Arsenal legend Liam Brady identifies a big problem at the club

Ex-Arsenal star, Liam Brady says the Gunners have a big problem with recruitment at the moment.

Arsenal spent more than every other Premier League club in the last transfer window and they remain hopeful of getting back inside the top four at the end of this season.

Over the past few seasons, they have splashed money on the likes of Nicolas Pepe and Alexandre Lacazette.

Not all their signings have proven to be top players and this has kept them as an underachieving club in the Premier League.

Brady uses Liverpool as an example of a club that is doing well on the recruiting front.

The reds signed Philippe Coutinho for around £10m, developed him and sold him for more than £100m, a move that helped them fund the transfer of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker.

He explains via The Daily Mail: ‘Arsenal need an identity because it’s not there but how do you compete when you are faced with Roman Abramovich at Chelsea or Abu Dhabi at Manchester City?

‘The only way is with good recruitment. Leicester and Liverpool have shown it. Arsenal have a question mark. The academy has done its bit with Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, but the recruitment since Arsene’s total control was eroded has not worked.

‘Compare us with Liverpool and someone like Philippe Coutinho. They bought him for £10m and sold him for £100m. That helped buy Alisson and Virgil van Dijk. That hasn’t happened at Arsenal. That’s the gap.’

The Gunners have signed players under 24 years in the last transfer window and will hope they can cash in on them in later years.

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    1. And a boring 1-0, so Pep out too!😧
      Wenger started it by hiring irrelevant players at exorbitant cost/wages and Raul continued it with some more deadwood. Lucky we have Mikel who is an astute manager, all his signings have clicked. Exciting times ahead. Feeling confidant for tomorrows match.

      1. And don’t forget keeping average players and increasing their wages with extensions.

        Coddling too many rather than weeding out mediocrity and being ruthless.

        That’s part of our current problem now, players taking big wages and not justifying it on the pitch, being too complacent.

        It’s an Arsenal thing over too many years, not just on 1 or 2 managers. Something Arteta trying to deal with

  1. Arteta has a plan and, witji two years Arsenal will be challenging for major honours, again I see Liam Brady has said Arsenal won’t challenge for years to come People forget Brady never played in a title challenging team and in his last season at the club was a poor shadow of the season before his head was already playing abroad and made many poor performances in the 79/70 season

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