Arsenal legend says Wenger deserves respect in his final season

Former Arsenal star Ian Wright has revealed that Arsene Wenger’s managerial reign is nearing its end, whilst slamming fans for disrespecting the Frenchman.

The former footballer turned pundit was a fan favourite at Highbury, and still remains well-liked by the Arsenal faithful. Wright, who scored 128 league goals for the club, earned his place in the hearts of our fans under Arsene Wenger’s tutelage, and he has moved to slam the actions of some of those attending the weekend’s win over Norwich City.

“I heard a song the other day and you’ve got them [Arsenal fans] singing ‘I hope you die in vein’,” he said on HITC. “When he [Wenger] does come back at some stage, they’re going to be embarrassed about the way they’re acting right now. They just need to hold their anger and let things take its natural course. I know how frustrating it is.”

Wright continued to claim that the current boss will be leaving in the near future, and there is no need to give the club’s greatest ever manager a dishonorable reception.

“It was embarrassing. The people singing ‘only one Arsene Wenger’ actually drowned them out. Everybody knows the time is coming [that Wenger leaves]. Don’t disrespect him. He’s the greatest manager in the history of our club.”

Any chants claiming to hope Wenger dies is certainly not welcomed, and I’m glad the protest failed. Wenger has one year remaining on his contract, and whilst there are rumours of a new one, I don’t believe he will sign a new one unless he has the complete backing of the fans.

Wright clearly thinks he is going in the near future, but that certainly does not mean the immediate future would be bright…

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  1. Ian Wright keeps changing his views based on the majority,
    He keeps jumping on the biggest bandwagon ?

    He should changed his name because he is hardly wRIGHT!
    Ian Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! ?.. is more like it.

    At least Piers Morgan is a share holder and on occasions he receives inside information ( Wenger’s 3 year extention)
    So I doubt that Ian Wrong is Wright about mr wenger having only a year left, as Arsenal manager.

    1. Two months ago… Ian Wrong was agreeing with Paul Merson in regards to wenger should quit if Leicester or the Spuds were to win the premier league.

      The same Ian Wrong, didn’t show any respects to Wenger when he wasn’t getting much game time in his last season at the club and when he moved to West Ham he didn’t stop having digs at Wenger and also don’t forget that mr Ian Wrong adviced his son/ Steptoe and son.. Shaun Wright-Phillips to move to Chelsea instead of Arsenal, which he obviously regretted some years later.

      1. He can think Wenger should probably retire soon, while also thinking he should always be shown respect and not be personally insulted. They aren’t linked.

  2. @ Admin
    I’m sorry to be a pain in the neck!
    But this was the story I read regarding Gazidis’s coments.

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has apparently promised an end of season review and understands fans’ frustrations that the side have fallen short.

    The Gunners again missed out in the race for the Premier League title this campaign and many supporters have blamed manager Arsene Wenger for the team’s failures since the turn of the year.

    Tim Payton, a spokesperson for the Arsenal Supporters Trust, was in attendance at a Q&A with Gazidis and claims the 51-year-old CEO shared the same frustrations as supporters.

    Gazidis is understood to have promised a review into what went wrong for the north London outfit in the second half of the season.

    Ivan Gazidis saying he shares fans frustrations that Arsenal have fallen short and Club will step back and review why at end of season.

    — tim payton (@timpayton) May 3, 2016

    Gazidis also saying Wenger has had £250 million in transfer fees in past 4 seasons, fewer sales & significantly increased wage bill

    — tim payton (@timpayton) May 3, 2016

    The claim that Wenger has also had £250million to spend on transfer fees over the past four seasons may also anger fans who have been desperate for the French boss to splash the cash.

    Last weekend, three major supporters groups planned a stadium-wide protest for the match with Norwich but only a small proportion of fans took part in the ‘Time For Change’ campaign.

    However, there is a feeling among a section of the Emirates faithful that a reshaping within the club’s hierarchy is now a necessity.

    1. Lies to keep us quiet. Wenger will still be there next season, and probably beyond. The “review” is just for show to please the protesters.

      1. Hahaha ?
        I didn’t realise that Arsenal fc were based in Russia or worse… North Korea? ?

    2. First off this is a tweet, not a written statement from the club, there is scope for misunderstanding.

      What gazidis did not say is that Wenger has had 250 million to spend and chose to only spend a small part of it. If Gazidis had said this it would be an attack on Wenger and would pfobably mean that Gazidis or Wenger were about to be sacked/resign.

      My understanding of the tweet is that gazidis was saying how much the club had spent on transfers. In these circumstances of justifying what has been done gazidis will maximise the amount. Does it include transfer fees, agents fees, legal costs, wages for the duration of the Contract etc? I do not know.

