Arsenal lead the way in apologising to fans for European Super League fiasco

Arsenal led the way in apologising to their fans after their ill-advised decision to join the European Super League, reports the Sun.

The Gunners alongside other England’s top six teams joined the likes of Juventus and Real Madrid to launch a civil war against UEFA.

The Super League would have replaced the Champions League for the founding members and their invited guests every season.

The new competition would have seen the teams involved make more money than they currently make in the UCL.

They claim it would help the game and it was the change that it has needed for a long time now.

However, fans didn’t subscribe to it and they made it very clear through online and offline protests.

Facing pressure from their fans, the six Premier League sides fell over themselves to exit the competition.

Although all the EPL sides have left the project, the report says Arsenal is the first team to apologise to their fans before Liverpool’s owner, John Henry also released a video apology.

A part of Arsenal’s statement reads: “As a result of listening to you and the wider football community over recent days we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League.

“We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.”

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  1. So we were first in apologizing. Big deal. Shame we weren’t first on the Premier League table

  2. Too little, too late. Stan and cronies need to move on. They’ve sullied our history, values and reputation.

  3. Not enough kronk, you dont and never will understand football and fans. You are not welcome at our club. Apologies too late and shouldn’t have been needed, you are way off the mark doing what you are doing. You dont live in England, had never heard of Arsenal before you bought and dont come and support the team. GO!

    1. Hmmm
      You’re so right.
      I wish he can sell the club to someone who love the club and ready to spend.

      But about him not understanding football or the fans because of signing SL, doesn’t mean anything.

      He doesn’t love the club, know about football or care about the fans but that wasn’t why he sign the contract.

      Abramovich is a good example of a owner who love the club, know about football and the fans but still sign the contract.

      So signing SL can happen to anybody who don’t think twice before acting. And even some still make mistake after thinking twice.
      Man city and Chelsea and Spurs owners are not US billionaires but they all sign the contract. Apart from Spurs, the two clubs don’t need the money but still went ahead to sign.

      1. Our club has been disgraced they were already a laughing stock under Kroenke! Kroenke Vinai the board all of them out!

        1. Somebody mentioned every cloud has a silver lining, Kev, which may well be true – we may finally be rid of Stan, but I can’t help feeling so disappointed in our club. I haven’t had much time to surf the net over the last couple of days, but was disappointed over not a word from MA or any of the players – shocking!
          And just feel the 30 years of support I’ve given them has gone down the khazi!!!

          1. I hope so Sue although I think it will take more than a one day protest to rid ourselves of that grotesque man… The super league was a perfect project.. insane amounts of money and no relegation hence no need to invest in the squad… I can understand why fans would feel disgusted after many years of loyal following.. I’ve even questioned myself why I would support a club like this… Truth be told since Kroenke wormed his way in, our club has gone downhill big time Sue, they lost the values and class they once had, to lay off a few workers on pittance is inexcusable and the club mascot.. it’s an embarrassment from top to bottom.

          2. I think this is just the start, Kev. Enough is enough! Well said, btw 😉
            I totally agree with what you’ve said.. and I honestly can’t wait until the day he leaves our club!

          3. Absolutely Sue the day he leaves will be like winning a major honour 👍 I really can’t stand him, just another greedy billionaire who would put his mother on the street if she was a tenner short on the rent 😂

      2. Sue
        Is there anything they can do after apology?

        My people do say, apologizing solves many things.
        And when we get ourselves into sin, the only thing we do is apologise to God and he will forgive us even when he knew we will do it again.

        I believe Sorry solves many things.

        1. Something that still baffles me till now Sue.
          No Arsenal players has talk about the issue.
          It seems this players are too scared of the management or maybe Ozil is there advocate cos I believe Ozil would have talk about the issue if he was here.(I want him gone anyway but I still love him for been outspoken)

          1. Bobs, MO has spoken out against the SL and Bellerin has also done the same.
            Rob Holding has a video, where he plays the CL tune on his piano…. they are all on the internet.

            As for the apology, am I right in thinking it came addressed by the BOARD?

            I don’t believe kronkie would ever admit he was wrong… and to be honest, who cares what he says?

          2. Ozil posted about it on twitter – good on him!
            As for our players, I’m baffled with you, Bobs!! The silence was deafening.. and on top of reading what other players had posted, I couldn’t help but feel crestfallen…

          3. Great comment down there, Bobs ⬇️
            Yes, it has been a struggle but at least we have to fight for what we’ve got/where we are and not get it handed to us on a platter!
            The only way is up, Bobs and hopefully one day we’ll be taken back to the promised land 🙂

        2. Bobs have you not heard of the ten commandments. How can Kronk ask God for forgiveness anyway, he shoot helpless animals for fun.

