Arsenal lack confidence – And Emery isn’t helping….

What is going wrong currently at Arsenal? By Muha Ankoanko

Yeah, I know, it feels ages ago when we were singing “we have got our Arsenal back” after our 22 games unbeaten run, and we thought we were nailed on for fourth spot or even higher – but flash forward a couple of months later and we are actually almost giving up 5th to Man Utd without a fight. So, what went wrong? This team can’t just go bad suddenly, could it?

Well I think our main problem currently is confidence, our defence is breaking every club record on goals conceded so far. People will always talk about our defenders not being world class and all that, but it speaks volumes that even Newcastle and Crystal Palace, teams in the relegation battle, can concede less goals than Arsenal.

It’s not all doom and gloom because I know we have had our share of injuries and goals conceded against Liverpool didn’t help the count, but still, this is Arsenal.

I am sorry to say this, but also Unai isn’t helping the team with confidence either, when Arsenal plays West Ham and you put 5 defenders and two defensive midfielders on the pitch you are definitely asking for trouble. It doesn’t fill our players with confidence, on the contrary, he is giving confidence to the opposition instead. I feel today we were caught defending too much, trying to avoid conceding, and we ended up losing our attacking powers. Isn’t Emery the one who said he preferred winning 5-4 than winning 1-0 or am missing something?

Another thing that sometimes leaves me confused with Emery is that he will field two deadly strikers and deny them service by deliberately leaving creative players on bench or at home “for tactical reasons”. Then when he introduces creative players, he removes one of the strikers, apart from today. What is it with managers at Arsenal with a full squad?

Guendouzi is a great player, I can’t deny that, but can someone explain to me why we would leave arguably one of our players of the season, Torreira, on bench in a game we are trying to win away from home?

Another big problem is the way he is openly frustrating Mesut Ozil. I am not saying we would’ve definitely won with Ozil today, but anyone that watched the match today, apart from the last few minutes, our defence was up to task with all that West Ham were throwing at them, our main problem was creativity. Our strikers were denied service. Like it or not, Ozil would’ve changed the game. I hope he also stops frustrating Lacazette with his ridiculous subs, because Lacazette is a better all-round striker than Auba, and arguably one of our better players, how long until he starts asking for transfer? I can only hope that Emery learns from his mistakes but it’s becoming alarming.

Now last but not least, what the hell is going on with the Board? Where does all our money go? I mean we were all laughing when we first heard last summer we only had 50M or so for the rebuilding process. And it actually ended up to be true. Now in January and we can’t afford to buy anyone? Is this the ambition we were promised? I know sometimes they don’t feel what we feel.

Last month a friend of mine, a Man Utd fan, swore that they are going to catch us once they fired Mourinho, and I actually put on a bet that they wouldn’t recover the 9 points. Now I am about to eat my words tomorrow. To the board they have no worries, their money is safe.

Anyway that’s all from me today, it’s been a while but now I hope I will keep on dropping articles. Happy new year to you all.



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Great article, you couldn’t have said it better.. all of this is on Emery and his choice of players, within six months, man already has his favourites in Iwobi and Xhaka, I don’t care if Xhaka came off yesterday.
    Iwobi is trying but can’t do anything alone, why we play with 7 defensive minded players against mid table teams is still a mystery to me.
    I wouldn’t have a problem if we at least don’t concede with 5 defenders,but what’s the point in trying to pack the bus and failing to do so and still failing to score goals?

    1. rkw says:

      100 per cent agree … xhaka was a litmus test for me viz emery’s likely direction of team and its turned acidic …

    2. Joseph says:

      You are spot on. Emery should forget about his ego and accept his mistakes. He seems not to understand his players. He should look at what the team needs and select accordingly, otherwise top four will remain a dream

    3. Durand says:

      Well said Eddie. What baffles me is going to Anfield and trying to play attacking football like Liverpool, get slaughtered 5-1, and only Emery surprised.

      Then go to West Ham 5 defenders, 2 DM, 2 strikers and field no one to supply them, Huh? Ass-backwards in tactics, and I am beginning to see a real stubborn streak with Emery and understanding why PSG gave him the boot.

