Arsenal legend Merson calls for ‘squatter’ Wenger to leave

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has called for a change in management at his former club, describing Arsene Wenger as a ‘squatter’.

The French boss has been in charge of the club for 20 years this September and has led the team to lift nine trophies (excluding the six Charity Shield wins) in that time. Wenger can also boast having managed the Invincibles side of 2004, who managed to win the Premier League title without losing a single match, but has failed to lift the same trophy since that magical year.

Many fans have turned on the 66 year-old in recent seasons, and now Merson has joined in to call for a new regime to be installed, comparing his former boss to a squatter.

Merson said: “It’s getting to a bit of an awkward situation now. He’s getting like a squatter really.

“You know, you have a squatter in your house and you want them out – and you can’t!

“They’ve got to make a decision. They need change! Arsene Wenger is getting a lot of stick now, and he’s going to be forgotten for all the great things he’s done for the club.”

The former winger used some harsh words considering the input Wenger has had on our club, with all the titles, as well as keeping us within the Champions League whilst the club invested its money in building the luxurious Emirates Stadium.

I know many of you are frustrated with our lack of league triumphs, but in this day in age with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City’s riches, returning to the top of the table is no easy feat.

Is squatter the right word? Should Merson not have more respect?

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  1. I dont know how wenger would react to all this negativity sorrounding but if he continues with his trend if stubbornness favouritism in what seems to be his final chances then it would be put beyond any reasinable doubt that wenger doesnt care about tge fans feelings anymore.

    Next season we need new players and a change of tactics but above all a consistency we have never had since the invincibles

    1. I agree he doesn’t care about the fans feelings
      Mainly because of his job security
      He has a huge salary, freedom to be in charge of different areas within the club, no pressure other than making the top 4 (although he would not be fired we finished outside )
      He also has “Yes Men” under him or he simply ignores them. How can they not believe a top DM and top cf is needed for a top squad? Either they don’t advise him or they do and he ignores them. Wenger won the PL with Patrick Viera and Henry

      1. @Arsenal-Girl
        And he’s right not to let the fans emotions get to him. As far as he’s concerned, the fans are seeing a separate reality from him. He sees the 3 dimensional aspect of the club, from working with it as the fans see a 1 dimensional picture of the team on the pitch and the results from the matches. 95 % of their views are based on conjecture, personal opinion, personal bias and hearsay….
        I wouldn’t give a flyin 1 about em either…

  2. Wenger has out stayed his welcome
    Not getting any outfielders last summer and not winning the PL this season with either Leicester or Spuds more likely to win is the final straw.

  3. If we were to select JUST 5 from our current overall team.
    GK – CECH

    ozil has wasted more chances than giroud, welbeck & walcott combined have all season.
    And for the past 6, 7 or 8 matches he has created NONE , Iwobi & Elneny are better than ozil. Don’t judge by the names at the back of the jersey and just watch the game fairly . U would appreciate ELNENY & IWOBI more ..

    1. I don’t judge Ozil by his name on his shirt
      I judge him by his 18 assists which he achieved without us having a top CF.
      He is also 2 away from equalling the PL record.

      We would not be in the top 4 without him.
      He is WC in my opinion

  4. I was wondering who is really a fool here??? Buying season tickets then boycotting games in the name of protest??? The guys already have their monies and what for the ticket buyer??? You heard the board say yesterday that they had sold 59,995 tickets, they ignored the 20,000 plus fans who didn’t turn up yesterday!!!

    1. I couldn’t make the game, and I couldn’t even watch them on tv…and even if I could I wouldn’t because I guess I would say I am protesting too.

      I am tired of all the Wenger..(PLEASE ADD COMMENTS) talk.

      There is only answers, not problems for me. Go Buy 2 Top Talent, and 2 clever buys and move out the squatter players.

      I am more concerned our squad isn’t good enough, I mean the talent is their, but the output isn’t and maybe that is because too many settlers are letting down the ones who want to achieve.

  5. He (Wenger) was asked if he would like to have a chance to explain every decision to the fans and he said no, they asked why, and he said it would be endless. It would be endless, I thought this was a stupid question to ask. Could you imagine having to explain every decision, this reporter was an idiot, and I think he was fishing for some edited sensationalism. The biggest mistake this season was going into it without new outfielders. Whoever does our negotiating I would liked to have seen Wenger throw him under the bus. Too classy for this I suppose, but whoever it is who deals with the transfer side of Arsenal really need to go. I don’t know if it’s Gazidas or what but this business acumen we bring into everything sickens me.

    1. Hahaha…….. Obviously, u’d pull out all stops……..climb mount everest and cross the dead sea just to defend an Average manager

      I’m begining to think wenger is a kid not to have known he desperately needed an outfield player last summer…..

