Arsenal legend leaves England and blames Brexit

Arsenal legend Robert Pires has left the UK for Spain and recently revealed the reasons behind his move out of the UK.

The Frenchman was born of a Portuguese father and a Spanish mother and has now returned to the nation of his mum’s origin.

After his playing career, he returned to Arsenal in a non-playing capacity, but he left England last August and recently claimed that Brexit was behind the decision.

He and his family moved to the sunny Spanish region of Ibiza and he seems to be enjoying life over there.

He claims that he had a good time in England, but Brexit changed the mentality of the English people and it affected the atmosphere in the country.

He is now enjoying the sun in his new place and says he is happy to be staying there.

He told the local paper Periodico de Ibiza as quoted by Sun Sports: “I’ve enjoyed a lot of time in London but what’s happened with Brexit is that the mentality of the British and the atmosphere has changed.

“In the family, we spoke about changing and did it.

“Finding a new place to live is not easy but I think Ibiza has it all, quality, sun.

“Now what I’m feeling is that people are very affectionate with me.

“I’m also Spanish because my mum is Spanish, from Oviedo in the north, so I’ve got this in my blood.

“Being in Ibiza is a dream.”

After his stint at Arsenal, he now works as a coach at second division B side Pena Deportiva Santa Eulalia.

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  1. So blaming Brexit for having no sun over here!?!?!?! Would have gone regardless. Be honest we all would. Prob more Brits in Ibiza as well?

  2. All are fully entitled to their opinions of course but it is my opinion that it is nonsense to claim that a national poll has changed the mentality of the country.

    No mere election of any kind can change a nations mentality That is frankly an uneducated and rather silly claim. Brits are, by and large, a slow to anger and tolerant nation with much compassion, as has been amply proven during this pandemic.

    I believe that PiRES IS BIASED AGAINST BRITAIN and as evidence for this opinion I give his own reluctance to use English language in public, even though he spoke it perfectly adequately. None of his French teammates at that time did likewise.

    1. jon fox, Pires’ feelings are indicative of what many commentators saw as the Xenophobia in Britain driving the Brexit vote. As usual many people voted against their best interest and a lack of consideration of the ultimate impact on the UK economy.

      1. ozziegunner, the truth is, we were told lies and given false information from both sides of the argument regarding Brexit.
        I have always argued that old f***s like myself should never have been allowed to vote, as this was a debate about the FUTURE of our country… but what’s done is done and, who knows, we might get some meaningfully negotiated deals with your country!!!

        1. Ken, I followed the whole proceedings closely due to having English relatives. Seeing the lies that were told to people, I have a few bridges to sell. If I run into anyone with an Eton plus Oxford education and I shake hands, I count my fingers afterwards. As far as future trade deals, Australia needs all the partners it can get now that China is hell bent on using trade to punish Australia, because of positions the Government has taken they don’t like.
          They are using trade to punish the country; Australian wine, rock lobsters, barley and coking and steaming coal. They are cutting their noses off to spite their faces, suffering wide spread power outages, while numerous colliers sit off the coast.
          Wait till they have crop failures and they need our grain.
          Other markets, such as democratic countries like the UK, will allow Australia to stand up to the Chinese bully. The good thing is that Australia is one of 6 countries that export more food than they consume, but no one wants people to starve.

  3. I think Robert, (a hot favourite of mine) may just have been ready for a change of living environment, and imagined a good reason to leave. There’s nowhere better than Ibiza he could have chosen to live if he was fed up or bored with London, but there is NOWHERE on Earth more cosmopolitan than the city he has spurned (and for the wrong reason). People here just love the Mediterranean and European intermix! I wish a million good things for him and his family, in their new utopia, but I believe he has given a phony reason for leaving.

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