Arsenal’s last 4 away games reviewed – Can we win them all?

Could Arsenal’s away record be a crucial factor in our last 4 away games? by Nick Carson

As we wind down Unai Emery’s first season at Arsenal Football Club, the Top 4 race is still as tight as it always was. Sunday’s game against Everton would have given us a chance to go 2 points above Tottenham Hotspur, and embed our presence in the top 4. But sadly things don’t always go the way we plan (story of being an Arsenal fan). Our 1-0 loss to Everton saw us maintaining a top 4 spot, until the next day where Chelsea beat West Ham. We currently sit in fifth place with 63 points and one point off a fourth place spot.

So just how important is it that we win every single game we have left this season? I’d say it’s the most important thing since the FA cup final in 2017. In our last 7 remaining league fixtures, 4 of those are away fixtures. Our away record in 2019 is currently the worst in the league, and going into these games is not a good look if we want to be called “favorites.”

Going into these last 7 games, I am confident but also worried. I am confident because I believe we will deliver under pressure, but I’m also worried because we’re playing what I’d say are the toughest away fixtures outside of the “big 6.”

As we’re all witnessing an excellent season from Nuño Espirito Santo’s Wolves, I think this will be the toughest fixture out of the 4. This season Molineux Stadium has been a fortress, and they are not ones to bow down to “the big 6” teams easily. Wolves have taken 13 points from top 6 sides this season, earning them the best record amongst the bottom 14 teams. It may not sound like that great of a record, but this shows that they’re no team to take lightly. We must be on top of it that game.

Another game I’m looking closely at is our final game of the season against Burnley. Burnley are not enjoying the same season they did last time out, and find themselves in a bit of a Relegation fight. They are currently 8 points safe from that third relegation spot, but they still have Chelsea, City, Everton and Cardiff to play before they play us. If they do find themselves 2 or 3 points from safety, I expect a tough game when we go to Turf Moor. Not to mention, playing at Turf Moor is never an easy place to go to.

Wolves, Watford, and Leicester are enjoying exceptional seasons, and are all fighting for that seventh place spot, the spot that will give them the opportunity for Europa League qualifiers next season. All the cards are stacked against us in these last 5 and a half weeks, so we have to make sure we do not slip up, unless top 4 could be gone. How many out of 4 away games do you think we’ll win? And are you confident of getting top 4 despite our dreadful away record?

-Nick Carson


  1. On paper, we should win all our away games. The problem is we don’t show up for away games. The players don’t seem to put the same effort in, the manager makes strange team selection (starts Elneny instead of our strongest 11 against Everton).

    If we can take the shackles off and play like we do at home and treat these teams as if they are Liverpool or City we should win.

    However, our track record suggests we will drop a boatload of points in these games.

    IMO we should win these games and have all the ingredients to do so but with Arsenal we still don’t know which team will show up when we play away games.

  2. Honestly, I don’t see us winning any of our remaining away games. Winning the Europa league is the only way we can get to UCL. That means beating Chealsea in the final, something we have done before and can repeat.

    1. We have won some away games so the idea that we can’t win any of our remaining away games and only winning EL to get into CL is ridiculous. We also 5th place. We were 3rd and 4th this season. We also went on a huge unbeaten streak. It’s quite possible we could win many of our remaining games and United, Chelsea, Spurs may not. Anything is possible in football. To early to Quit

  3. We should be able to win the rest of the games. Hold on hold on, I know our away form is bad (Grrrhhh!! Wtf is Arsene Wenger when you need him) but we are easily among the best teams when it comes to the ending of the season, we normally go on our run of wins and finish the season in good form. I’m hoping it doesn’t change this season, though last season wasn’t bright.
    Emery needs to stop being afraid and cautious in these away games, I think that’s what’s killing him, he tends to tweak the team too much every time we’re playing away, like he’s afraid.
    We don’t need to be afraid of any team, he should just learn to always field his best eleven home and away, trust them to get the results.
    It’s almost as if we know our best line up at the Emirates but when we’re going away, he brings on players with extra defensive mindsets and tends to use players who run a lot instead.
    I don’t know why we wasted a whole January chasing Suarez if he wasn’t gon get the chance to play. I say his best chance was the Everton game, but well now we have our players back.
    Also believe it or not, Ramsey needs to play the rest of our games, it’s a must, he has to, he’s playing so well and is trying to now out on a high, We have to sacrifice one of PEA and Lava, my head says PEA should be sacrificed but my mind says Emery will rather sacrifice Lacazette.
    We need to play Ramsey-Lacazette-Ozil-Torreria-Xhaka together.
    I believe we’ve all seen that once again Ozil will always struggle if the rest of the players are playing shít (Everton game) and he raises his game when the team plays good.
    I think Emery should stop being scared of these away games, we’re playing away to Watford, Wolves and the rest and not City or Barcelona FFS!!

