Report – Arsenal La Liga target agrees to terms with the Gunners

Philippe Coutinho has agreed to terms of a deal that will see him join Arsenal on loan for the whole of next season, according to reports in Spain via Sun Sports.

The Brazilian has been one of Arsenal’s transfer targets this summer as Mikel Arteta looks to bolster his options ahead of next season.

The attacking midfielder will have to look for a new team after Barcelona failed to get him to sign for Bayern Munich permanently.

Several teams in the Premier League including Chelsea and Leicester City have been linked with a move for him, however, the report claims that Arsenal is in the lead in the race to sign him.

It claims that the Brazilian has visited the club’s training ground and that he has been impressed enough to want to join Arteta’s revolution at the Emirates.

The details of the agreement weren’t revealed but he is expected to spend the 2020/2021 season with the Gunners.

The Brazilian will, however, not make that move happen until after Bayern Munich’s Champions League campaign.

The Germans have won the Bundesliga and German Cup, they are still one of the favourites to land this season’s Champions League and he will stay with them until their European campaign is over.

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  1. . Leno/Martínez
    Bellerin. Saliba. Gabriel. Terney
    . Ceballos. Xhaka. Partey
    .Pepe/Will. Auba. Coutinho.

    If arteta can bring the best of Coutinho, se could have an awesome team

    1. Nice squad. But no proper no 10 unless you are suggesting ozil will be back in it which i don’t see happening. If Coutinho and willian arrive, this could be the probable formation.
      Bellerin Luiz Saliba/ Rob Tierney.
      Ceballos(b2b) Partey
      Pepe. Auba Coutinho/ Saka

      If Chambers overcomes his injury jinx, one of the center backs might get benched. There is just something about him that we haven’t seen.

      1. In that case should not be better Coutinho un number 10 position? I wonder ir arteta would like to play with a 10…i like that formation anyway, but i very much doubt arteta would benched xhaka. To be honest, i guess Luiz will still be in the first team (and I’m ok with that since everybody has to win his place un the team)

  2. if all that has been reported about who will be coming and who could leave, the team could look like this ( once injuries are recovered from) and my biased opinion on keepers 🙂


    Soares Saliba Gabriel Tierney

    Partey Xaka

    Pepe Coutinho Willian



    That would do me, the team is very well balanced.
    If we can move on the likes of Kola, HB, LT and Mustafi aswell and bring in suitable replacements then it definitely looks very promising

    1. I think it will be either PC or DC,
      hard to fathom Raul sanctioning
      financial expenditures for both.

      If AMN and LT are sold Arsenal
      would need to add to the midfield,
      Ibrahim Sangare from Toulouse
      would provide a perfect skill set
      and be very inexpensive.


      What an incredible transfer window
      it would be if AFC were able to
      secure these 6 signings

    2. The only worry I’ve got from all the rumours is AMN leaving. He’s been quality for us, particularly in big games. Would rather move bellerin on (HB?) and keep AMN.
      Bellerin has been consistently ok, rarely making glaring mistakes but rarely standing out for the good things either. He’s a consistent outlet in attack but doesn’t do too much with the chances to cross etc. AMN can play his position and cover others and has a very high ceiling imo, his ball retention is excellent and he can physically dominate in a way Bellerin hasn’t been able to.

      1. I think AMN has his heart set on
        being a starter in midfield and
        that just isnt going to happen
        @ AFC. With MA targeting TP
        from AM its quite obvious the
        Spaniard doesnt envision the
        Englishman as a solution to
        Arsenals midfield deficiencies.

        I would personally love to see
        AMN take over @ RB, IMHO
        he has the ability and skill set
        to be the future at the position.

        If there is serious interest HB
        should be moved on.

        1. The trouble is, is timing
          If Arteta had taken over when UE did then maybe the outlook for AMN would have been clearer.
          He has the potential (imo) to be as good or better than Partey. the trouble is we need that now and not in 2-3 years that AMN won’t want to wait.

          Personally, i would send him out on loan to a premier league team and have it in the deal that he plays as CDM, we cover his wages, they cover game time. you can put a clause in the deal that he has to play 75% of all fixtures like we did with CC at Fulham
          its win win i think that way but if the funds are needed that badly and he really does want to move on then i will wish him well and hope he has a great career

      2. Do no forget what bellerin did against Chelsea in the final of F.A cup. I think he still okay rather than AMN.

        1. Don’t forget what AMN did either, on the wrong side of the pitch. We can get more money and save more money on wages by selling an older player who can only play RB, rather than a younger player who can play the same position at least as well, as well as several others. It seems like a no-brainer.

  3. Coutinho is better than Xhaka, Ceballos, Torreira and Ozil. He had 7 assists last season which is more than the total assists of 6 of the above mentioned players. He is definitely welcome to Arsenal. I don’t want to hear he struggled at Barca and Bayern bcs I know that none of these Arsenal players will make Barca or Bayern’s team.