      How is it that most people be thinking he has no hand in players transfers (Recall how he claimed he signed Sanchez or even CazorLa)???

      Can’t tell me a player is earmarked by Wenger to be purchased , then whoever is responsible for transfer just eff it up…….and for years….. Couldn’t he have been fired or criticized by Wenger for ruining his plans?

  6. Legends don’t have to say it before it becomes clear in all our eyes

    Wenger wants this £8miL Job for Life

    & Not even an “Agiel” of a mord-sith can break him!

    “I will see off my contract” becomes his watchword…… Till the next RenewaL


  7. Nothing. And I say nothing that Wenger has done for the past 10 years brainwashed my notion that Wenger has got to leave to breathe some new life into this club. He has become a weed after all this time seeping away the club off its potential and glory. The fans deserve better! ENOUGH.

  8. Just get him out

    i don’t know how he as the nerve to walk out the tunnel, knowing what he is doing to the club

    this is just what we want for everyone calling for him to leave or be sacked

  9. I have been critical of Wenger this season but find the personal abuse directed towards Wenger very distasteful.

    Let me put an alternative scenario to you. In 2004 Arsenal commenced construction of their new stadium. Arsene Wenger decided that the financial restrictions being put on the team was unacceptable to him and left for a very lucrative job with “top team with lots of money”. Wenger over the next 12 years continued his sucessful career winning five league titles, Six domestic cups and one champions league.

    Meanwhile, arsenal appointed AN Other as the new manager. The financial restrictions meant that Arsenal had to sell their best players and their replacements generally failed. For five years arsenal moved generally down the PL table and were then relegated. Attendances fell, sponsorship money fell and arsenal were unable to make the financial payments on the loans and in 2012 were declared bankrupt. The banks repossed the Ashburton Road stadium and sold it to the highest bidder, Tottenham who now play in the new stadium.

    Building the new stadium was risky, it could have gone very wrong, we could have gone bankrupt. Arsene Wenger stayed and did a fantastic job, of keeping us in the top four and CL. The winners of the PL have been manu, chelsea and manc, all very rich clubs.

    OK Wenger may no longer be able to win the PL, but he should be shown respect, we could easily have been another Leeds.

    Wenger should be shown respect for what he has done.

      1. Ny-gunner, it is a shame we are being thumbed down for acnowledging what wenger has achieved and how it could have gone so wrong.

  10. Once again the AKB author brings the argument of the buying Power from Chelski and City, I believe that argument was already widely dismissed by LC and SPUDS battling for the Championship, stop it already…..I will side with WENGER and believe his gigantic affection for this Club the same as every FAN that spends their hard earned money, IF he forfeits his salary and buys the Players we desperately need 8MIL QUIDS will be a great contribution ……do that and I am all for giving the Man one last chance.

  11. Hahaha ?
    Wenger is using his squatters rights!…
    Well … at least for one more seasons.

    On a serious note… I hope that he is up for signing at least 3 top quality player’s in the summer transfer window,

    I don’t think anyone could handle another dissapointing transfer window.

  12. “but in this day in age with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City’s riches, returning to the top of the table is no easy feat.”

    @Admin, are you kidding me?!! When was this article written? 2010/2011?

    Ranieri and Pocchetino are currently leading the top of the table with about 4 games remaining. And either one of them will win the league this year.

    1. Since 2003, net spend on transfers £m
      Arsenal 96
      Tottenham 76
      Leicester 60
      OK leicester is less than us but not the huge difference the media suggest. Tottenham also made a huge profit on gareth bale.

      For info, some other clubs
      ManC 669
      Chelsea 580
      Manu 412
      Liverpool 264
      Aston Villa 139

      1. Let me use this opportunity to say I see @Fatboy in a new light. He criticizes but also objective and not disrespectful.
        Many so called ‘AKBs’ aren’t happy with the way things have gone so far and presently going. What they don’t appreciate is the total disrespect for the manager of our club

  13. Wenger stuck with us when the chips were down. He rejected Madrid even when presented with blank check to sign any players of his choice. He could have glory-hunted and won many trophies with them, including the elusive UCL. No he stayed. He helped us pull through the mud. He is the reason Arsenal is a brand everyone wants to be associated with. He is the reason we have the financial muscle of the top teams in Europe and make us demand for players that hitherto would be out of our league.
    Every true gooner, if not for anything should show the man respect for this. One day soon, he will be gone. He won’t be here forever. Then, you will have what you have been clamoring for. But until then, show some love, respect, and loyalty. And if you won’t, then never blame any player who has left us to seek petrol dollars again. Enough said.

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