Arsenal legend reveals his advice to Bellerin last summer

Robert Pires has revealed that Hector Bellerin spoke to him about moving to Real Betis in the summer.

The right-back had been out of favour at Arsenal and the Gunners wanted to sign Takehiro Tomiyasu, which could have ended any chance he had of playing.

He eventually moved to Betis, but before leaving, he sought advice on the Spanish club’s manager from Pires.

Manuel Pellegrini was the manager of Villarreal when Pires was still playing and he worked with the Chilean at the La Liga club.

The former winger reveals in a recent interview that he urged Bellerin to make the move and work under the former Manchester City boss.

He told Live Score as quoted by Metro Sport: ‘For him at the end with Arsenal it was difficult to find a position, so he chose to join LaLiga, especially Real Betis.

‘He called me and asked me about the manager, Manuel Pellegrini, who was my manager at Villarreal.

‘I said Hector, look, if you have the opportunity to play with Pellegrini you need to go, because you will enjoy it.’

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Pires’ advice has proven to be the right one because Bellerin is now enjoying his time as a footballer and the regular playing time he is getting in Spain wouldn’t have been possible at the Emirates.

As a club, Arsenal will also benefit from his return to form by making some money from selling him when the transfer window reopens.

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  1. Does anyone know why, because I DO NOT, JA has an obsession with trying to make storie sout of player s who are neve rgoing to wera our shiry ever agin even though they are , technically, still our player. Bellerin is an example .

    I realise that as someone who is only interested in what is possible in the future – (and not at all in the theoretoical “what ifs” that so many, including those who run JA, seem to relish)- I may be seen as being harsh.

    But I just do not understand (and never have done) why so many are interested in what is clearly NEVER going to happen.
    That is one reason why I call myself a realist and never indulge myself in “fictional” Arsenal matters.

    Reality and the art only of the possible all day long for me.

    I leave fantasy fiction to those who prefer or even need it . I do not!

      1. HERR DRIER, THATS NOT A PROPER REASON. We all know he is still, but only technically, our player, but we also know he will never wear our shirt ever again.

        So its pointless having an article about a player who, to all intents and purposes, has already left us. Which is exactly the point why my above post asked WHY anyone thinks it has any point being discussed.

          1. I believe it was said that Kolasinac and Elneny would never play for The Arsenal again… funnily enough they did!!

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