Arsenal legend slams Mesut Ozil for not being a good guy

Former Arsenal man, Liam Brady says he has no problems with Mikel Arteta’s decision to axe Mesut Ozil from his first-team setup.

This is because the German isn’t a good guy on the field or in the dressing room.

Ozil has been axed from the Arsenal squad this season, and the German hasn’t played for them since March.

The midfielder had the chance to seize a first-team spot when Arteta was first made the club’s manager.

He, however, struggled to give the performances that the manager wanted and the Spaniard had to move on from him.

During Arsenal’s recent poor run of form, the former midfielder was urged, by some, to bring back Ozil into the team so he can help them get back to form.

But the German wasn’t registered to play for them this season, and Brady thinks he has been placed exactly where he deserves to be.

Brady told Keys & Gray: The Podcast: “I don’t blame Arteta over Ozil.

“He gave Ozil plenty of chances and he performed for a couple of months.

“Ozil just reverted back to type.

“He’s not a good guy in the dressing room, he’s not a good guy on the pitch.

“I’ve no problem with Mikel bombing him.”

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    1. The bitter truth hurts! Even a 64 year old Brady would do much better on the pitch than the current day Ozil.
      Shame on him, ESR and Saka are more productive.
      One month gone, 6 months to go till this menace is out from our great club. Will always be a black patch on the wall. Worse than Chamak or Park or Gervinho or Sylvestre or Andre Santos or Sonogo

  1. He should just keep kwayet!!! True legends like Viera, Henry, Kanu and bekamp don’t run their mouth… He should respect his age

    1. So everyone on here can slag him off or back him up but Brady can’t have an opinion. A little hypocritical eh🤫

    2. So you think you can tell a legend to shut up,
      You better be quiet – not him. Plus he said the TRUE. Ozil is bad guy on and off the pitch.

  2. Well he is entitled to his opinion on Ozil but what I find inconsistent is him slamming the board and owners for squandered a lot of money on the signing of players that haven’t helped the team.

    Yet he feels sorry for Mikel Arteta, having to unravel all this. Is Willian for instance a spring chicken?

    You just can’t have it both ways.

  3. I’m surprised there’s no article about Kolasinac’s 50% paycut to join Schalke. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanchez and Mkhitaryan also took paycut to revive their careers

    1. Kola as joined on loan I thought ,which means he is on the same money as he’s always been on,just Schalke are paying towards it .
      Unless I’ve got the loan thing wrong

      1. According to Sky Germany, 50% of Kolasinac’s wage is still too big for Schalke. So Arsenal will pay a portion of it and Kolasinac agreed to join his former club with 50% paycut to play regularly again

    2. the ox didnt take the paycut he simply didnt accept our offer which was more than the liverpool offer, thats not really a paycut

      Man U and Arsenal terminated the contract so that they could join Inter/Rom free so I can imagine that the signing on fee from Inter/Rom or the payout fee of Man U reimbursed Sanchez and Mkhi that it wasnt really the same as a paycut

    3. Sanchez never took a pay cut at Arsenal and before leaving Man Utd he received a paid out which was few millions short of what his contract was worth .

  4. Ozil is done at arsenal.

    He should have been brought out of his contract if he was not ginna be picked in the 25 man squad.

    No one knows what goes on in the dressing room and behind the scenes at arsenal so no one can comment if he is a bad guy. Tbh in his position I think alot of players would be doing alot more damage publicly since his treatment is sub standard. Its actually a joke to have a player like ozil at training g everyday and not playing. That decision is in artetas control and was a poor one .

    He may well be disturbing the dressing room but arteta allowed it to happen.

    1. Shortboygooner, your post is 100% correct.
      If he is a bad influence, why is he allowed to train with the first team squad?
      Roll on June, when both parties can go their separate ways.

      1. Brady is still holding a grudge against Ozil from the fiasco between Ozil and the national German federation.
        He should come out and say exactly why he doesn’t like Ozil since many current and ex players along with coaches disagree with him.

        The question is why is he giving MA a pass on wasting money when he spend on Willian and Auba big time.

  5. I didn’t listen to the podcast but Brady sounds less than impressed in the quoted areas in the article. They overlapped at Arsenal but that was for a short while and hardly long enough I’d have thought to have expressed those views with much knowledge behind him.

    I’ve expressed my views on the Ozil scenario before and just wish at this point in time he could be paid off. It is such a destructive situation

  6. For all you fans who don’t know Liam brady. He was God at Highbury
    He would have graced the invincible teams
    He had more skill, control, panache, commitment, desire in his big left toe then ozil will ever have
    Ozil is done and thank god for that
    Can’t wait for him to leave in this window and then we can stop talking about him
    Happy new year everyone
    Onwards and upwards

      1. He was a good but not as good as Michel Platini the man who replaced him at Juventus after one year!😁

          1. 😁True but in fairness to Brady he had a pretty good season at Juventus by any standards he said it himself just bad timing .

    1. “He had more skill, control, panache, commitment, desire in his big left toe then ozil will ever have” I dont know Liam Brady but this sentence is surely wrong.. as Özil is better than the big left toe of Messi and i am sure Messis big toe is better than Liams big toe without ever having seen him.. So just stop it with this stupid comparisons.. they are ridiculous

      1. KRISH! By your own admission, you don’t even know who Brady is and was! He was one of our all time great midfielders! YET YOU DISMISS HIM SO BLITHELY. LET ME TELL YOU SON, THAT HE HAD MORE DETERMINATION IN HIS LITTLE FINGER THAN Ozil has in his entire body! Pathetic post from an ignorant know nothing kid!

