Arsenal legend names who should be captain and it is not Xhaka

Arsenal legend names who should be captain instead of Granit Xhaka

Former Arsenal star, Emmanuel Petit, has made a case for Matteo Guendouzi to have been made the captain of Arsenal.

Unai Emery named Granit Xhaka as team captain last month after a vote by the squad, but the Swiss midfielder has hardly inspired confidence among the club’s fan base.

Xhaka came under serious attack again after the Gunners lost 1-0 at Sheffield United on Monday and went on the counterattack to defend himself and his teammates, however, Petit still believes he wasn’t the right choice for the job.

According to Petit, Xhaka doesn’t have the passion to lead Arsenal which is what his teammate, Guendouzi has in abundance. Additionally, Petit reckons that Guendouzi always reminds him of Patrick Viera as the young French man hates to lose any game and can be seen rallying his teammates on the field of play.

“Can you imagine Patrick Vieira on the pitch on Monday night?” he told Paddy Power. “He would have been shouting at his team-mates, asking them: ‘What the f*** are you doing?’ I don’t see that with Xhaka.

“I do with Guendouzi – he’s one of the few who shows he wants to win every game. He’s got a lion’s heart. ”

Guendouzi’s fighting spirit on the field has seen the Frenchman win the hearts of many supporters. His performance in the derby against Tottenham earlier this season remains one of the highlights of his season.


  1. Spot on i hate giving captain armband to players simply because they are senior players not minding if they have leadership qualities

    1. As much as I hate seeing the captain armband on Xhaka, Ozil is definitely not the candidate. All the players will just be sleeping on the pitch

  2. Managers who cannot change according to the times and circumstances are useless to a team. Wenger could not and now it is clear neither can Unai Emery. The shite team he put out against Watford was replicated with a shite team against Sheff United. The sooner he is sacked the better. He is actually a coward. Had he have put the best team out against Sheff United it would have been a different game. Sack him.

  3. Guendouzi is the only one who consistently puts in 100% of his effort. Nobody else in the squad I see that from. Don’t care about his age. I’m for it as well. Xhaka with the armband is insulting.

      1. He has the potential but needs to improve his self discipline, by cutting out the rash challenges and arguing with referees. Then again current captain Xhaka takes the cake for rash challenges!
        For me it is Lacazette or Holding at the moment.

  4. I was happy watching Grealish playing for Aston Villa with the captain armband, he was a motivation to the team, knows where to be at every giving time, body language, decisions, off ball and I was like, I wish UE and Xhaka were watching this. I agree, away with UE and Xhaka.

  5. Arsenal has a history of captains in their 20s. In 1962 Terry Neill bacame Arsenal’s youngest captain at the age of 20. In 2008, Cesc Fabragas became Arsenal captain at the age of 21. So I am in full support of Guendouzi becoming Arsenal’s captain although it might be disruptive if Xhaka remains in the team. Maye it should wait until the end of the season when Xhaka is sold.

  6. Xhaka can remains captain, just don’t make him a regular starter. Vermaelen, mertesacker, and koscielny weren’t playing regularly toward the end of their captaincy anyway 🙄🙄🙄

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