Arsenal land late goal to gain huge advantage in final bid

Arsenal came away with a 3-1 win at home today, and you have to be so happy with that after the early scare we endured…

I made my fears clear upon reading the team sheet, with the exclusion of Torreira, and the INCLUSION of both Shkodran Mustafi, Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech, and I’m not sure those fears were wrong even after the win.

Our team needed to make a mark today and come away with a win of more than one goal, or a win of 1-0 (no away goals) could have been just as crucial, and while we did just that at the death, I still feel other players would have assured that with a little more comfort

Valencia set themselves out today to stop us, naming central defenders in all sorts of positions (including their goalscorer who played in a midfield role), but their  makeshift selection came apart when it mattered.

We were behind early into the match, with a long corner being knocked back across goal to Diakhaby to nod in almost from the line. This goal gave us the fire to spur ourselves to propel us into a new gear, and before long the game was level.

Alexandre Lacazette is the name credited with the equaliser, but Aubameyang is the man who deserves the plaudits, drawing the defender and goalkeeper out into the open before finding Laca in space to put into an open net.

The Frenchman doubled his tally before the half-way mark with a weak header in all fairness, and the opposing goalkeeper will be kicking himself at his failure to guide the ball away from the line.

The second half was a little bit more even, with Gameiro crafting out a couple of chances, but our defence was surprisingly competent today (credit where it is due). After a number of scrappy chances, it took until the 90th minute for the only goal of the second half, when following a string of neat saves, a Kolasinac cross was lifted to the far post into Aubameyang, to power down into the floor and into the goal.

3-1 advantage to take to Spain, and you have to be confident of making the final now.

Can Valencia stop us from scoring in Spain? Is the final spot in the bag?

Pat J


  1. Despite missing two very easy chances, Lacazette is my MOTM. A big game player like him is required to change the course of the game

    Aubameyang’s movements were good tonight and Kolasinac’s fine cross finally gave what Aubameyang deserved. Good result before visiting Mestalla, should be enough to go to the final as long as nobody has brain farts in the second leg

    1. Mestalla plus kondogbia coquelin a giant sombrero and the old guys from the macarena video …

      This is gonna be tough

      We look so worn out. The fans quiet ….in a european semi final …wtf .
      Emery needs to inspire not just perspire….thats route 1 to retire….erm…my uncles kieron dyer ?!

  2. This Arsenal team is a really interesting one.There is such a fine line between them scoring and conceding which is inexplicable.I really feel sorry for certain players in Arsenal.When you go to several football forums its sad to see how some are lambasted.Its a good win for us but certain players must improve and we need to improve our decisiveness in front of goal.

    1. Some of them deserve the constructive criticisms

      Because they have been working at Arsenal for three or more seasons and managed by two world class managers, yet they still like to play very safe and their movements/ thoughts are still sluggish

      I’m sure we would see an interesting transfer window in this summer

    1. Nothing is forgotten .
      Jim selson pulled my pants down infront of sarah buckles when i was 7 …in primary school.
      Never lived it down …she was gonna be my valentine.

      Jim selson…..IVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU YOU F##$^#&$,$,#^#?#*#

  3. Good result. Very happy with 3-1

    We have a good chance of making it to the final as long as we don’t bottle it or make stupid errors

    Awesome night


    1. Awesome – what game were u watching ?!
      Catch forevergooner using binoculars to watch paint dry

  4. ……So Ozil couldn’t applaud the home fans. Who the Fvck does he think he is?

    1. He thinks is the God of football.Instead he is just a mediocre player.China or Turkey are awaiting him with open arms.Can’t wait to see him gone.

      1. There is a sentiment against Uyghur in China, so I don’t think Ozil would want to go there

        Turkey’s economy is not good currently, hence I think the football clubs would not have the budget to pay him 300 K per week

        Unless he is willing to lower his demand, but the his income in London would be to good to be left behind

        1. He may have no option.You cannot stay if you told so.Players bigger than Ozil were shown the door-including the great C Ronaldo.Even Ozil was shown the door in Madrid,he tried desperately to stay there-no change.When you are not wanted anymore,you go-contract means nothing.Or get embarassed playing in the reserve team.Mourinho was expert in making players leave the team.Or you have the option to ruin your entire legacy and retire in digrace.

          1. But the likes of you don’t believe he has a legacy, so what’s your point?
            As for acknowledging the crowd, it’s funny that it’s forgotten every other time he HAS acknowledged the crowd, but nobody’s commented on how he respects the fans then have they?
            Just another immature and childish comment trying to belittle Ozil.
            We won and STILL so called fans talk sh**e about him…thank goodness the majority of supporters understand football and football players.!!!

          2. What on earth is wrong with you people, we won, Ozil played well so why the attacks you really need to get a grip on reality. Please support not attack our team.

          3. I agree that clubs can almost always almost force a reluctant to leave player out. I think that WILL happen this summer, though am less sure than I was a few months ago. But Ozil is not running games as his salary dictates he should and the club are clearly looking to massively reduce an exhorbitant wage bill in general. I see Mhki going too and that is also why Ramsey was let go. I feel Ozil has done well to keep a number of fans still on his side. A whole lot are keen for us to get him gone too. I am convinced Emery wants him out and to my mind THAT is crucial. He would be worth keeping at say £ 100k pw but that is not the case. Thanks to the previous regime and KROENKE too, the present lot are forced to be cost paring in all they do. That is clearly in the process and to say otherwise is not to see what is happening.