      Emery’s problem is I don’t think he can handle big players, he’s willing to cut off his nose to spite his face. His reasoning is press conferences is full of BS. So Ozil sits for “tactical” reasons, but what “tactics” were used at the Hammers? Anyone know?

      Xhaka blunders continue, but he starts, Iwobi again can’t be a creative influence but he still starts, Guendouzi ( who I like) again shows he’s not quite there yet, but Ozil not in squad for tactical reasons.

      Sorry but I’m not believing Emery on that anymore, it’s looking like the PSG thing all over again. Rather than adjusting to the players he has, (manager’s job after all), he’s talking about Ozil rather than maximizing players available and tactical adjustments.

      1. Durand says:

        Not saying Emery out, just saying Emery needs to stop behaving like obstinate child, and fig out way to work with Ozil. Like it or not Ozil draws crowds and makes club millions in sales, marketing, and advertising.

        This fued or whatever is harming the club, and Emery is responsible as manager to sort it out.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Durand, as you, I and others realize if Emery is “out”, which well credentialed manager is Arsenal likely to attract with the current squad, transfer budget and self funding financial model?
            Emery and the Trinity better get it right otherwise Arsenal is f##ked.

      2. Nicholas says:

        It all began with Kroenke and it shall end with him. In as much as it would be easy to blame it on Emery, the fact is that his back is against the wall. I mean he plays Ozil he doesn’t deliver his best neither does he follow his philosophy, to play Lacazzet means he has to play Auba out wide which on the other hand doesn’t offer balance with a creative mid like Ozil, of which he has to resort for creativity out wide and comes with a cost of a weak defensive set up and our defenders are not that good on their on, which again means he has to field more defenders and still don’t get the work done because of their not that good quality. With all this he has to resort to the market for transfers. Apparently he can’t bcz the board can not allow it due to the shit self sustaining business model instigated by that ugly mustache growing owner of ours. And the frustrating bit is that he deems this situation suitable bcz we make money and sees nothing wrong and I can bet he won’t change unless this shit business model stops making money.

  2. John Wick says:

    Why didn’t he park the bus against Liverpool? We were wide open but no we park the bus against West ham instead and still lose! Emery is confusing me and every other Arsenal fan with his team selection and tactics! We’re in January and still no one knows what system we actually play? And I’m sorry but Guendouzi should not be a regular in the team not at 19 years old! He should be allowed to ease himself into the first team over a few years, I was under the impression he was bought for the future but again I was wrong.. we’re shopping in Ligue 2 for players to play in our first team! Everything at Arsenal is just wrong, lack of ambition, players playing out of position over and over.. too many youngsters playing regularly (fine if they’re ready) no direction, lack of funds, ridiculous ticket prices… One of the highest in Europe.. in all seriousness you pay big money to see superstars not Mustafi, Iwobi and Guendouzi no disrespect to these guys but you’d happily pay high ticket prices to watch Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo etc.. the business men at Arsenal know fans will pay top dollar no matter what so their never gonna release big money for stars they know they don’t have to! But we Arsenal fans must take some blame we go on a unbeaten run and think everything is Rosey when we know it’s just papering over cracks.. it doesn’t matter if we go another 22 unbeaten game run we have to let it be known that we won’t be made mugs of! The club has been taking the p*ss out of fans for years now it’s time they woke up! Unless something is done expect more of the same. The players don’t look bothered, the club couldn’t care less about the supporters so we should show them we aren’t bothered either by staying away.

    1. Things are changing says:

      John I have to say I was not too confused by the team selection. Of course, hindsight is perfect.

      To me, Torreira has looked jaded and was in need of rest and should have been saved for the Chelsea game. So starting him on the bench made sense.

      Not playing Ozil, although a pity, makes sense as long as he doesn’t fully buy into the manager’s methods. He clearly doesn’t press and trackback consistently.

      And playing Laca and Auba together also made sense.

      Personally, I could have done without one of the three CD but I don’t delude myself into thinking that this was the reason we lost.

