Arsenal legend backs Vardy to be successful signing

Pires is keen for Vardy to sign for Arsenal!

A lot of footballing legends, famous names and journalists have had their say on the Jamie Vardy to Arsenal rumour and although debates seem to be split on the matter, the latest comments seem to be in favour of the Englishman’s potential move to the Gunners.

Although a move for Vardy to Arsenal seems to be off the cards, with Vardy himself supposedly rejecting an offer from the Gunners, it hasn’t stopped some from making their opinions known about the potential transfer. We have already seen the likes of Ian Wright and Thierry Henry speak out about Vardy’s ability to fit in with the Arsenal way, despite what many others may think. But now another Arsenal legend, in the form of Robert Pires, has agreed with such a view.

Speaking to the media, Pires said: ‘There is no reason why it couldn’t work out for Vardy. He scored a lot of goals in the Premier League last season and is now known around the world.

“He has the ability, comes across as very hard-working which Arsenal like, and he’s a great finisher. There’s a lot more pressure with playing for a big club, so it will be a step up.’

The reason for why Pires says there is no reason for why it wouldn’t work out for Jamie Vardy at Arsenal, is because many have doubted the Englishman for a number of reasons. These reasons include his age, his style of play, as well as the fact that he is only proven to such a class level based on only a single season.

I must admit I disagree with Pires and co who argue that Vardy would be a great signing. Vardy’s age does concern me, especially since he has only really proven himself in one season. There is no doubt he has the ability to be a top top finisher, and there is also no doubt that he would be a valuable addition to this Arsenal side. But I’m not sure if it is a worthwhile buy, based upon his age and his experience at such a high level. Furthermore, as mentioned by a few famous names, Vardy also thrives off long balls over the top and counter attacks, both of which favour his pace. Vardy may be a hard worker, with strength, aggression and passion, however counter attacking and long balls isn’t exactly the system that Arsenal currently play by and so I can’t see Vardy replicating such form as he achieved last season with Leicester.

Anyway despite what has been discussed here, it may not even matter, because as already mentioned Vardy’s move to Arsenal is looking more and more unlikely by the day. Vardy was supposed to make a public decision on his future before the start of his preparations with England in France for the European Championships. However, no such announcement was made and recent reports now suggest that Vardy has rejected the approach from Arsenal and the medical that was set up for him.


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  1. To be honest, I would be happy if we just get any striker better than Giroud that has pace and can score a couple of goals. Giroud is too slow for my liking and misses too many chances that is not an Arsenal kind of striker to be honest.

  2. Thumb me down all you like, HE IS NOT what we need, he is not proven at this level to warrant the sign on fees and the crazy wage we tabled for him, especially at the age of 29….playing for a club with no ambition aside from not getting relegated is altogether to playing for a club where you are expected to win things, there is a reason why so many players cam hack it at small clubs and flop when they take a step up…..its the pressure, its the scrutiny, its the fact every club brings their A game everytime…..LCFC, Vardy and all of the players in the club had a freak season last time around, and part of the reason they were successful was that they were not taken serious and teams play against them very.openly, which played to their strength….add the fact they did not need to deal with the burden of expectations and you have a recipe for their success…..nit taking anything away from the players of the club but if Vardy stays at LCFC I will be surprised if he get 10 goals nxt season…..AFC is not a one man team where we all play to one player”s strength, hw will be part of a group, will not even be the star player……this forum is open, I will wager anyone a bet on here Vardy will not score 10 goals next season, whether or with LCFC, I have said it publicly, anyone who wants to have a go is welcomed to, the ADMIN can be the middle man, £50 says Varsy will not score 10 goals in the league nxt season anywhere he chose to play… waiting!!!!

    1. @Damochy, I’ll gladly take you up on this with one caveat – that he stays healthy. No way Vardy ends up with less than 10 goals unless he gets injured. If this is acceptable, consider yourself on for 50 quid, payable via PayPal end of season or as soon as Vardy hits 10. Happy to go up to 100 quid, if you like losing money. 🙂

  3. Vardy coupled with a Mki or Mahrez plus our other players would be deadly combo.

    Vardy alone, eh, our right wing players would have to step up.

    Current weaknesses in the team ST, RW and CB and we have only being liked to one seriously so far who is “thinking about it”.

  4. With all the talks about signing a striker which we really need for sure, am also very desperate to see a world-class attacker arrive to play in the right.. That would mean there’s little or no room for ramsey in the first team.. everyone here is hell bent on selling Walcott and replacing giroud as our first choice striker which im also for too, but for me, if we’re serious about winning the league ramsey must not be seen anywhere near the first team.. he’s the weak link and the chink in our armor as far as am concerned.

  5. Anyone playing fantasy euro 2016? I have bad luck.
    I put in Weiss on MD1 = 2 points
    Got him out of the team. for MD2.
    MD2 = 11 points, for goal and assist.

  6. we just need another striker, am so tired of seeing giroud upfront. even if we don’t get vardy, any other top striker will do. how can a striker go 15 games without scoring??? if arsenal signs a top striker then arsenal will be so red hot next season. this arsenal squad is up there with the best in epl, we just need to sort out our defensive issues and get a good striker. giroud should be backup and nothing more. we have regressed in that department, from henry to van persie, then to giroud!!!!

    1. You do realize that OG and Vardy both had 24 goals and 6 assists in all competitions. Sorry you are tired of one our players who doesn’t get injured. Who attacks every ball in the air and is the best set piece striker in the league.

      1. Yes, but those stats include a lot more games for Giroud with Champion’s League. Best set piece striker in the league? Are you having a laugh? Giroud is a good player, we just don’t want him leading the line. To be honest, who can say Podolski should have been sold? Had the best goals to minute ratio of all our forwards. But no one cried for him (only that Ox, Theo, Rambo offer even less overall than).

  7. Giroud has done a wonderful job for arsenal, my two major issues with Giroud are the fact he lacks the pace to go by even the slowest defenders, which allow opposing defenders to have it too easy, is inability to turn on the defender and release a powerful shot.
    He has the physical presence to control the ball with defenders around him, therefore i feel he must also use that presence to turn the defender and take shots at goal, which i have seen he has a powerful shot on him

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