Arsenal lead race to sign Tammy Abraham despite Roma agreement

Tammy Abraham is claimed to be holding out for a move to Arsenal, despite Roma agreeing a deal with Chelsea for his signing.

The Blues are claimed to have agreed a two-year loan deal with an option to buy, with Roma, which would see the West London club pocket €5 Million, with the Giallorossi able to keep him permanently for a further €35 Million during that 24 months.

Il Messaggero goes onto claim that the striker has already agreed terms with Arsenal however, and is holding out for that move having turned down the chance to sign for Atalanta already this window.

Tammy is said to have agreed a €5 Million a year salary with the Gunners, and that is his preferred option this summer.

Abraham looks set to fall further down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge with the reported return of Romelu Lukaku, with Fabrizio Romano updating on the move this morning, claiming that his contract is being prepared.

Can Arsenal pursue a deal for Tammy before offloading one of our current options up front, or would we need to arrange for an exit before hand?


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  1. Personally, i would prefer Lacca and Abraham to Auba and Abraham but for obvious reasons that isnt going to happen. Abraham would be a great signing for us. My only problem is if signed to replace Lacca, i dont see him and Auba in the same team. Still he isn’t here yet.

    1. Too much money?
      We spent 52m and 182k a week on Laca and he’s useless. Can’t score to save his life.

      170 games and only 65 is not enough at that huge outlay for him. Big, big mistake by Arsene Wenger

  2. He’s not worth over £25m on current form and market. And for some reason even asking for a raise. Hard pass.

  3. Please no, no NOO!!!!
    We need a forward who bullies defenders to create space and opportunities for other attackers. Also, one who doesn’t disappear for periods during a game.
    He’s got potential for sure, but often seems to lack the hard work so I wonder whether that potential will be achievable for him.
    I still use Oli G as a basis for comparing strikers and Abraham falls far short. For me, he’s a mid table striker and (I suspect) will improve a little, but not by much.
    Much better forwards out there. Go get one of them, MA.

  4. I was about to write precisely the same thing Reggie, as IF(which I doubt he will), he wears our shirt as a still young hungry player with much to prove, he will be busting a gut to show all in football what he can do!

    Idle Auba by contrast is now essentially just another Ozil like fraud, in it for the money but not prepared to honour HIS side of the contract.

    I remind all Gooners that all contracts need, by law, to be honoured by BOTH parties, as so many seem to think all that matters is that we pay theplayers all they are”entitled” to.

    I say that works BOTH ways and when it does not, then we should use recourse to law for clear breach of contract by not trying their UTMOST. I would have done this many years ago with Ozil and Walcott.

    AS WE CHOSE NOT TO DO SO, WE AS A CLUB ARE IN DERELICTION OF DUTY TO WE FANS WHO, I REMIND ALL OF US, ARE THE LIFEBLOOD THAT WITHOUT IT, FOOTBALL DIES. The law is for all peoplpe in life – at least in free countries, as Britain is – and our club, along with others too, are foolish to overlook this.

    There is ample video evidence of clear laziness to prove our legal case, in my submission.

      1. Sean. This is a nuanced subject where one line simplistic comments are not wise. There is in a contract of law a mutual understanding that BOTH sides MUST honour that contract.
        I agree it will need to be proved if we are to successfully sue for a breach. I believe that is quite easily accomplished, which is why I wrote my last line.

        FYI, I also speak as a person with great depth of knowledge of contract and commercial law and ask you to accept that before again questioning my statement of FACT on how it works, not your mere OPINION.

        1. Of course once again it is your opinion that certain players are lazy. Have you considered that others, including the manager do not see it that way. Laziness, in my opinion, would be very difficult to prove in a court of law. Anyway I do not believe for one second Arsenal would ever take the step of going to the law.

          1. pAT H, Neither do I believe we will ever take such action , more is the pity.
            If were ever going to have done so, Ozil was the best- or rather worst – example ever of a lazy and cowardly leech who thought only of his salary and cared nothing for we fans or the club who provided him with his obscenely unearned income.

            BUT I WOULD BE MORE THAN WILLING TO BET ALL I OWN IN THIS WORLD ON US WINNING SUCH A CASE IF WE DID RESORT TO LAW ,as we have mountains of video evidence and documentary evidence of his constant idleness and fake injuries, mostly backaches.

            Such a lowlife! He dishonoured his contract and his profession for many years!

        2. Although now specialising in M&A, Tim Lewis as a partner at Clifford Chance will surely be no slouch on breach contract.

        3. Why has no one done it then Jon? Say with Ben Arfa or Ravel Morrison? Even if it were technically possible the damage done to the dressing room and to your potential to recruit new players would be immense not to mention the legal costs and media circus that would engulf the club for years (pandemic backlog in the legal system) with such a move. Total non-starter and really not nuanced at all in that it’s obviously a bad idea.

          1. Will add further that Auba was our 2nd top goal scorer in the league and had genuine excuses in a congested fixture year with his mothers illness and his own catching of Malaria. In terms of output he scored 9 more than Saka with the same assists on less minutes, Saka obviously brings other things to table but it does highlight the hyperbole surrounding Auba. Best to wait see how Auba does this year rather than being so fickle as to write off a guy who smashed it in the two previous years picking up a golden boot along the way.