      1. John Wick says:

        TAC I agree Ozil is not a presser, its not his game but in fairness our pressing game has disappeared with Ozil! I don’t think Torreira is the only one who looks jaded, the whole squad look to be suffering whether that be fatigue or lack of confidence I honestly don’t know! What Will be the system against Chelsea? I guarantee you it’ll be different to the one yesterday there’s just no rhythm but of course no complaints from me if we win..and we must win next week or top 4 is completely gone.

        1. d says:

          “hat Will be the system against Chelsea? I guarantee you it’ll be different to the one yesterday there’s just no rhythm ” And yet you are very same people who whinged and moaned about Wenger not having any tactics and never adepting his team to the opponent. Now we have a manager that does change his tactics, suddenly it’s simply because he is just too clueless. Well, which one is it? Is you clueless for changing your tactics or are you clueless for keeping the same tactics?

          Do you people on here honestly not realise how often your whinges and moans utterly contradict themselves? It always makes me laugh how teenagers sitting behind a computer genuinely believe they know better than a man who has won multiple elite-level competitions (and not just on FIFA).

          1. Durand says:

            Wenger or Emery winning elite level competitions?

            Emery never won La Liga or Champions League you are aware aye? I could win French league managing PSG.

            Wenger never won Champions League in 20 tries you are aware. He also hasn’t won PL in over 13 years aye? FA cups arent “Elite competitions” as its open to virtually ANY English club.

            You are obviously a troll on a windup, and your posts really offer little in solutions, but long on blaming fans. Not like we select players or tactics, buy players, or make subs.

            What would you suggest?

            1. AlexLaca9 says:

              Lol… “I could win French league…” the delusion and self grandiose! Everyone wants to be right so bad that common sense flies out the window huh. Erase all our cup wins around the emirates except the PL trophies, they’re not good enough for mr. Durand smh you sound more like a troll than the guy you’re replying to. Criticise our managers all you like, but show some class and respect for them atleast man

        2. Things are changing says:

          The topic of rhythm is difficult. Wenger has been accused of never adapting to the opponents. Emery of not having a clearly preferred system.

          I am happy we have a manager who seems to adapt and prepare for the opponent but I agree that it is not easy to follow his logic.

          Personally, I am a much bigger fan of a 4-3-3 than 3-5-2. I think in games where we started with 3 at the back and switched to 4-3-3 we improved our grip on the games but was that because it most often occurred in the second half when the other team was more tired?

          I don’t think Emery is a world class manager. I think he is a solid manager who still has to prove himself. But I like his dedication and personality. Is he good enough to dislodge any of the other top 6 teams 3 of which (Spurs, City, Liverpool) also have superior managers? And all have superior squads and budgets (minus Spurs). I am not so sure but I am willing to give him a few seasons.

  3. Things are changing says:

    I prefer 4-3-3 and think it brings a better balance between attack and defense. Having said that I am not sure if with the players on the pitch we could not have won. Yes, Torreira was missing but that was a good decision IMO. He was starting to look tired and he was being saved for Chelsea.

    I don’t rate Xhaka because I think besides being a nice passer he is terribly incomplete as a midfield player and we pay the price for that. He has very little positioning sense defensively, he makes poor decisions, is a poor tackler, has little closing speed and has no dribbling skills to speak of. Compare that to a Santi the type of midfield player who was much more complete and could contribute on all parts of the pitch (Or Silva or Erikson) In fact, it looks like the few good games he has had was when partnered with Torreira. That’s not good enough for a player that cost us 40 million pounds.

    It is going to take time to rebuild our squad and until it is done we always are able to question the players that get chosen to play on any given day we lose.

    To me the only player one can argue about for yesterday’s loss would have been Ozil and how many of these types of games did he fail to show up for? Would we have won had he started? Don’t be too sure of this. Yes, I would have liked to see him come on with 20 minutes to play but even on those occasions, his inclusions has sometimes backfired.

    If we want results we have to hope that our strikers become more lethal and take the few chances they get.

  4. Emmaobi says:

    Instead of Arsenal to employ Luis Enrique, they went and buy Emery now they are complaining. I will continue to say it that the likes of Guendozi, Niles, Iwobi, Mustafi, Welbeck, Lich, Iwobi etc will hardly make Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool or Tottenham bench. It shows how backward Arsenal has gone.

