Arsenal legend discusses his complicated relationship with “father figure” Arsene Wenger

Thierry Henry was rescued from his early career struggles by Arsene Wenger. His move to Arsenal changed his life and he probably won’t have achieved as much as he did if he hadn’t been signed by Wenger.

Both men appeared to be a match made from heaven as Wenger helped him transition from a winger to a goalscoring machine at Arsenal.

Henry has now revealed that he had a somewhat complicated relationship with his former manager, but he couldn’t deny that the Frenchman was more of a father figure to him.

He claimed that there were good times and bad times in their relationship as there were days that both of them would be best of friends and at other times, not so much.

But he insisted that they only argued because they loved each other. After all, it is normal when you love someone.

He hailed his compatriot for triggering his brain.

‘He was like a father figure for me,’ said Henry, as quoted by the Mail.

‘So, as you can imagine, with your dad, you argue, you scream, he punishes you. 

‘Then, I want to show him the same relationship that you have with a dad: it’s complicated at times, sometimes it’s the best, sometimes we’re best friends, sometimes we’re worst enemies and we argue. 

‘But that’s what happens when you love someone. Because you care, that’s why you argue.

‘Arsene triggered my brain, and every day, it was something about my brain, about asking myself the right questions. And then you have Pep [Guardiola], who tactically triggered my brain. 

‘So those two guys had a massive impact on me, but I cannot, obviously, talk about my career without Arsene, because I think one of the most important things in the world, not only in sport, is to trigger the brain of someone, to stimulate the brain of someone every single day. 

‘If not, it’s close to dying, if your brain is not functioning properly.’

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