Arsenal legend Henry claims contract rebels ARE the future

Thierry Henry has claimed that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are the future of Arsenal Football Club.

The duo are nearing the final 18 months of their contracts at present, and despite talks having begun on an extension during last season, nothing is yet to be signed.

The pair have only enhanced their reputations further in over the past year, with Alexis Sanchez managing to excel further within a new role this term up front, and with the German filling in with more goals also.

Henry has now moved to insist that the club are aware of the importance of Sanchez and Ozil, and is hopeful that progress is being made on talks.

He said: “I think Arsene and the club are clever enough to know that they have to secure those deals.

“Are they both going to stay? I would want them to, but you don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.

“We all know how important Mesut Ozil is and we now know even more how important Alexis Sanchez is. Him playing in the middle has, for me, been the difference this year. What he can do is amazing, on and off the ball.

“You would like to think that maybe it has already been done and we don’t know about it. You would like them to stay. If you are an Arsenal fan you want them to stay because they are the future of the club.

“If you want to build a future, they are the future. You need to build a team around those guys.

“Mesut Ozil has been there for a little while, Alexis Sanchez arrived after, but when you have guys like that, then you have more chance to win things. Arsenal Football Club will always be there, but you want those guys around to win titles.

“Would it be a blow if they left? Yes, it would be a massive blow, but the club is not going to die if they leave. That said, they have to stay!”

How long would it take to replace Ozil and Sanchez? Do we believe the pair could really be unhappy enough with our offer to leave the club?

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  1. Salary caps are there to stop the wage bill from spiralling out of control but does not necessarily mean the club does not have money to cater for a couple of special players. If we would maintain the current 200k on offer [which seems to be the salary cap] + a massive sign on fee, perhaps in the 10-15-20million pound range which is significantly less than the cost of replacing the players in question if they left. 20 million pounds amortized over 4years is about 100k a week which if added to the 200k on offer still comes to 300k, about the same amount they’re asking for. If they left, it would cost more than three times of an extra 20million pounds each to find replacements that might even take a couple of seasons to find their feet, that would be false economics, 75million pounds [42. 5+32] gone down the drain.

    1. The contracts they have now equate to more than 200k per week by doing similar to what you say here.

      1. Yeah. But pay Ozil and Sanchez 300k straight and another player, say Walcott, will come running with a demand for 200, maybe even 250k but cap Ozil and Sanchez at 200 but pay them a lump sum of between 10 and 20 million, a tiny fraction of what they’d have commanded in transfer fees and suddenly Walcott is too scared to ask for 200, Im sure even he knows he’s not playing at the level of Ozil and Sanchez.

  2. Alexis being the difference, this is why Adam stamped on him. He knows full well what an injury to this player might mean for our season. He even had a look to see who it was on the ground, he then had to slow down so he could rake him, instead of going full pelt after the ball. I hope next time we play these Xhaka destroys this player with a follow through, he needs a taste of his own medicine, he’s a nasty little dirt bag who needs a kick up the ass.

  3. We don’t need them to prove anything else to the world,the only thing stopping them from being recognised in europe is our lack of trophies. In terms of contract talk,I believe that they are worth every penny they are asking,the real question is “are arsenal able and willing to pay such

  4. i’d like to think that ozil&sanchez don’t have as many options as many people think,they both come from the 2 biggest clubs in the world that sold them,if it’s not all about money we are in a stronger position than we think,it would be very difficult to find a club where they ,d happier on/off the pitch,more loved by fans,BELIEVE!

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