Arsenal lack midfield options compared to Chelsea

Mkhitaryan being forced not to travel to Baku has been compounded by the injury to Ramsey, meaning the gunners lack goals from midfield. I’m expecting Unai Emery to start 5 at the back with two DM’S, effectively trusting the front 3 to win us the game.

We already know Ozil is not the most consistent. If there wasn’t enough pressure on him to deliver in the final, he might realise we lack any options from the bench. That’s why I fear Chelsea might have the edge. We all know Hazard is world class but even if we can deal with him, we have to worry about the likes of Willian, Pedro or in a cruel sense of irony, Giroud. Even the much-maligned Higuaín offers experience of scoring in major finals.

The Blues on the other hand know that our alternatives from the dugout is Iwobi or even Danny Welbeck. Most weeks we can’t trust the Nigerian in terms of his final ball so why would he have the mentality when the stakes are so high? I would prefer Danny Welbeck to come on if we needed a goal. It’s not like we have to worry about his long-term fitness as it’s not our issue so why not see if he can offer something in his final game as a Gunner?

Both clubs have been guilty of not performing in certain fixtures, especially away from home, so this could be decided by the smallest margins, Chelsea having more goals around the team could be the difference tonight.

Dan Smith


  1. It’s match day!!
    Amber nectar chilling ✔
    Tissues ready ✔
    Sofa pulled out ✔
    Excited & nervous ✔
    Come on Arsenal, make us proud & bring the trophy home!!
    Ooh to
    Ooh to be
    Ooh to be a gooner ❤

    1. Hi Sue, remember you promised to watch the game with the sofa behind and not you behind. Do not fall my hands on that please…

    2. ????? Sue, I want to be with you in this way but ummmmmmmm ?, I have serious premonition and so I have decided to calm down. It won’t be the end of the world. But please baby keep the hope on. Maybe I can feed on it. Loves

  2. Why not ask this midfield maestro to start ahead of Ozil

    His skills are better than Zidane’s

    1. I doubt. If we play 3-5-2 definitely its Auba and Laca who will start. If we play 4-2-3-1 then there is a chance Welbz would edge Iwobi though I don’t think Emery would stick Welbz right back in after months out.

  3. Midfield is not a worry to me, I would be more concerned about our defence, I think it will take a leader’s performance from socratis and 100% concentration from the rest to win this game, Chelsea have better defenders than us but I feel we have better attacking options, so it could go either way.
    I believe that Emery knows how to win these games and am confident we will win.

    1. What if Sokratis picks up a red card 5mins in ? Hahaha
      I hope fans don’t turn on the manager because of this one game.
      Win or lose the fans should applaud Emery for getting us to the final.

  4. Just the Negative Article we needed today of all day… 14days ago I see no reason you didn’t post this earlier instead of today… Your aim is what….? To compound more misery to what we already know…

    Chelshit ain’t that great themselves in midfield so you know… The only threat they have are injured in the likes of callum Hudson… Loftus and the threats of kante… Williams is not on form likewise that headless chicken Pedro… So don’t scare us with your post if you don’t have something positive to share we aren’t in for a negative Vibes today…COYG!

    1. Well said mihado ,all of a sudden we’ve got no chance we already beat them and we should of at least drawn in our first meeting

  5. Let’s win it please.
    Good things seem to not usually happen to us in most cases. I hope it changes here.
    Come on Arsenal ?

  6. Well balanced and measured post Dan. Their midfield is slightly more dynamic than ours with a bit more strength. Although I believe the teams are even currently in time.

    I have my arsenal shirt in my bag, off to the pub after work to watch the game. Hope we turn up and get the right result COYG!

  7. Both Xhaka and Ozil have 4 or 5 league goals each so clearly they are capable of scoring. I wouldn’t expect the decisive strike to come from them though. Auba is who will win this game for us. 2-0 is what I want, just like last time ?

  8. We are more likely to score than they. For me, that is the clincher. I believe in our boys and their coach. All past records count for nothing once the whistle goes. It is the more eager, more fired-up of the two sides, the one that wants it more and is ready to make their own luck that gets the cup.

    I really hope our boys show up today. No stupid mistakes (Xhaka) and no firing of blanks (Aubameyang and Lacazette) at any point in the game. You get half a chance, you bury it. End of. No dithering, no hestitation. Shoot first and ask questions later.

    Hello Xhaka. Hope your RPG-launching boots are with you in Baku. Common and rip the net a couple of times in Baku. All for Mikhitaryan and the cup. Make UEFA regret.

    Come home with that ugly-looking bit of silverware and launch us back into CL orbit. Is that too much to ask for?

    1. Heard that ugly bit of silverware weighs a colossal 15kgs! A rather puzzling weight for a trophy that is meant to be lifted over your shoulders.

  9. What! All of 15 kilograms! It looks the part too. Thanks Quantic Dream for giving me one more reason to detest that monstrousity AFTER we win it.

  10. Victoria Concordia we shall sing at the end of the day. But I’m nervous it’s been a long wait for an European silverware after that Barcelona disappointment.

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