Arsenal left red-faced after massive transfer bloomer

Arsenal have made very few forays into the South American transfer market, but they made a big splash when they bought a 17 year-old ‘wonderkid’ called Wellington Silva from Fluminense back in 2010 for a reported fee of £3.5million. It all started going wrong when the British Home Office gave the youngster a special-talent visa, only to see it withdrawn before his arrival, and the youngster began his life in the wilderness on loan with five different low-level Spanish sides.

No-one ever kept him for more than one season, with stories of missing training sessions and bustups with managers, before finally settling down and getting nearly a full season with Murcia and then Almeria, where he was playing when he was finally granted a work permit to play in England. In 2015, Silva joined Bolton on a season long loan in the Championship and Wenger was hopeful that his quality will come through. “He’s absolutely stunning to watch and I believe Bolton will be surprised by his quality.”

He did play over 20 games for Bolton, but on his return to the Gunners, he was immediately sold back to his hometown club Fluminense again. That should have been the end of the matter, but at the end of last season, Pedro Abad – the Fluminense president revealed: “When we brought him in last year, there was a clause that allowed Arsenal to buy him back for a fixed amount.

”Another club (Bordeaux, France) made a proposal that beats that value and Arsenal already said they will exercise this clause. So he should leave.”

So Wellington duly came over to France but, guess what!, he has failed the medical at Bordeaux. But the club subsequently tweeted on their official account: “Following the medical examination, the club decided not to implement the transfer of Wellington SILVA.”

What a mess! Let’s just hope that Fluminense are willing to take him back yet again….



  1. SaaAfc says:

    How do you guys rate renato sanches and Kingsley Coman. Both young quality players that I haven’t heard anyone bring up

    1. kev says:

      Fluminense have confirmed that thry’re resigning Wellington.I just don’t get why this guy was sold.Trust me no Arsenal player beats him when it comes to dribbling and skills.He’s got massive potential which to me he’ll fulfill.He just needs a big stage.People are kind of using his stats on loan to judge him but believe me if you’ve watched him he’s very good.If he adds goals to his game then he’s world class.

      1. Atid says:

        You would have seen then he clearly doesn’t have the physicality to play in the premier league. Obviously when you purchase a very young player you hope that not only will he develop technically, but also physically and mentally.

  2. Remember Resource? says:

    Im not giving any info on this. Even though I have solid info regarding this issue. Goodbye Justarsenal. This a great blog and Im happy that such a blog exists for us fans. Thank you admin.

    1. Napersie says:

      Why Resource? Sobs!.. ?Losers do quit. ? Don’t be a baby

      1. Napersie says:

        In other news Liepzig are coming to town ?We can foorrk the scourers by arranging a deal for Keita ? ?

        1. Krish says:

          look swap deals almost never happen.. they are just dreams of the fans.. sadly 🙁

    2. Coldzero says:

      Stick around mate!

    3. The cassete says:

      Dont leave bro, ill admit, your comments are what i look forward to when i come on here during the silly season. So far everything you have said has been spot on. Stay bru.

    4. stubill says:

      I’m sure someone else can regurgitate info’ from the web like you.

  3. Gun_Man87 says:

    Wellington Silva is probably one of the greatest talents graduated from our academy… i think keeping him for a season might be a blessing in disguise for arsenal.. it might backfire but it’s worth the gamble…

    1. stubill says:

      “graduated from our academy” Lol, he was never in our academy!

  4. Sean Williams says:

    Actually Arsenal have not bought him back to sell on. They just get a percentage of the sell on fee. No damage or stupidity committed.

  5. Raj says:

    Looks like it was just a sell on clause and not buy back clause.
    But if this was true, this just shows how much money matters to the club than trophies.Instead concentrating on getting players , they are wasting time in these matters.

    1. Krish says:

      DUDE we are taking about fri… MILLIONS! just because clubs are spending tens of millions on players dont think that its giveaway money, how many crave for a fraction of this money and have to work their whole life very hard, so i’m absolutely happy that arsenal dont treat money as a rich son of a multimillionaire does.. look when it comes to millions –> money DOES matter!

      1. Raj says:

        Dude, you understand the context, these are clubs which make millions of profit because we spend our hard earned money on tickets and merchandise. When that same club treats it’s fans like nothing and works only to satisfy its craving for money, won’t the fans feel betrayed?
        We have been seeing how we have been penny pinching for the last 5 yrs , because of which we have not won the league and now we are out of champions league as well.
        Also this is time to strengthen the main squad and not waste our time on these trivial matters. If arsenal were so interested in money we should have been more ruthless when selling someone like gnabry not Silva.
        I do not need to learn the importance of money from anyone.

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    What part of “Arsenal have activated Silva’s buy back clause” don’t fan’s understand? ?? They bought him back to sell on, but it backfired.

    I can only surmise that Silva’s failed medical is drug related ?? he was probably smoking the same ?? as Wenger was when he came up with the idea of trying to make a quick buck. ? ? if the player really does have a injury problem then Wenger will probably give him a 10 year contract at the club.

    1. Krish says:

      haha well at least we have a squad replacement for ox if we sell him now 😀 cant imagine that wellington is less productive than the ox and wont he count as homegrown too? :/

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        More like he was probably smoking some Homegrown. Nah seriously, I can’t see how Silva can be classified as a Homegrown when it took years of loaning him out before he even got a visa.

        1. Krish says:

          at least he has taste. he should share the homegrown with jacky and sczes, well too bad sczes will get even better stuff in italy

  7. Lord Dennis of Bergkamp says:

    I wonder about our club sometimes.

    Why would we even want to buy him back just to sell him on for, what, maybe £5M at most profit?

    Instead we could have avoided this and just got the Lemar signing done by putting in an offer that Monaco will see as fair (given the ridiculous state of the transfer market).

    The important thing is to get these deals done, give the players time to form an understanding so that we have a strong start to the season.

    Trying to be clever to make a few million is daft, lets just be clinical on the transfer front. COYG!

  8. ade says:

    Re source we appreciate ur post, stay n give us infor

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