Arsenal legend reckons Ronaldo “would be perfect for Arsenal.”

Arsenal legend David Seaman has supported Piers Morgan’s idea of Cristiano Ronaldo moving to the club.

The Gunners are at the top of the Premier League table now after making a solid start to this season.

They are five points clear at the top as their young team impresses despite finishing last season outside the top four.

Ronaldo struggled to play at Manchester United this season and had his contract at the club terminated recently.

He now has to find a new home after the World Cup and Morgan has insisted he is what Arsenal needs.

Seaman shares the same opinion and says via The Daily Mail:

‘Ronaldo is far from done and he would be perfect for Arsenal.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Ronaldo has been one of the finest players in the world over the last decade and remains a quality player to add to any squad.

However, he has been a disruptive influence recently and will not want to sit on the bench at Arsenal.

Our current players have done very fine and one of the worst things we can do is to add a new man who will disrupt the dressing room.

We are at an important point in our rebuild and only players with long-term value should join our squad.

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  1. If he comes to Arsenal, we can’t provide him with No.7 shirt. It will low saka’s confidence if we change the shirt number in mid-season. IJS

    1. A club like Arsenal, trying hard to build a competitive football team, not a social club of pension-bound footballers, will commit suicide by allowing Ronaldo come near their club.

  2. Spunky was always a few screws loose.This proves it.Only a complete & utter Moron (Piers Morgan) would recommend it.What a couple of plonkers.

  3. Arteta can never again recruit a player with ego.
    One other reason we are doing great is because of the average age of our players. You need to keep it as it is now or make it even younger.

    Younger players are striving to get somewhere as for example earn better contracts and win trophies. so their level of commitment is high.

    Older players hardly have any ambitions.
    Let Edu maintain this policy.
    Sign Danillo and Mudryk or Facundo Torres

  4. Ronaldo would not fit in our squad. Our entire team sprints just as hard to recover the ball as they do to attack. Ronaldo will never get stuck in and will disrupt the team ethos. Great offensive player…obviously. But not great all around.

  5. How desperate could we be to sign someone who has reached sunset in his career. We wanted him when he was young but he snubbed us and signed for Manchester.

  6. That photoshop of him in a Gunners shirt looks all wrong, the colors don’t suit him, and he doesn’t deserve to wear them

  7. Some ex-players and TV celebs talk absolute nonsense.

    But that is no reason to be concerned, as all fans with at least normal intelligence KNOW FOR 100% CERTAINTY the laughable thought is NEVER going to happen.

    That being so, then why worry! I don’t, cos I KNOW its a pointless and NEVER going to happen so called debate.

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