head for the same players as Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Real, Barcelona, PSG, and Bayern we lose. They can pay more. Which is why Arsenal yoyo between 2nd and 4th.

    We have more resources than most clubs and a manager who gets the most out of them, so we maintain a level of consistency that not even Man U matched, but in the world pecking order we’re 8th. sometimes we manage to score above the odds and finish 3rd or 2nd in the league, but when it comes to acquiring players and keeping players, we are at a disadvantage to the three richest teams. The only people who don’t seem to know it are our own supporters.

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