Arsenal & Leeds vow to help punish abusive commenters

Arsenal and Leeds have both released statements this morning to vow to punish those who have viciously abused Nicolas Pepe and Ezgjan Alioski via social media.

The duo clashed during the Premier League fixture yesterday, in which both sides somehow failed to score a goal.

Almost an hour into the tie, Pepe allowed his frustrations to get the better of him, and while the referee didn’t see the incident, upon a VAR review, the Ivory Coast international was deemed to have headbutted his counterpart in an off-the-ball incident, and red carded.

Alioski has come in for abuse for the part he played, with claims that he went over too easily, and was even confronted about this at the full-time whistle by Kieran Tierney also.

Regardless of what happens on the pitch, there is no excuse for vile comments and messages to be aimed at the players, and the governing bodies need to take more action against those who refuse to behave.

Leeds official announcement on their website reads: “The vile abuse directed at Ezgjan Alioski and Nicolas Pepe on social media after yesterday’s Premier League game with Arsenal will not be tolerated by Leeds United.

We will work closely with the police and the footballing authorities to ensure those responsible are identified and punished.”

Arsenal’s official stance was very much the same, with their statement reading: “We utterly condemn the vile abuse directed at Nicolas Pepe and Ezgjan Alioski on social media following our match against Leeds United.

This is completely unacceptable and we will be working with the police and authorities to do everything we can to trace and prosecute the culprits.”

While tensions ran high on the pitch, racism has no place in the game (nor the world the world for that matter), and while some may find it difficult to control their emotions, it simply isn’t acceptable to target players for abuse.

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  1. Tierney wasn’t confronting Alioski per say, he was annoyed and rightly so that Xhaka was giving Alioski a man hug as they are compatriots, I believe.
    Anyway, the abuse online was wrong especially if of a racial nature and good that both teams have together, condemned it.

    1. I don’t use social media because it, itself is vile and a weapon for vile abuse. Waiting to be loaded with vile ammunition which unfortunately was loaded by Nicolas Pepe and Ezgjan Alioski respectively. The whole thing is vile! Welcome to the modern era!! 🤬

  2. I am not saying the abuse is right of course, but if you’re going to put yourself out there on social media, then what do expect? You could be the nicest person in the world, and you would still get abuse.

    It’s right that all have condemned it, but if words easily offend you, then it’s very simple…just come off social media. We were all a lot happier, but the days of social media!

    1. death threats are racial abuse isn’t about words easily offending people. People are crazy and the players have families. Wasn’t long ago that Ozil and Kolasinac were held at knifepoint, and lots of reports that Kolasinac’s family want out of London after that. People should be able to do their jobs and still feel safe. And also, this type of abuse can happen even if you dont have a social media account. It may even give people more of a pass to say stuff.

    2. TMTW, you may well be right but back then, perhaps, all of us did not have the time to waste that social media takes from us now. At least from semi retired folk like me!
      In my considered opinion it will not be long now, certainly not years away, when all social media is far more policed for hate and racial abuse and I can’t wait , personally.

      BUT there is a thin line between plain and free speech and hate speech. Most reasonably people recognise where the line should be drawn but we lose proper free speech at our peril. Some are also “snowflakes supreme” who are offended “professionally”, even on behalf of others they have never met. DANGEROUS GROUND THEN!

      Too much speech control is a dangerous thing, so that line and WHERE and HOW it is drawn -which will happen, ere very long now – is most important, IMO.

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