Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger rules out European Super League until 2026 at least

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists that a European Super League is blocked until 2024, but admits that it could be possible in five years time.

The Frenchman was talking to BeinSports after yesterday’s Premier League coverage, and is adamant that a European Super League will not happen, despite admitting it could be possible in five years time.

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FIFA appear to have a block on clubs from participating in an external competition until 2024, but the fear is that the bigger clubs in Europe will be able to put plans in the pipeline for a breakaway competition after this time.

I personally don’t want to see a new footballing body created to rival what we currently have, but am not against a revamp of the Champions League if the top clubs believe there is a better way to operate.

Any breakaway will likely have detrimental effects on the clubs just below, and even more long-term effects on the bottom end of the hierarchy, and for this reason I hope that the idea is squashed.

Wenger is clearly against the idea, although he is otherwise engaged with FIFA so his job could possibly be on the line if he showed any other stance.

Do we believe Arsenal would profit from a breakaway of the best teams in Europe? Or would it simply increase the divide between us and the bigger spenders in Europe?


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  1. For Arsenal to be invited to join a new European Super League at the moment would be a bigger scandal than the original election to the First Division.
    I am personally not in favour of a separate competition; however if invitations are made on current positions, the selection of other clubs will make it easier for Arsenal in the EPL.

  2. We dont need no European super league. Im not interested one bit if it means the end to our domestic competition. We would also be an even smaller fish in a big pond. I actually think it will put fans off Arsenal and other clubs, there will be no connection.

  3. Arsenal are a premium brand. However you cant bank on it.
    Arsenal have declined as a top club.
    If a super league were to be formed, dont be surprised the gunners wont be invited.
    Probably on the waiting list

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