    1. Even if we got Luis enrique the players you name would be the same ones playing because that is what Wenger left behind and the board is unwilling to spend big for success!

      1. Sal says:

        what a terrible manager Luis is, don’t beleive me watch at him at his next job, i’m willing to bet especially if he has to build the team like emery is!

        and most of those players would make the tottenham bench as they have no depth!!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Luis Enrique would not leave Juventus to manage Arsenal. He purposely priced himself out of the job by demanding a much higher salary than Arsene Wenger was receiving after 23 years service. Secondly he wanted a much higher transfer budget than the Arsenal board was prepared to offer.
          Thirdly he is reported as stating that he was not happy with the management structure (Raul, Sven etc) at Arsenal.
          Fourthly he is not interested in learning a second language and it has been reported that he has been sounded out for the Real Madrid manager’s position, but doesn’t want to learn Spanish.
          Hopefully people don’t keep raising his name, because he was never going to leave Juventus for Arsenal, if he is rejecting Real Madrid.

          1. Sal says:

            ozzie i think allegri popped in your head there, luis he is jobless at the moment… i think that was what allegri demanded if do recall 🙂

            1. kofiken says:

              Wait Sue, Luis Enrique is now the Spain national team Coach And he’s been doing well so far.

              1. Sal says:

                Sal 🙂

                yes he is thanks for the update kofi thought he was still jobless…still i don’t rate him

  5. Mobella says:

    What a great article. Imo I don’t think our players lack confidence. I will say they lack purpose. They forget the sole reason they are on the field is to play and win first and entertain second. You see Xhaka most especially passing the ball around in our defense area with our defenders wherein rendering our attackers redundant. Playing 5 defenders and 2 DM do not make you lose a match to the inferior opponent if you know the purpose of playing the match is to win. We lack winning mentality. He used the same set of players against Fulham and it was when the 3 points was under treat that they started playing with purpose to win. They were messing around as they do in training and with the same approach they played yesterday match and many before. The others are wrong methods and selection of players.

  6. The reality is most of our squad is sh*t. Nobody can be relied upon to turn up when needed to. I’d say we need a whole revamp of the defence!

  7. Trudeau says:

    I can’t help but think how much better we would be with an on song Ozil pulling the strings. Is it his fault he’s not playing? Is it Emery’s? I’m beyond apportioning blame. Just like Brexit and the Wall, I just want some adults to sit down in a room and get it sorted.

    1. Sal says:

      i think they don’t know either, that’s what worries me the manager doesn’t rate him that’s for sure, and that puts the board in an awkward position….yes they would have to admit another mistake and another costly on as well! the sooner the better as i said before the team should always come first! if this drags on we are in trouble!

  8. John0711 says:

    here we go again blame the manager
    did we suffer from lack of confidence when we went 20 games unbeaten?

    no emery is doing the same this so we can’t blame him

    grow some cohunas and say it as it is
    the owner is at fault and anyone who continues to pay into the club shouldn’t moan

    1. jon fox says:

      With some minor qualifications to your theme, I firmly agree . The REAL problem is KROENKE. And Gazidis and Wenger too. But mostly Kroenke, since he is a “Remainer” while the other too, thankfully, have become “Leavers.” And though I use a Brexit analogy, I make NO comment at all on THAT PIT OF DESPAIR. Except those last four words, of course.

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    I have to disagree with our so called attacking issues, and the link with Ozil. There is definitely this misconception that we lack creativity without Ozil, and this just factually wrong! Even the game yesterday backed this up. We created enough opportunities to score. Our main issue was our finishing.

    If you look at all the games without Ozil, we’re scoring, and creating loads. We’re even better against the top teams as well without Ozil, in terms of creativity. Are fans not watching our games? Ozil hasn’t played since jogging around for 45 minutes at Brighton, and what did he create in that game? I didn’t even see him sprint! Guendouzi created far more than Ozil in that first half!

