Arsenal legend believes Arteta will keep his team at the top next season

Arsenal have had a fantastic season! Yes, they failed to fulfil their primary goal, but you and I both agree that this is a season we will never forget: Arteta and his team have returned the club to where it belongs, challenging at the top.

Critics say that Arsenal winning the league was a now-or-never affair, but is it so? There’s an argument that next season Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, and Manchester United will also have a stake in the title race, raising the belief that Arsenal could find it necessary to win it.

For those who believe that, the question is: Considering how good Arsenal have been, how do you think that after a busy transfer window, the Gunners won’t be better than they’ve been this term? So giving them a chance to be better than City and the real deal in the PL?

The Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn backs his former side to be as dominant as they were this season, saying on the Daily Star, “They’ve proved that they can do it this season, so why shouldn’t they be able to go again and do it next season?

“They’ve built up so much confidence, and another season of similar results and experience gained by the younger players, I think, will serve the team well.

“I don’t see any reason why Arsenal would not be in the title race.

“We all know that some of the other teams are going to improve, but Arsenal have the quality to beat them, which they’ve proved. It’s only Manchester City out of the top teams who have looked stronger than Arsenal, so absolutely they should be looking into being in a similar position next season.”

Lessons have been learned this season; the Gunners are hurting, but come next season, they’ll be inspired to take City’s crown. About other teams raising their standards, the more competition, the merrier.

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  1. If we Arteta and the Club owners do well in the transfer market, Arsenal will have only Man City to challenge. We must know the positioning that guarantee Man City superlative ball position, pressure on the opposition and higher shots on target. For sure Arsenal has broken the jinx and while other top teams reinforce to fight and drop points, Arsenal should start well with wins and more goal advantage to stay top and win the title come 2023/24

  2. I don’t see it ,especially with the squad in it’s current state ,Chelsea Utd and Liverpool won’t have another season like this one .

  3. I completely disagree with the opening line narrative that we “failed in our primary objective. Arteta himseld said that the team is ahead of schedule regarding progress. So i think the primary objective for thissss! season was to make too 4. Furthermore this season will be quickly forgotten within a few seasons contrary to popular believe. I cant even remember the last season we finnished 2nd. Just remember that Wilshere was still olaying for us.
    OVERALL I GOOD SEASON I RECKON. Above United, above Liverpool and more importantly above Chelsea & Spurs. kkkkkkkkk!

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