          1. Ken
            Just got to see Bellerin and Holding’s post.
            And about the apology, we don’t need to take anything away from him even if the apology is hollow.
            If the Board is Bad, we put it on him and if the Board did something good, we try to take it away from him.
            There is no hard a man can be, he will have his own soft spot.

            With your logic, everybody who kills can’t ask for forgiveness?
            But seriously, that part got me laughing.

            You’re 100% right
            I think Kroenke act before thinking.

            He nearly made me go nut with my son before I realise, my son wasn’t involve in signing the SL contract.

            But to be sincere, I would have support the league if they have a format in place like CL.

            But not relegating is a No for me cos knowing Kroenke, that’s the end of winning any trophy again in my life time.

            But now, I’m happy we can continue our struggle till we have a good management in place and win something.
            Still don’t believe in this Arteta regime though.

  4. It is entirely possible, the entire project was a ruse to make UEFA and the national associations more amenable to Champions League changes that favor the bigger clubs.

    The impending collapse of the project seemingly damages the big clubs’ leverage, unless a deal was reached behind the scenes that led to the English teams’ withdrawal.

    The first priority of the UEFA-backed changes it to move the Champions League toward the same elite competition as the European Super League threatened, with an unbalanced schedule that presents an illusion of fairness while ensuring it absolutely does not exist.

    “Each participating club will feature in a minimum of 10 league stage games against 10 different opponents (five home games and five away), instead of the usual six matches against the same three teams in the group.”

    The proposed changes to the Champions League are designed as a second priority, to keep big clubs who do not currently earn their way into the competition (like Arsenal) are included so UEFA can leverage their ardent fan bases into more lucrative TV deals.

    “…two spots will go to the clubs who have the highest club coefficient from the past five years that have not managed to qualify for the Champions League…”

    Arsenal are still in this group, though another season like this one will put the Gunners beyond the help of even the most dedicated matching fixing.

    The changes are also designed to add to the number of games each team plays, increasing revenue for the participants, especially the teams hand-picked to advance (The unbalanced schedule guarantees that the corruption UEFA is well-known for, will balloon into the stratosphere.)

    Either project accelerates the demise of the Europe League, taking what is already a second-tier competition and stripping it of the last few good teams involved from the start.

    1. Paul, I really thought that was the case, but the speed of the capitulation and a couple of really good exposes in the Athletic have convinced me that the closed shop ESL was the only objective.

      I was giving them far too much strategic thinking credit.

      That certainly was the view of the majority on here and I think that they were right.

      While the new league gives some extra bonus to past performance, the teams at least have to finish in European places for the at-large picks so there is still a need to qualify.

  5. Is not too late, arsenal need to withdraw from the mistake they made. Otherwise pullup your shock.

  6. A good pr exercise but hardly sincere. The way that Arsenal has tried to paint their involvement was that they just happened to be walking by a bar and they saw some fellow billionaires discussion football and stopped in.

    I would have had more respect for them if they had said, yup it was us, we wanted to do this but we had to back down.

    After seeing this play out I guess that relegation is a minor check on KSE’s management of the team – they can only be so disinterested and divested as relegation would really hurt the books – the only important consideration.

  7. Arsenal’s apology was an insincere grovelling embarrassment, as were all the apologies from the six Super Leavers.

  8. “leading the way” is a bit of a stretch…at least Pool’s actual owner produced an apology video, can you ever even imagine our absentee landlord doing likewise??? just picturing him on the ranch in a rocking chair trying to recreate an old school FDR “fireside chat” with Josh providing an incredibly animated sign language version in the background

  9. Kroenke may decide to sell now as he’s probably been counting on ESL income to fill his boots. Americans know how to maximise profit from franchises, but they can’t make much from football as it is. The margins are relatively thin, primarily because such a big slice of every £1 goes on the enormous salaries and agents fees.

    But if he tried to sell, who could afford to buy us a) and pass the proper person test and b) could we trust them or do we get another Kroenke?

    Perverversely, the more successful we are the more likely he stays. Are we prepared to be relegated or go bust to get him out?

  10. Kroenke doesn’t mind being hated – in fact he seems to enjoy it. The only entity that will suffer from this is our Arsenal. Unfortunately our fate is 100% linked to and in the hands of a man we all hate. If we want to hurt him enough to get him out we hurt our club and ourselves at the same time.

    This is pretty much the same quandary confronting UEFA and the EPL now – punish the guilty and they will suffer just as much. And they can’t even do that without also hurting the people who won them their victory – the fans of the Big 6.

    Nasty state of affairs, and the only culprit is totally insulated from any fallout.

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