    1. Leicester and watford are both fighting for a European spot. Leicester is never an easy place to play as we’ve seen this and last season. Watford is probably the easiest out of wolves, Leicester, and themselves, but it’s still a hard game. Factoring our away record into these games, these are tough games

      1. Looking at yesterdays game you can see that we can’t expect to pick the best side each time, we need to rotate. Emery already said that the team will be different on Monday, and I doubt he’s playing mind games. Players like Iwobi, Guendouzi, Mkhit, are gonna have to really step up for us. Iwobi has stepped up on many occasions this season so he’s only added because of late Emery has held him back a bit. Elneny came on again so you can see we are feeling the effects of running more than every other side this season, more sprints more distance. Hopefully they have one big push to give still. What would I give to have Bellerin and Welbeck back in the side, that pace and energy would go a long way right now. Even Lacaette looked exhausted, mentally and physically, some good pressing but it took a lot out of him and he seemed to dally when in space. It’s too easy for us to say just pick your best team every time, if done against Eve well then how much more tired would we be during that Napoli game, it could have been costly. Koscielny marshaled well and played the offside line to a tee, would that still be the case if he started Eve match too.

        1. Spot on! Break-on-through i couldn’t agree more. It’s obvious that Emery has prioritised the EL and has to prevent burnout. Not all of our players have 2 engines like Ramsay.

      2. I would have thought ANY true Gooner would have known that we have just 6 games left in Prem, NOT 7 as you wrote in the article. A mistake of that magnitude bodes ill to be taken seriously!

        1. Are you questioning my integrity as a fan just because I made a mistake? Just because I make a mistake in the article doesn’t mean that everything else I say isn’t credible. “Any true gooner would know that we have 6 games not 7” is probably the most ignorant comment I’ve read. You can’t say I’m not a fan just because I miscalculated the amount of league games we have left.

          1. I’ve just caught up with reading the last few articles, as have been climbing the O2. You’re 16?? I’m amazed, you came across (to me anyway) as older. Fair play to you & keep up the good work with your articles… oh and btw Up the gunners ?

          2. I write professionally Nick and I say this merely in a spirit of trying to advise you . If you wish to be taken seriously as a writer- though perhaps you prefer not to be- then factual mistakes of this magnitude will automatically out you as a rank amateur among those who know their onions. And the reason it does so is that it will be plain to those bright readers that you chose not to do your basic homework when preparing your article. YOU CANNOT HOPE TO CONVINCE OTHERS OF YOUR OWN CASE WHEN THE BASIC “FACTS” YOU OUTLINE ARE INCORRECT. THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS, LIKE IT OR NOT. It is a tough world out there in journalism BUT if you prefer to stay as a real amateur all your life, feel free to disregard all I advise. The choice is entirely yours. As a writer myself I am always keen to try to help others who may wish to take their writing further and more seriously. No harm meant, I promise you. NOR DO I IN ANY WAY DOUBT YOUR PASSION FOR OUR CLUB.

            1. Thank you for the advice. I aspire to be a professional one day, but I realize that I have a very long way to go. The most basic thing I can do is by cutting out those mistakes. I guess the main reason for me making those types of mistakes are me rushing out an article without any proofreading. I will try to cut those out flaws out of my writing. Thank you again for the advice

  4. I think Arsenal would have bigger chances if they play with 3-4-1-2 or 4-1-2-1-2, because the two forwards can prevent the opposition’s defenders/ GK from creating short distributions and they can also be the links for the wingbacks

    – Watford: Their most dangerous attacker is just Deulofeu. I’m fairly confident of this match

    – Wolves: Very strong at home like Arsenal, with an in-form tall striker (Jimenez) and a speed demon (Traore). They will be very dangerous after 60 minutes because Traore will come as a sub

    – Leicester: Vardy is still a goal machine, but they have lost Mahrez. I believe Arsenal can take them out, despite having Rodgers as their coach

    – Burnley: This should be easy

    1. Let’s not forget about the 3-1 loss at the king power last season. They didn’t have Mahrez then but they do have better players this season. I know we played a poor team then and Mavropanos was sent off early, but I really don’t think we should come into this game with a light approach.

