Arsenal launch internal investigation into anti-semitic behaviour on North London Derby day

Arsenal have launched an investigation into two separate incidents on North London Derby Day, when their side earned a 2-0 victory over neighbours Tottenham Hotspur.

The Gunners continued their fine start to the new season with a comfortable win against their North London rivals last weekend, but that victory didn’t come without controversy. Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was the subject of an attempted attack on the sidelines by a fan, while it has emerged that anti-semitic chants have been reported also.

Spurs have been the subject of numerous chants over the years due to members of the board’s links to Judaism, with a number of clubs creating slurs to use against them, but these are no longer tolerable in today’s society. Many will have grown up with these chants and have the belief that there is little harm in singing such songs, but the subjects on the other end of the songs are the only ones who can make such judgements, and these chants need to be stumped out.

Arsenal have released some information on the weekend’s incidents, adding that any perpetrators will be banned from the stadium and their information will be passed onto the authorities. One incident is claimed to have taken place at the Cally Pub in Islington, whilst the other was at the ground itself.

What are your thoughts on the chants? If they are meant to be harmless, then it shouldn’t be an issue to move on from them should it?


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  1. There is no such thing as harmless antisemitism. I have been an Arsenal fan for over 35 years and I’m Jewish. There is absolutely no joke in it or place where it’s ok.

  2. The game wasn’t at The Emirates. 🤔

    Chelsea fans getting all upset because they rent their pitch. Fact.

    Spurs call themselves and chant ‘The *** Army’ and have displayed flags with said words.

    Changing times yes, and rightly so. It however allows individuals now to be offended and others to be hypocritical.

    The half and half scarf era.

  3. In this day and age, I find it strange that there was no film footage of the incident in The Cally pub.

  4. They should go-ahead with the investigation, and who ever is found wanting should be punished for his wrong doing.

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