Arsenal legend not hanging his boots up yet, but where to go?

Arsenal are set to say their goodbyes to Tomas Rosicky today, after 10 seasons with the club, but he is not set to quit playing just yet.

The 35 year-old has failed to appear this season due to knee and thigh injuries, and looks unlikely to be given a run out in tomorrow’s match either, as we look to try and leapfrog Tottenham into second-place in the table.

Rosicky is expected to participate in our end of season lap of honour however, and will most certainly get a warm and emotional send-off after the match. Arteta and Flamini are also set to say goodbye also, but neither will be remembered in the same way as the Czech international in my opinion.

Good news has come in that a number of clubs are keen to sign the midfield star, whereas my initial thoughts were that he would be retiring, especially having missed the entire campaign with injury.

Former side Sparta Praha have moved to issue a statement regarding their interest in returning Rosicky to the club where he won back-to-back league titles, while his agent talked up interest from the UAE and MLS.

Agent Pavel Paska said“There are options to play in the USA and the United Arab Emirates, but his immediate concern is securing a call-up to the national team.

“He can still do something at the European Championship. Tom wants to play at football’s highest level for two more years.”

“Of course, we think about it,” he continued when asked about a return to Sparta Prague, the club at which he launched his long and illustrious career.”

What is your favourite Rosicky moment? Does Flamini or Arteta deserve similar recognition to the fellow departee?

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  1. There’s something bout the LiL Mozart……Despite his struggles with injuries, He seem to be Loved and respected Naturally by the Arsenal fans en-masse

    maybe cuz he wears his heart on his sleeve , plays with passion and gives his all when in Arsenal colours….. Shame he’s leaving and his injury never Let us really enjoy him (same with Diaby)….woulda Loved for him to retire at Arsenal ….Legendary status….. But it’s okay!…. He should follow his heart!

    NevertheLess all the best to him


    [on 2nd thought: if he could take up a coaching role]

  2. Does not look right to me.
    Rosicky 0 = 80k p/w
    Sanogo 0 = 50k
    Wilshere 0 = 90k
    Arteta 2 = 80k
    Wellbeck 9 = 75k
    Debuchy 6 = 70k
    Ox 17 = 65k
    Flamini 19 = 65k
    Walcott 22 =140k
    Mertz 37 = 70k
    Koscielney 43 = 60k
    Campbell 21 = 30k
    Coquelin 28 20k
    Bellerin 43 = 10k
    Iwobi 14 = 8k

    1. That’s what is called rewarding the mediocre. And I think part of the reason why our players hardly put there hearts when they know its only a matter of time for there contracts to be renewed with pay rise whether they play better or lesser.
      And then our best players obtain leave because their works are not fully appreciated.

  3. Rosicky has a lot of glorious moment for us..
    For me, I can’t forget his two goals against Spurs at White Fart Lane and of course the Ems..

    The one at WFL..was a rocket from a tight angle which was the only goal of the match and the one at the Ems was when he stole the ball from a Spurs defender(I think it was Rose) and he ran all the way to the Gk before he chipped it over him…

    It is painful we can’t see more of him..Only one player is similar to Rosicky imo, Luka Modric..that is how unique he is..Arteta and flam MAY NOT get the same recognition as TR7…love u!!!!

    1. yes, you are on point bro….. Rosicky is so blessed with skills and techniques… he still has those qualities… I wish we can extend his contract…. sell off Ramsey. Rosicky is far better than him

  4. all da best ma friend TR7..will miss ua bully passes that annoyed some anti-arsenal pundits..! hope da injury gods will stay far away from ua remaining part of ftball.,

  5. I love TR7, matter of fact I adore him, his fines on the ball, hos ball playing skills….but to leave sentiments aside, he never really reach the heights a talent like him is expected to with Arsenal…..injuries played a big part in his distinctly underwhelming career with us because I cannot really remember him going on a 15 games rum throughout all his time with us so as much as I love and respect him am glad we are seeing the back of him so we cam free up some space in the squad…am sure am going to hey thumbed down like no man’s business but I always tend to look at things from a pragmatic and practical point of view, seeing as the whole club is run on sentiments which is part of the reasons for our failures in the past 12 years…..sentimental reason is why the trio of Flamini, TR7 and Arteta were handed squad numbers this season and one.has to be some special kind of dumb to discount that failed gamble as part of the reason our season crumble…so long Rosicly, enjoy your retirement and if you still keen on playing giodlick getting a club

  6. We can afford to keep Mozart for a a year, I know we need fresh blood, but he is the icon for Arsenal to young players,and still gota skills!Let Flamin, Arteta, Sanogo,Debuchy,woziechy….leave!!trust me he is still quality just like Pirlo was in old ages

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