          2. Angus you chose to look at only one side of the picture. I look at the far wider picture, which is that such a sea change in what clubs and fans would no longer tolerate with are greedy, lazy, self centred players who suck the lifeblood from our game for personal use and gain and who care nothing for the gams as a whole or the club and fans who pay them and adore them.

            A regular recourse to law would stop these parasites and clear up such immoral thinking by thse types and by their scumbag agents!

            It would , if acted upon finally clean up our game. A game that the two lowlife football aurthories, FIFA and UEFA ARE ALSO MORALLY AND FINANCIALLY RAPING FOR PERSONAL GAIN AND POWER.

            The law is above all of us and we would benefit immensely as would the sport itself. To deny that is to turn your back on reality!

  5. Roma paying just 5 mill up front for a Two Year Loan deal with NO obligation to buy!!!
    So Chelsea are desperate to unload Abrahams while Roma are skint.
    Now Abrahams wants to follow Luiz and Willian to the luxurious Arsenal retirement home.
    Offer Chelsea Reiss Nelson in a straight swap for Abrahams.
    Offer Abrahams a 30k p/w salary with goal and win bonuses.

  6. A lanky Nketiah or a mobile Giroud? I’ve seen him described as both on this board. Personally think he has a point to prove and would be a good signing although understand the reluctance to take on another ex-Chelsea man. Not sure if Arsenal are brave enough to sign without first finding homes for two of Auba/Laca and Nketiah.

  7. Apparently he’s asked for a couple more days to reflect before giving a definite answer to Roma.
    We’re fast approaching panic buy time…

    Will he play tonight against Villarreal?

    1. Spot on Sue; “panic buy time”.
      If only Arsenal could identify the players we need and those in our squad that are now surplus then make the transfers happen before the Everything Must Go final day of sale. Isn’t integrating new players part what pre-season is for? There are so many scouts and so much available information that discovering an undervalued player becomes more and more difficult. Reduced to Clear or One for the Future bargains have too often turned out to false economies. for the Arsenal.
      Still, gotta hope that Edu, MA et al turn up trumps for us.

      1. It’s not panic time it’s perfectly ordinary transfer business particularly when everyone outside the prem is suffering. No one above us has signed more players than us, Chelsea still haven’t signed anyone at all. They have plenty of players they are looking to offload too.

      2. Unfortunately nobody seems to want our players, Thumper.. if only it was that simple, hey?! Reckon we’ll be busy on the final day?

        As for our scouts – if we still have any – I sometimes wonder if they put a load of random names in a hat and just pull one out 🤣

  8. Tammy Abraham is a boyhood Arsenal fan and in rejecting both Atlanta and Roma is showing his liking for Arsenal. He has scored consistently wherever he has played has got good height for a CF and runs hard all game. If he really wants to come to Arsenal, than I think Arsenal must go in for him. The point is what formation MA wants to go if Abraham comes in and both Auba and Laca are retained. Auba is unsellable and Laca is a good striker working hard and has ball retaining capabilities. Assuming Laca is not sold, could it be possible to play a 3-5-2 formation with Auba and Abraham playing off each other and Laca just behind them and Saka and Pepe used as wingbacks. Just a thought. In that case we would not need a specialist no.10, the creativity being taken care by Laca, Saka and Pepe, with Ben White playing the neat through balls to feed the wingers/strikers. Also all three, White, Gabriel and Holding can be utilised to good effect. The only negative thing in this formation is the absence of full backs, specially Tierney, although he is very much capable of playing left wing back. Just a thought.

  9. I poured through a Chelsea forum on Abraham yesterday to gauge opinion from people who have watched him far more than most of us. The consensus seems to be that he has a lot of potential but £35m would be a good price. Fans rate his work rate, movement and finishing but they criticise his strength and inconsistent link-up play.

    £25m would be a fair reflection of the gamble imo. And even then only if Laca moves on.

  10. If the links are correct, then I’d prefer Dusan Vlahovic over this lad. Vlahovic has a great fighting spirit and he’s only 21. We’re also still linked to L Martinez I am unsure what to believe. And considering the prices quoted, along with our midfield/creativity needs -it makes for some head scratching. I hope that Arteta and Edu know what they’re both doing and we are on course. with it

    1. 👍Fiorentina reported to be interested in signing torreirra, so we could offer him+cash for vlahovic.

  11. If the Torreira report is true, than it is good for all parties. Good for Torreira because he wants to move out of England, good for Florentina as they need his services and good for Arsenal so they can use him in a swop plus cash deal to get Vlahovic. Although Tammy has EPL experience, as a striker Vlahovic is much better, younger and more lethal. It would be between Abraham and Vlahovic than, but what would happen to Laca? Also there are no takers for Nketiah. But I heard Roma is interested in Laca, so we could see Laca moving out, though it would be sad to see him go, as is sad to see Willock leaving.