  3. Hope his final season was this disgraceful campaign where Leicester carried the League!

    (i could be wrong tho)

  4. Is he really leaving?
    I just heard a 3 new year deal is on the table.
    And he just said 80% of the fans are backing him.
    Plus where else would he get such luxuries as the payment and power he is being given at arsenal.
    I dont see him leaving for at least another 5 years.
    I hope this is not true but sadly that is a high possibility of him staying

  5. Of course he deserves respect. But he should also respect the club in general and realize he has nothing left to give. But I’m sure he loves making 8mill a year for doing nothing.

  6. The second last paragraph summed it up and that is exactly why people protested. The truth is Wenger doesn’t have the complete backing of the fans. There was a noticeable void in the stadium, by that I mean empty seats. The ones holding up banners were those brave enough to attend and actually vocalize what I am sure every Arsenal fan (even the AKB’s) have thought at some stage or another – that JUST PERHAPS Wenger’s time is up and he cannot progress our club further than a fourth place finish and brief CL cameo appearance.

    Just imagine if we all just went with the flow without expressing how we truly feel, Wenger would sign a new contract without a blink, no pressure at all, and we repeat another couple of seasons of disappointment. Let’s be real, it is Wenger’s state of mind and complacency that is the underlying issue in why our team just cannot grind out results and win the hard way. It is why he persists with mediocre players and why we get beaten by the same teams every season. Even Ian Wright has been extremely vocal about our lack of decent players. Well Mr Wright, who is responsible for this?

    In his recent comments regarding the ‘failed’ protest, Wright has simply picked the more appealing side, playing Mr Politically Correct. The problem with being a celebrity is that people don’t forget what you said in the past. Here is what Wright thought three years ago, completely opposite to what he thinks now.


    Look, if Wenger has one more season at the helm, provided it is his last, I don’t mind too much because yes he has done immense things for our club and out of respect I guess we can tolerate it. The following season, he must be gone. This doesn’t mean we need to stop voicing our opinions of discontent at games as us fans have been loyal and patient for so long we deserve a new manager who is hungrier and more passionate with fresh ideas.

  7. Ian Wright is basically saying what and how a lot of decent logical fans are thinking…i am sick to the back teeth of the sight and voice of Wenger, I strongly believe he has taken us as far as he possibly can BUT I still keep a sense of perspective and believe he has earned the right to leave on hos own accord…fans on this site and everywhere else eager to plough in and call him names and disrespect Wenger are just ignorant fools who started supporting this club after the invicibles….i repeat I want Wenger gone, the sooner the better but I will never.lose sight of the fact that the incoming manager will have a cushy job to come into…a club with a spanking new stadium, modern state of the art facilities, a healthy bank balance, a squad just 3/4 players short of been world beaters and a global brand….all this achieved by the same man some idiot fans are calling cluelesss and wishing death on…disgraceful does not begin to describe these so called fans….and if you are wondering why the protests organized are not getting any traction look no further than these glory hunting nuisances…..

    1. Yep! ..
      The same decent fan’s that have contributed to giving the Emirates ‘The Library’ nickname! ??

      1. Fatboy Gooner, a question out of context for you…do you have a job? You know, work, where you earn a living and pay bills etc….sorry not having a pop or anything like that, just wondering cos you are never off this site and seems to have an opinion on EVERYTHING….

        1. Hahaha ?
          I’m sorry to disappoint you man! ?
          Yes, I am on here alot, but I’m not the only one ?
          Is it a crime, to support
          I have no shame in admiting my love for site!
          I enjoy the banter with fan’s like yourself ?
          Obviously you are implying that I am a lazy unemployed slob, Claiming tax payers money lol ?
          but again, I’m sorry to disappoint you!
          I have done my Grafting back in the day and now I am retired and living in Sunny Cyprus! ?
          If you really want a Fatboy’s biography ?
          Your gonna have to Beg for it!!! ?

          1. And before you say it…. ?
            There’s a big difference between having time and making time for something! ?

            1. ???….no Fatboy, nit insinuating such so don’t put words in my mouth, just a random thought is all and no Malice or dig intended….enjoy your retirement in sunny Greece and once more, no dig intended

              1. Hahaha ?
                You didn’t need any help with the words that came out of your nappies! ?

                “Do you have a job? You know, work,
                where you earn a living and pay bills etc”

                If that’s not discriminating/stereotyping then I don’t know .. what is mate! ???

                Anyways.. no hard feelings ?
                And By the way ..its Cyprus and not Greece !
                But I suppose that it’s all the same to you? ?

  8. I respect Wenger for what he has done for the club especially in the early years, however I am of the opinion that he is a spent force in football management terms and his continuing influence at the club can only mean the psychological stain of continued failure, mediocrity and excusing (recent years) will hang over the club. Something exacerbated by the presence and backing of Stan and his old out of touch cronies.

    I wish Wenger no ill will, just gone. If he stays, then I will see you all here next year around the same time mourning the missed opportunities of another season gone by.

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