    I wouldn’t say our defence was amazing with Holding, but it’s really gone downhill without him. He’s our most improved player, and arguably, our best CB these days. The defence is our main problem, and I don’t think fans appreciate how much of loss Holding is. This is why I feel sorry for Emery. Injuries all season, and plenty of time for even more!

  10. Lenohappy says:

    @Trudeu,I like the way you qualified him “an onsong ozil,I also believe we would have played better yesterday if we had a creative midfielder,iwobi created lots of chance yesterday the boy even got back on several occasions to win the ball back but he can’t do it alone,we need a creative player but am not sure if it should be a number 10 or a winger personally I think we need a class winger more than anything and also our strikers have to take some blame yesterday,with the money we spent on them,they should be scoring even half chances,and why do we keep using niles and please don’t tell me he’s not a defender because even the boy himself said he sees himself more of a winger so at least he should be able to defend, sometimes I keep giving myself hope that he will come good but I don’t think he will,and contrary to what some fans keep saying here I don’t believe the coach has any favorite player apart from ozil every player in arsenal have played lots of matches this season,like I said on a previous thread even guardiola can do little with this team,the coach is trying the problem is that all those teams that used to be behind us have all spent a lot,i think west ham spend 46 million,arsenal have average players all over the pitch,we need real investment in the team the coach is not a magician,If the owner don’t spend I don’t even want to think of what will become of arsenal.And to all who keep saying the coach should be gone I hope you don’t come to regret it if he leaves because I don’t see any young coach who will come to arsenal with no money to spend.

  11. jon fox says:

    I remain a huge supporter of Emery , mainly because he has brought back much the determination that was missing for several years peviously. Apart from the vastly disappointing, esp in character(or LACK OF IT) Ozil. Also because of his track record or CV.

    But like many , or probably almost all on here, I have been mystified by his selections, esp his starting picks. The huge emphasis on having effectively 7, even 8, basically defendsive players in the start eleven is plain stupid and I would and do expect better. Ther are of course the obvious reasons to mitigate this misplaced faith in numerous -rather than quality(which we don’t have) defenders; the complete unreliability through both injury and lack of drive of both Ozil and Mhki, our only two proper creative midielders; the tsunami of injuries to players who played a key role in the early part of the 22 match unbeaten run; finally his own realisation that we have therefore, NOT A SINGLE EFFECTIVE MIDFIELD CREATOR AT THE CLUB. So he is trying to make do, which is mistaken IMO. He is charged, in effect, by CERTAIN impatient fans with having to QUICKLY make a gourmet meal from stale bead and gone off cheese and no other proper ingredients.
    To sum up then, he HAS made mistakes and will again. But he is asked to produce an impossible task without an owner to help him , without a ground full of PATIENT amd understanding fans, and without a single defender of proven quality, a dire midfield and nothing much else, except a top DM (mysteriously benched yesterday) and two top strikers, though the more prolific of those two is only any good at poaching and cannot lead the line in Harry Kane style.

    I guess Emery is happy with his salary and hope he is, as everything else seems stacked against him having even a chance of placating SOME fans.

    At the seasons very start I predicted we would finish in 6th place and right now that seems almost certain, TO ME. Naturally we all hope for better and for a cup, esp the Europa, but those are real long shots and personally, I prefer to concentrate on likely happenings , rather than near fantasies.

    1. Midkemma says:

      What do you think of this Emery team conceding more per game than Wenger did in his last season?

      Goals conceded per game.
      Last season: 1.3421052631578947368421052631579 (end of season)
      This season (so far): 1.5

      I am raging to be honest. We spent all that cash on def reinforcements and we are conceding more per game under Emery. I like how some players do appear to be picking up but the squad as a whole looks worse 🙁

      1. Chabaloah says:

        You can’t deny that last season Liverpool were weaker, united still floundering and everyone has improved including us. We have improved but the improvement has only been so far which explains our slump. The intense training has been toned down due to fatigue and burn out which tells us a lot. He has only had the squad for 6months really and their fitness and mental strength does not improve as quickly. Progress isn’t always linear.

