Arsenal legend being prepared to replace Wenger?

The debate about our manager and who might take over will continue to rage among Arsenal fans, of course, for as long as Arsene Wenger is still in charge. A good summer transfer window from the Frenchman and a good start to next season will help to calm down the calls for Wenger to step down but I do not think that even winning the Premier League title would see them disappear altogether.

It does seem, though, that the Arsenal board have made up their minds to give the Frenchman at least one more year and to allow him see out his current contract which is due to expire next summer. Right or wrong, that looks like being the way it is and a theory about why, is the fear of Arsenal going the same way as Man United did when Ferguson hung up his hairdryer.

Replacing Wenger with the wrong man could make things much worse for the club and so this is a decision that they really need to get right and with the Prof said to have such a huge role at the club he is supposedly set to have a big say in who will replace him, and I wonder if his former star striker and club legend Thierry Henry is being groomed for the role.

As reported by Metro this week, the TV pundit has now completed his coaching badges and is set to be handed his first official coaching role with the Arsenal under 18 side. Could this be with the idea of getting Henry used to management in time to be given control of the senior side a year from now?

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  1. I think Henry will make a good manager.
    No one would have believed Guardiola would have been a worldie, if he was not given the opportunity.
    My problem is that if Silent Stan is still there, having a new manager would not make much of a difference. It’ll be like sweeping dust under the carpet. The surface looks clean, but still dirty underneath.

    1. I am not saying Guardiola isn’t a top manager, but he’s had it very easy so far and hasn’t been tested to some degree. With Barcelona and Bayern he inherited two of the best squads in the world, both financial power houses, and he had the best player in the world at his disposal in Messi. I think it’s difficult to judge at the moment just how good he is, but gutted Man City snatched him up. But fair point on Kroenke, we need him out, but I do I think a new manager can still make a huge difference with or without Kroenke, because Wenger has completely lost it.

      With Henry, I love him obviously, but I’d prefer to see him with some experience under his belt first. In terms of players at Arsenal, I think we’re all fed up of “potential”, and the same should apply to our next manager as well. We need an experienced quality manager. I would love Simeone, but I am not sure if he’s in any rush to leave Atletico.

      1. Everything points to Henry as our next manager, the recent signings to strengthen our youth squad, mostly u18s is prolly designed to get him used to them wand without too much pressure too, Guardiola, Pochettino, Simeone, Enrique and so many other managers started are quite young too, so why not Henry? Zidane, Ronaldinho, Messi, Jay Jay Okocha or even Ronaldo would perhaps not make good coaches because they can’t even explain how they do the things they do, how are they supposed to pass it on?

  2. If Wenger is staying for only a year, I’ll suggest the club looks to someone like Ronald Koeman.

    It will be a very high risk gamble to appoint Henry next year. Except he gets a place among Arsene’s backroom staff for a year at least.

    Nobody is talking about Bould. He might represent a safer and more available option for the owners.

  3. Henry was the guy who said a while back that the spine of the team needed improving: particularly GK-CB-DM-CF

    Well we sorted out GK
    And DM albeit through good luck as Coquelin broke through. He is good but not WC
    We need a Top Class CB
    We need a top class CF

    Henry knows what will take us to the next level and won’t experiment like Wenger. He was part of the Invincibles after all.

  4. Henry ,, couching arsenal ? When we need a tough moral couch to lift the team up. For Christ’s sake,,,Henry needs to go through the meal for a while. What kind of fans are we at all. Lets be real for a while.

  5. There is a difference been playing and talking as a pundit. And a vast difference managing players. Henry can be a good assistant as Zenidine was at Madrid.

  6. Thierry is an Arsenal legend. If he is to manage Arsenal it can only be after he has proven himself. By all means start at Arsenal with the youngsters and that is great news. However before he can manage Arsenal he needs to be sucessful elsewhere as a manager.

    I for one to not wish to remember Thierry as our legendary player and failed manager.

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