Arsenal legend slams Gunners for their “joke” contract decision

Arsenal has just extended the contract of David Luiz despite the Brazilian’s poor showing for them, and Emmanuel Petit thinks that has got to be a joke.

Luiz has never been a trusted hand at the back for Arsenal, and the Brazilian’s return to this end of the season has been disastrous.

He didn’t start Arsenal’s first game back against Manchester City, but Pablo Mari got injured in the first half and the Gunners turned to him.

In less than 30 minutes on the field, his error allowed Manchester City to score their first goal, and he conceded a penalty for City’s second goal, which he was red-carded for, helping the defending champions to go two goals ahead.

It was a classic performance from Luiz and with his current deal expiring at the end of this month, some fans had been hoping that they had seen the last of him in an Arsenal shirt.

However, the Gunners announced yesterday that they have handed him a new one-year deal to the surprise of many and Petit thinks that decision is so terrible that Luiz should be grateful for it every day.

‘David Luiz hasn’t been a proper footballer for about three years,’ Petit told Paddy Power as quoted by the Metro. ‘But I’m not surprised that he has been given a new contract at Arsenal, because I’ve been very disappointed in relation to the club’s activity in the transfer market. 

‘If I was David Luiz, of course I would sign a new deal and I would also say a prayer of thanks to the Arsenal directors every time I wake up. Even when he last won the Premier League with Chelsea, he’s not the same player any more. This guy has lost something.

‘To be honest, it’s a joke. Find some proper defenders. Are you telling me there are no young talented defenders on the market? I just don’t get it.’ 

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  1. By doing that I assume Gunners are definitely not serious about reaching a place where they can at least play Europa league, Arteta needs to create a fearless Arsenal team , now even the lower teams cant wait to play against Arsenal cos they know they definitely gonna win

  2. David “Calamity Jane” Luiz is a bum and a clown. By resigning him Arteta is playing a very dangerous game. He risk his own career. If he play Clown Luiz and the clown makes one more of those grotesque mistakes… Arteta is in danger as Asn’l manager. As long as the clown were playing on the old contract (which Arteta have nothing to do with) the coach could say: I’m playing what I have. But when this incompetent player gives a new deal… Arteta can’t take the risk of playing him. The fans would not accept it. Clown Luiz will become a hand to hold on the bench.

  3. As much as I’m beginning to dislike Petit, more and more, he sometimes calls it the way it is. You, are you telling Petit that you can’t find anymore young CBs beyond Saliba, maybe they want to see how Saliba goes first before trying to spot another one, I don’t know. But there must be plenty of CB’s between 17 and 24 that will be good enough for the top clubs, are they hard to spot, or is it that we want some experience next to Saliba. If we can get an early look at Saliba it’ll be great, we need to see what we have, but I am fairly optimistic that he’ll be a good one so long as folk aren’t expecting too much too soon.

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