  5. Jeez we scored 3 instead of conceding 3! Nice!
    Auba’s goal was HUGE!!! Giving away that cheap goal at the start, had me really worried.. but we came back! No brain farts next week and we’ll be in the final!! Happy days!
    Well done fellas!

    1. Evening sue, yes happy days we won. Lacca was immense, but the 3rd is massive. Only watched on the tele tonight but the crowd seemed nervous, possibly our recent form cotributed to that. Chatting with my brother after the game and if kos doesn’t make it, with bellerin and rambo out who stepping on the pitch next week will be our longest serving player? Nacho if he starts I guess. I miss the days players (not just ours) where players lived and breathed the club like the fans do.

      1. Given recent results, it is understandable that Valencia’s early goal (again from a set piece!) took the stuffing out of the home supporters. Great result to take to Valencia in the end.

  6. I don’t have the guts to watch the second leg knowing Arsenal awful away record.3-1 may be enough for a ream like Barca or Liverpool,,but is a fragile advantage for us.4-1 was the safe net.Cannot play Guendouzi or Ozil in Velencia.An away goal will do it for sure,problem is we don’t score to often in away games and conceding 3 goals is the norm.I take the win but I feel butterflies in the stomach for the Valencia game.Let’ s pray we will see the final…

  7. The shackles came off, some good attacking football, not perfect but I am a very happy gunner. Well done everyone.

  8. Mustafi showed some mental character to put in that shift with all the negativity around his last few matches.

    Nice to see Kolasinac finally make the right choice in the final third for PEA’s goal. Hopefully gives him confidence.

    My gut has been saying since the round of 16 that it is destined for Cech’s last game to be against Chelsea in a cup final. We’re one step closer (but unfortunately my gut also tells me it won’t be a fairy tale ending for him…)

  9. we still suffering in the back we will have a complicated game in Valencia
    but is up to the players to overcome the situation is still big hope like against Napoli

  10. I think it’ll be correct to say with this 3-1 home win by Arsenal over Valencia in the 1st leg semi-final match, Arsenal now look to have one leg into the final match in Baku probably will play against Chelsea in the final if there isn’t any surprise result outcome that sees Chelsea got knocked out by Frankfurt at the Bridge. But as for Arsenal, I can’t see Valencia knocking them out in the 2nd leg semi-final at Mestalla next Thursday night. Rather, I can see Arsenal taking their other outside one leg into the final match to make it having their 2 legs footing in the final match.

  11. Mikhi cannot go to Baku,one less player for the decimated squad.Why?Armenian citizens are banned entering Azerbadjan.

  12. Xhaka was abject and how he was not replaced is beyond me.On a brighter note Ozil actually worked hard and did not deserve to be substituted and after a horrendous start when Socrat is could have been sent off, all our defenders buckled down and battled hard.One thing Emery must sort out is the high line defending from free kicks.We are taking a big chance by adopting this system and we were fortunate not to concede at least one goal from this area tonight.One more thing, I thought the young referee had an excellent game .

      1. I wonder the match people watch or they are blinded by dislike. Xhaka from a deeper position created one of the best chances and some half chances. Ozil our suppose playmaker created nothing and for you he is the better player

        1. Xhaka was one of the worst players last night .so one paced ,slow into the tackle and countless long hopefully balls ,but you pick up on just one of them which he played ,ozil had a good game not great but steady ,so maybe you need to go rewatch the game .maybe it’s you who is blinded by dislike .

          1. Butt you conveniently leave out the fact that he created the second goal. Xhaka may not be a world beater but he Is way more creative this season that ozil. When it matters Xhaka delivers. If Ozil cant create the chances he Is known for then what Is his use?

          2. how many chances did ozil create? simply answer. You always bash iwobi even though he tries to create. Sideway passes from ozil and he is world class. hmm lack of objectivity

  13. I’m sure we didn’t use kev 4-2-3-1 formation?
    thank God we went with 3 man back.
    kev, I hope you’re now convinced that 3 men back is the best for us?
    pls don’t always with that 4 man ideology of yours

  14. I’m glad we won….. but honestly, I’d prefer playing frankfurt in the final….. I’m not sure we can beat chelshit in the final….. I hope we don’t blow it now, as it is probably our only chance of playing champions league next season.

  15. Arsenal impressed me tonight & I’m tipping Arsenal as Europa League winners. I’m completely convinced we can pull this off. Unai Emery knows what he’s doing this season even with the level of players at his disposal @ Arsenal this season.

  16. Xxnofx , so glad for your comments as I thought I must have lost my senses in criticising Xhaka.Countless moves broke down at his feet and at the Valencia goal he did not get off the ground and his opponent scored with an unchallenged header.These are the facts, not perception.

    1. Fact.. He created the second goal
      Fact 2. He created more chances that ozil or anyone out there
      He may not be perfect but he at leave does something right. Cant say the same of ozil

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