  12. Gworm says:

    I’m not defending yesterday’s performance, but I don’t think it’s correct to say the team was ‘defensive’. Several on here have pointed out that Kolasinac is great going forward but rubbish in defence. AMN is a converted midfielder, not a defender, although he has done OK with tracking back. Guendozi doesn’t seem to be a true defensive midfielder and is capable of creative passes. Xhaka, well, can he defend? er, no. Probably his best contributions are being a midfield fulcrum and long passes, so more on the creative side.
    With those four in front of them I can’t blame Emery for playing a back three to try and stifle Nasri, Anderson and Arnautovic who were ripping us to pieces.
    The disappointment for me is the two ‘world class’ strikers we now have who can’t seem to score.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Can’t believe all these digs at Aubameyang. With a strike rate higher that Thierry Henry, he does what he’s paid for, scores goals. Our problems are undoubtedly in defence. The biggest culprit Xhaka who’s cost more goals in the amount of games he’s played that any player I can remember. Trouble is Unai seems to like Xhaka, Mustafi and Iwobi, three of the worse players ever to play for Arsenal. Get them out and bring Ozil back but in a central position (a ten) to supply the forwards not as a wide man and we should switch to diamond with a disciplined Torierra sitting in front of a back four.

      1. Gizzle says:

        @kenny Rolfe please stop with this whole conversion rate rubbish .Iheanacho had a higher conversion rate than Aguero in Mancity does that make him a better footballer .
        Auba has been poor for the last 3 games and a large part of his goals are tap ins but goals none the less.i have seen worse players than Iwobi play .Senderos ,Djouru and even Gervinho who he is so similar too .Iwobi will continue to play till they can find someone better . In the last 3 games apart from Kola who tries to create chances . I am not an Iwobi fan as i think he should be on the bench or in a mid table team but the truth has to be said he is a tryer in a horrible squad.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Gizzle, Is that good enough you? Tryers and I’d check that again if I was you about Aguero and Inaecho. Aguero got 153 goals in 223 games for City, Inaecho 12 goals in 46 games for City and 4 goals in 39 games for Leicester. Check your facts if you want to argue with me, Also comparing Iwobi with Senderos and Djourou shows your knowledge of the game.

  13. ForeverGooner says:

    In my personal opinion, Emery is definitely an improvement over Wenger but he has made mistakes. Good thing is Emery is FAR more open-minded than Wenger to change and hopefully he will change soon.

    He needs to play Ozil at least against the non-top 5-6 sides because we lack creativity

    For years this wasn’t a problem. We had loads of creative players ie Cazorla, Rosicky, Viera, Fabregas, Pires. Henry was a striker but had loads of creativity (he also holds the PL record for assists in a season). We lack creativity in the back of central midfield, front of central midfield and top wingers

    Aubameyang and Lacazzette need a better attacking midfielders

    Yesterday we didn’t score. That’s why we lost. Defence did okay but there was just a lack of chances for our strikers to take advantage of

  14. Ackshay says:

    Our fitness level has dropped dramatically since mid december which is the result of emery playstyle. Emery and kloop football philosophy are kinda the same and i have seen several issues with our team that is identical to the issues kloop liverpool faced in his 1st season.

    1. our high intensity level in 2nd half has dissipated
    2. our pressing high is nowhere to be seen
    3. our game changing substitutions gone
    4. no clear style of play since using most of last manager squad
    5. bad defence as team struggle to play to manager tactics
    6. bad high value transfers of former manager impending current one squad making decision and lack of fund

    1. Midkemma says:

      The high intensity part, part of the issue is no winter break, Pep also had similar issues. A lot of managers do.

      The press has slowed down, not ‘nowhere to be seen’.

      Game changing substitutes, they are no longer game changing in the same way, people learn managers and learn how to counter them. Basically what I am saying here is that Emery was to predictable and is easy to counter. His subs before was not magical or anything, they caught the opposition off guard and we took advantage of the changes that wasn’t predicted by the opposition. Let the opposition adapt and those game changing subs will slowly become less game changing.

      There is a clear style of play. Play out from back with a high line. Damned clear to me and many other gooners, why not you? Do you not watch Arsenal?