  4. Have arsenal sign new player named GABRIEL or is( g. Paulista)?? Am fine with mari and saliba as 1st choice cb…
    can somebody pls tell arsenal board that teams dont starts rebuilding with over age and overpaid players pls… #DONT_NEED_CHELSEAS_SCRAP_AGAIN

  5. liverpool 201 apps 54 gls 45 assists
    goal contribution every 2.03 games

    Barca 76 apps 21 gls 11 assists
    goal contribution every 2.37 games

    Bayern 34 apps 9 gls 8 assists
    goal contribution every 2.0 games

    PC may have been seen as a flop at Bayern and Barca but his overall contribution hasn’t really changed in 8 seasons.
    For me i would definitely take him on considering goals from our midfield are practically non existent.
    Coupled with a Pepe who has a season under his belt, Willian coming in and the emergence of Saka this season, we can add some much needed goals.
    But we do need to add some toughness behind them with someone who can work the transition between attack and defense. If this is true then Partey should be our No1 priority along with a LCB as No 2, whether that be Gabriel or Sarr im not fussed. Both will add some much needed strength.

    If all this goes ahead, i can really feel us getting back amonst the top 4 next season.
    MA has already shown that he can coach the un coachable so imagine what he can do with some top quality players!

    1. Exactly my brother. Arsenal fans are against him coming when our mildfielders can’t even score up to 4 goals in a season.

    2. Good points as usual Val.

      PC is a no brainer if a realistic loan
      deal can be reached with Barca
      A front four of Auba/Pepe/Willian
      PC is a mouthwatering prospect.

      Xhaka and Ceballos formed an
      effective midfield partnership
      following the restart but most
      Arsenal fans would agree that
      there is still a lack of much needed
      athleticism, speed and steel in
      the middle of the pitch. Even
      during solid performances from
      both Granit and DC, the midfield
      was by overrun or bypassed far to
      easily when the opposition
      ventured into the Arsenal half. This
      is why a Thomas Partey/Marc Roca/
      Ibrahimi Diallo/Ibrahim Sangare/
      Denis Zakaria/Wilfred Ndidi type
      of player should be at the top of
      MA’s transer wish list. Partey in
      particuliar would transfrom the
      entire Arsenal midfield the second
      he stepped on the pitch

  6. Im worried honestly. The priority should be Thomas Partey. I hope we don’t have a situation where we sign creative players and fail to sign the midfield enforcer we need. Signing Thomas Partey is as important as extending Aubameyang contract. Partey signing should be prioritized. Also, Another loan mobe for Ceballos makes sense

  7. Do you know Arsenal fans are funny, I can’t remember someone talking about Partey when we got Torreira, he was the kind of player we’ve been crying out for.
    Whenever someone is rumoured to be wanting an Arsenal move, then booom, everyone jumps on it, he’s the one we Need.
    We don’t need Partey, he’s been playing for a while at Athletico but no one has mentioned him. Torreira is the Man we need, we also need a dribbler, that’s it. Coman from Bayern Munich I’ve always admire, Zaha too. We need players who can beat players.

    This is what we should do. Willian on the right, Pepe behind, then Aubamayang on the left, keep Laca as the striker because Pepe dribbles and has a shot on him.

    1. We need 2 Defensive midfielders. You need a strong first 11 and a strong bench as well. Also, when you play against teams like Burnley and Sheffield United, teams with very tall players, Torrera will always struggle. He gets muscled out easily in midfield. Reason for Thomas Partey.

  8. Frankly, I do not mind the signing of Coutinho from a footballing point of view, but cannot see how this decision can be justified within our sustainable model of operation. If rumors are to be believed, this deal would add another 15-20M loan fee plus at least another 150 per week to wages. Willian too, will cost 1OM fee plus wages of 130 weekly. These two deals represent significant cash outlays with no corresponding
    future income, except of course, money from UEFA qualification which is not guaranteed.

    If we add these transactions to other recent deals for Soares and Mari, there is a definite trend – spending on assets/transactions with little of no foreseeable resale value. Auba’s proposed new deal, I must admit, is another example of the same. I have deliberately ignored Ozil’s deal from this analysis because of when it was signed.

    Now let’s consider our current approach to selling fringe players and academy product, ANM. We seem to be overstating the market value and expected sale proceeds from these players, taking no account of the depressed market caused by the pandemic. Loans and players exchanges are preferred these days to cash deals, except where the player under consideration is seen as a marquee signing like Havertz, Sancho or Partey.

    So finally, if we were to project this scenario into the next three years reflecting the significant losses in matchday revenues for this club in particular, there will indeed be a large unfunded deficit.

    AFC fans, let’s all say goodbye to the self sustainable model and welcome new cash injections from our owner.

        1. Well the wages are 100k per week not 130k and I cant find anything credible about a sign on fee but in this climate u can almost guarantee it wont be 10 mill.

  9. This is the problem we get for selling Iwobi; the only number 11 we had.
    Now we have to fill that void.

    Our major problem is that No. 11 and MIDFIELD since we have no ball possessers in the squad (only Ceballos).

    Get Willian, Partey and Coutinho and we are good to go. No need for more defenders.

  10. All of these players are contributing factors to arsenal’s improvement. Thde likes of;
    It will good and improving if the board will confirmed the above memntioned players as a possible addition for better change.
    I, if so done, then arsenal become the again the “eye of the game”.

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