  5. Unfortunately our current log position is a false front. We are where we are as a result of an imbalance in our home and away fixtures. Due to having played more home than away games.

    Our away form is pretty pathetic, it was very worrying to see how thoroughly we were outplayed at Everton (kind of embarrassing actually). Throw in the tough run in that we have in Europa with what looks like Napoli then Valencia and then Chelsea, I have mentally prepared myself for another season of Europa.

    I hope I am wrong, but the signs aren’t promising.

  6. The results in the remaining games will depend on the determination and commitment of the players and Arsenal avoiding further injuries and suspensions. Arsenal have to turn up prepared to play hard for 90 minutes in every match. So few games to go and so much to play for, so this should be motivation enough!

  7. Did anyone else think how good that team of officials were last night ,compared to what we have to watch in our league .

  8. When the die is cast there will be motivation. The Manager should just field the strongest team as against Napoli and all will be well. If we get over Napoli next week, then the cup is ours as we can beat any other remaining teams on our day including Chelsea. We are coming third in the league anyway.

  9. I don’t think we will win all the remaining games, but I don’t think we need to, either.
    15 points from the remaining 6 games will be enough for top 4. Maybe 14 is also enough.
    I think it is a 50/50 whether we can do it.

  10. I can see us losing all of them apart from Burnley. What people have to remember is that 3 days after Watford we have Napoli. I expect to see changes for the Watford game, and probably a real lack of intensity. If we beat Napoli, then the same issue will continue.

    Do not get fooled by last nights result. We are completely different away from home, especially against the lesser teams. I expect to lose to Watford. A score draw at best.

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree. We will probably pick up a draw at best. We really need Xhaka back so we can rotate midfielders and not have to rely on Guendouzi and Elneny these next couple of games. And if Emery doesn’t start using Suarez then he will be even more pointless than Kallstrom loan. Which I thought could never be beaten in terms of bad loans.

  11. The way I see it is, Tott will definitely finish in the top four, my guess is third – not only because of home fixtures as that stadium is brand new, but because for most part they have the type of teams that give it a go but just don’t have the overall quality.

    One place up for grabs between three sides who still have European fixtures, though Manu may only have one more Euro game, us and Che may only have one more too but the odds at this stage will be with Che and us to go through. The odds are with Tott to finish in the spots also, but that doesn’t mean I would put my house on any of it.

    This next game is crucial, simply put – it’s a must win game, a draw will be no good to us. It would’ve been good (at least better) to snatch an equalizer v Eve, so this next one is huge. That’s the way we need to look at it, every game is different so there’s no point going over statistics to tell us anything about the next encounter. There’s no point looking at all the fixtures at the same time and try to quantify the difficulty level. We just have to look at this next game, hope that the changes made to the side come in and help AFC over the most important part of the season, one game at a time (cliche but true).

  12. Wrote that Everton game was key!

    The game gave me all answers I didn’t want… As things stand I wouldn’t trust us to win any of the away games left bar Burnley.

    With result at Goodison Park I believe our chance of top for went begging….sincerely hope I am wrong!

    Now hold hope though to go through in EL and face up against Valencia…we should have a decent chance against them also if we focus on that competition.

    1. I’m still fuming about Everton and the way we set up – two DMs and a back five, Ozil as captain, two luxury players in the middle in Ozil and Mhikitaryan, freaking Elneny. I can only guess Emery thinks we have a better shot at CL via winning the Europa League rather than a top four finish. I’d ike to think there was some method to his madness…

      1. Wouldn’t be too harsh on Elnenny as the whole team came out sleep walking ?

        Team selection was in my opinion based on all injuries and resting Ramsey for Napoli… In any case I agree we set up too defensively and would personally have played MacTerrible alongside Goudenouzi! We needed to to win or go for a win and instead was sitting back – which we all know isn’t our strength?

        We have to look forward but not having Sokratis against Deeney is already a set back!

        This is my team v Watford…
        Lichsteiner Mustafi Kosch Montreal
        MacTerrible Torreira Goudenouzi Iwobi
        Laca Auba

  13. I say we win two of the remaining 4 away matches. Whether that will be good enough depends on the other teams around us. Europa league looking more and more important.

  14. Leicester lost at home. Leicester away is suddenly “winnable” lol. Wenger only won one away match against a Brendan Rodgers team so we’ll see how good Unai is 😉

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