      Tactics can make players look worse than they are. Emery is doing that to us. We spent about £70 million improving the squads def capabilities and we are doing worse this season compared to the horror show of last season.

      Bad high value transfers..
      So you think Auba and Laca are bad transfers.
      Says everything about you.

      1. Ackshay says:

        Play from the back isn’t a style it’s part of it. Liverpool play a direct style full of speed and dribble with combative midfield. Emery likes to play on the wings but we have no winger.

        1. Ackshay says:

          So you think xhaka, mustafi are good buys
          Says everything about you. If I take my fondness of lacazette and aubameyang aside, buying both for huge sums in the space of 6 months when we could have invested in defence or wingers is wrong. Emery is struggling to put both in a lineup without compromising the team.

  15. Skills1000 says:

    Our strikers need to have composure on the ball. We should have scored 3 goals in the first half. We should work on our defensive game.the team needs proper coaching on how to defend as a team. Also, we need pace and urgency to our game. The guys were playing like they were on training in the first half.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      What does Steve Bould do to earn his money?

  16. Ackshay says:

    I see a lot of people saying why are we playing with 6-7 defensive players against midtable teams. Have you guys checked the players available on the bench ?
    RB Bellerin
    GK Cech
    RB Lichtsteiner
    LB Monreal
    ST Nketiah
    CM Ramsey
    DM Torreira

    So 5 defensive players, a cm and a kid striker. This squad is weaker than the one wenger had 2 years ago when we 1st dropped out of top 4. I said it way before that wenger had sabotaged(intentional or not depend on your thinking )the team with his transfers and out of contracts stars so it would be nearly impossible for the new coach to succeed.
    GIVE emery that squad and he would have made top 4

    1. After 20 games we had conceded 30 goals which I believe is the most since 1966. Not sure if this is correct as it was in an article I read. If so it just re emphasizes what we all have known for years about our back 4 and possibly goalkeeper problem

      1. Midkemma says:

        I just worked out this nice little stat…

        Wenger’s last season with us, his horrid defending meant we conceded 1.3421052631578947368421052631579 goals per game.

        Emery this season, after having £70 million spent on def players, we have gone UP to 1.5 goals conceded per game.

    2. Midkemma says:

      This team better than 2 years ago when Wenger sabota… WTF…
      This team is doing worse than last seasons team when you compare the goals conceded, this team had close to £70 million spent on def players and we have gotten worse at defending.

      No, just no! Every no ever! Only an idiot would make a claim that the team 2 years ago was better than this one.

      Then you claim that it was Wenger with his contracts and transfers, ignoring what a CEO is and ignoring how Arsenal work to fit your BS narrative. Ignore how Ramsey contract got cancelled not when Wenger was sacked (which would indicate Wenger was behind it) but instead when the CEO leaves. Idiots will ignore the timeline and blame Wenger still, like the moron they are, they throw our facts for delusions.

  17. Ozil ramsey to italy says:

    Why that 22 unbeaten record always brought up to defend emery. Whats the point of it if the fact is that arsenal didn’t even become a threat for Liverpool and City and now even facing losing 5th to MU. Emery doesn’t like Ozil because he’s lazy, what about Ramsey? He even keeps Xhaka the key player even after he consistently made mistakes leading to a goal. In short, from the way he’s treating arsenal fans favorite like Ozil, Ramsey,
    or Laca, I don’t think he wants them to stay. They are first teamers, at least two of them, as the strongest arsenal squad. But now, with regular sub for two while the other even finds it hard to make the team, don’t even dream of the 5th position.

  18. A.N.OTHER KEN. says:

    oh dear, will the manager who was booted out of our club last year ever be forgotten. people draw on his name here as if he is still in charge. why not move on and give emery the same amount of time that the sacked manager was given. only just sayin like.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately Arsene Wenger has yet find a new club to manage, so the supporters of Arsene FC can follow him to his new club.
      I appreciate everything Arsene Wenger achieved at Arsenal FC, however I followed the Arsenal long before he came and will continue to do so long after he is gone.
      You are right A.N. OTHER KEN it is time to move on.
      It is mooted that Wenger is to manage the Qatar national team.

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