    1. Have you guys watch this Vlahovic? he is another younger version of Giroud, he is slow but very powerful, he has good hold up play but only good with his left foot, most of his goals where penalty while he is not proficient with headers even with his height.

      So to me he his Giroud 2.0, is that what we want? I will take Tammy in his place, he is Fast, Strong, uses both legs, and a good header, he just needs to work on his hold up and link up.

      1. “most of his goals where penalty” only 6 of his goals were penalties, much less than half.

        And actually tammy is not that great in the air for his height, only 9 of his 90 goals were headers, 6 of which were in the championship, 2 in the pl and one in the F.A cup 👍

    2. Vlahovic seems great and in regards to being Giroud 2.0 that is a positive in my book as Giroud was massively underrated. France won the WC with him even with him not scoring, Chelsea won the Europa and we won FA Cups. Don’t care either way really Vlahovic or boyhood fan Tammy is good business in my book.

  12. Also hearing tht Arsenal are about to make an official bid for Dennis Zakaria. We have to move fast, the window is closing in another 20 days.

  13. Well end up with no one, got no money unless sell, owners ain’t keeping up there word of being fully behind arsenal, so 25ml for willock, and bit for torriera, although media report afc happy for loan/pb at end,. Tammy we could get for same deal as roma loan plus buy, so that might be sorted, martinez ain’t going happen, corliso 8. 5ml and we ain’t snapped up, player that’s better then Ramsey and young, box to box and strong in all areas. Edu ain’t got clue, maddison won’t happen no money, martinez won’t happen no money, ramsdale waste money, onona better option which should been done weeks ago. Being linked to loads players but won’t get any, maybe tammy loan/buy only, whilst owners not backing edu/boss be same every window, Artera will last first 3mths if preseason anything to go by.

    1. Nonsense. We’ve wanted a CAM/GK from day 1 that money is earmarked and will happen 100%. CAM has dragged out because of Ode being the priority but if that can’t be done there are multiple options that we will get one of. GK is Sheffield playing hardball on Ramsdale, media did their best to wind up our fanbase by quoting it as high as 40mil but the reports today are around 24mil which is much more realistic and will be tied up soon. A striker is highly likely too and I don’t believe we can’t sell Laca. Clubs in Europe will do a lot of their business late because they are less financially secure, as the Prem money in particular flows around we’ll see interest in some of the players we’re looking to offload. Only grey areas really are RB do we sell Bellerin? Even if we do, do we buy a RB? and do we perhaps buy another CM on top of the CAM when the bargains become clear at the end of the window and we’ve shifted a few players? League may start on Friday but the window doesn’t close then.

      1. Angus , on this post I much agree with your general thrust.

        So many of our fans are too short sighted and avoid seeing the bigger picture in their frustration- I refer to the all round inability of MOST non “state” owned clubs, plus Chelsea, to buy or sell, until the last mad hours of Aug 31ST.

        I of course understand and feel their general frustration at the unfortunate Covid created financial mess that all top football is in but I see, as you do, the wider picture.

        I too am almost certain – to claim 100% certain would be a lie – that we will get a CAM and GK this window, albeit in the last mad hours, most likely.
        That is the reality of how the summer windows work since and even before(to some extent) Covid changed all negotiations and business tactics.

        Unlike so many , I far prefer facing the reality of life as it is, instead of throwing my toys out of the pram(in a two year old tantrum style!!) when things do not work out PRECISELY as I wish.


  14. I don’t know you guys why you underrate Tammy. Remember the first half of the season last year, Tammy was scoring regularly and was leading with 12 goals. Now after hiring Tuchel, the lad was confined to the bench till the end of the season. Not fitting in Tuchel formation doesn’t take away the capacity of Tammy. Plus, he is still young, only 23, he is quick and has an eye for goals. Why can’t he be given the chance considering that it will be a 2 year loan with only 5M paid upfront.

    1. “Why can’t he be given the chance considering that it will be a 2 year loan with only 5M paid upfront.”

      Definitely agree mate if we could manage to land him on loan I’d be happy to see him here, just not sure if chelsea would allow us to loan him

      1. Why would you want no obligation (which Chelsea will not agree to) RSH? He carries no risk if he doesn’t work out he’ll still be valuable to a lower prem team. Worst case scenario we will sell him in two years when we have to pay the 30 and lose a tiny amount 5-15 mil but had him to use for 2 years with all the potential upside. With that as a worst case it’s an easy decision.

    2. Totally agree.

      This isn’t a geriatric Chel$ki reject who is looking for a final pay day.

      He is an ARSENAL fan with a point to prove and at the beginning of his career. He scores goals and can only get better.

      To me this is a no brainer, even if we keep Laca and Eddie. Auba might say to himself… I better start scoring again as I will be competing against 5 hungry strikers.

      If they don’t like the competition then they can 🦆off.

  15. Boyhood fan, prem proven, young, HG and carries essentially no risk whats not to like? If he doesn’t kick on to the very top level he’ll still retain value to other prem clubs so it’s as low risk a transfer as you can imagine. Chelsea made top 4 with him as 1st choice under Lampard.

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