Arsenal Ladies have set a new record for FA Cup wins

Arsenal Women win the FA Cup!

The Arsenal women have today lifted yet another FA Cup to add to their decorative history of silverware.

Arsenal Ladies had the chance to lift the cup a record 14th time, a record that is similar to the men’s team, who currently hold the most FA Cup wins, standing at 12 times.
The Arsenal Ladies made the trip up to Wembley in hope of beating a currently unbeaten Chelsea Ladies and had success with a 1-0 win. A single goal from Danielle Carter in the 18th minute was enough for the Gunners, as they kept a clean sheet in a very dominant performance. The Arsenal ladies would’ve expected a far greater challenge from their opponents today, however their efforts are still well deserved.

Whilst the men end the season with no trophies, except for the FA Community Shield, although I know many do not consider the Community Shield as a ‘real’ trophy, the women on the other hand have already had some success this season. Although their FA Cup success may prove positive, their league form on the other hand has not been quite so dominant. Like their male counterparts, Arsenal ladies currently sit in third place in the Women’s Super League (WSL) after a fairly average start of two wins, a draw and two losses. The Gunners sit 8 points behind last years Champions Chelsea and they were unbeaten in both competitions until today’s match.

Arsenal ladies have appeared in an FA Cup final on 15 occasions, only losing the final once, a 3-2 defeat against Everton back in 2010. They have risen to become one of the greatest women’s professional teams in Europe and have shown the strength that they hold as a football club with the amount of silverware won during the Arsenal ladies existence. It has only really been the last few years where women’s football has risen in fame in England and although it may still not be where it wants to be, interest in it is always increasing. A record 32,912 people watched Arsenal lift the trophy at Wembley showing that there is a growing interest in the women’s professional game and I’m sure that it will only continue to keep generating further attraction.

Arsenal ladies now move their focus back to the domestic league and will hope to use the FA Cup success, as means of a boost to achieving a better position in the league. You can regularly see what Arsenal ladies are getting up to on, whilst highlights of today’s game can be found on the BBC Website at



  1. Congrats indeed, fergie like domination throughout the years. You know the way our best youngsters get to practice and learn with our first team, well maybe we should be sending them over to the girls camp for some lessons. Or better yet, send the first team over, maybe they’ll turn boys to men and make some leaders out of them. Fantastic stuff ladies.

  2. Another player has come out with the same old lie. Nasri is claiming that he moved to City only for the Championship opportunity – “not the money.”

    Let me clear this up. I am sure he wanted to win trophies – that makes sense. But they ALWAYS go primarily for the MONEY.

    PLayers have wives, girlfriends, fathers, mothers, brothers, cousins, and agents who ALL want them to move for the EXTRA MONEY. Even other players want them to move for money because every time clubs’ salaries rise the next players to transfer can also demand more money to keep pace.

    THEY ALWAYS GO FOR THE MONEY AND THEY ALWAYS LIE ABOUT THAT NOT BEING THE MAIN REASON. I wish they would just stop. Nobody really believes that nonsense anymore anyway.

    1. Completely true. I always believed that clubs should make players wages at least 50% performance related. I guarantee you, not just at Arsenal, but I guarantee you you will see a different Walcott, a different Giroud, Oxlade etc ect. Players would not need a rousing speech from their manager or captains and so on, because you’d see proper hunger, desire. A very select group of players are out to be the very best they can be, Nasri is not one of these players. You really have to admire them, with all that a footballer receives, you really do need to be a bit special to work and strive harder than the many in chasing accolades.

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