      2. Krish
        I am disappointed you have never heard of Liam brady
        I am even more disappointed in your dismissal as you have not taken the time to research who and how good he was
        With regards of ozil.
        He his a very good player and i dont think anyone is arguing with that
        We are tired and frustrated of is the fact he has wasting his talent
        Doesn’t matter what walk of life or industry you are in
        Talent alone is not enough to achieve greatness

        By the way
        Liam brady walked on water
        Do your research

        1. I never said Liam is bad or that he is worse than Özil but your comparison with the big toe is just going over the top to undermine a pretty talented player.. i am only criticizing that kind of comparison

          1. I follow you, Krish. You weren’t saying either was better, you were saying Ozil is clearly too talented to be dismissed as being so beneath any other player – he’s a WC winner and does have an exceptional record, so I see your point. (I’m not an Ozil fan but can respect what he has done in his career, I just feel he’s lost his way since joining Arsenal.)

        2. and i HAVE heard of him, just never seen him playing thats why i wrote i dont know him in the sense of as a player playing in the team, and i am not dismissing him as a player, i am saying that its impossible that the difference in skill and control between him and özil is that great as you said, so maybe read what you wrote first

          1. Quote from you own words, “I don’t know Liam Brady”. Now you say you do , so which is true and which is the lie? If you do know himthen why write that you didn’t? Makes no sense and your above excuse is nonsense as you were not even born when he retired so have never seen him play yet still dismissed him.
            And THAT , like all I write IS TRUE! Stick to discussing with other kids who know little, as when you try to debate with older fans who REALLY know their club, you look childish and pathetic!

    2. Brady won one FA cup with Arsenal and his best days were spend at Juventus and was capped many times for Ireland.
      For a fan who watched Liam brady he was never at the level of Ozil or any one playing today.
      As a matter of fact no professional player from that era could compare to today’s players or compete with them.

      If you played any professional sport or competed at a high level you will definitely know that.

      Watching old football today is like watching slow motion soccer.

      1. Icw
        You have given me and many more who have read your post a good giggle to the start of 2021..thank you
        Shall we dismiss the likes of Maradona. Pele. Best and many more great players who have graced our green fields.
        It is spent and not spend

        1. Allanball08: You say: “You have given me and many more who have read your post a good giggle to the start of 2021..thank you”

          How did you find that out?

          You say “Shall we dismiss the likes of Maradona. Pele. Best an”

          Where did I say that?

          So please reread my post and try to understand it before arguing on a completely different subject.

          1. Icw
            I am not arguing with you
            I am just pointing out your comments which by the is still funny after rereading then👌
            As a matter of fact no professional player from that era could compare to today’s players or compete with them.

            If you played any professional sport or competed at a high level you will definitely know that.

            Watching old football today is like watching slow motion soccer.

            Watching the likes of pele best Maradona is like watching a footballers in slow motion
            Its all about opinons
            Liam chippy brady scored one of the greatest goals against the spuds and for that alone he will go go down in MY opinion as one of the all time greats who wore the red and white shirt

      2. In fairness they had pints after games probably a smoke at HT pitches were poor players played with more injurys than today so they were just as good as today’s players .
        For me that is.

      3. Lcw
        It’s like comparing chalk and cheese
        I can only imagine Liam Brady playing nowadays with better pitches, diet and fitness regimens. Would he not compare more than favourably?

        1. SueP: The answer is absolutely. However he did Liam Brady did not have the luxury to benefit from any of that. He also did not have the luxury to a guaranteed salary. He joined Arsenal for free. All those things hampered his career no doubt despite being competitive and purist.

          I am not saying he did not have what it takes to be as good as today’s players. I am saying today’s game evolved. Players are faster, Coaches are better and competition is more intense.

          That goes for all sports BTW and that’s why records are broken every year. So comparing older athletes is not comparing apples to apples.

      4. Actually, I think you will find Brady only had a single season at Juventus. If my memory serves me correctly, Italian Clubs were only allowed one overseas player at that time, and Plantini replaced Chippy at the end of the 1980-81 season.
        And however good Brady was as a player, he failed as a manager at Celtic, and never really brought through the youngsters at Arsenal when in total command of the Academy.
        Just saying



      1. Hi Joke Fox
        Your Caps Lock is again on, maybe you should buy a new keyboard or a new brain which you prefer and i never dissed Liam Brady your knowledge of the english language is pretty shit even though you are 200 years old, thats shocking Joke Fox
        what i said is I dont know Liam Brady in the sense of never having seen him play, i do know his name but that doesnt matter
        and what i said about liam is that he surely isnt on that level that his big toe is better than Özil as there is no such player of that level, thats just incredibly undermining Özil, and before you start off about determination, Alanball said “skill and control” too and there cant be such a difference in skill and control between Liam and Özil as Özil has a superb control, if he just had written determination, i would have said nothing
        so i dont understand how you conclude that i diss Liam.. you seem to be unable to understand some basic english.. maybe you should go to school again

    4. The fact that we are talking about him is because he is the best No. 10 we have, shame that he is frozen out reasons only known by the manager.

    5. Alanball08- bravo, I agree with you 100%.
      Ozil is done and hope in 6 months to go away and never to be around our beloved club.
      he is bad guy, draining the club’s money.


  8. I believe Liam Brady more than any poster on here and has far more insight into the situation. You have to be blind not to see what Ozil is doing and some are. He is a nasty piece of work and he and his agent are very clever. Arsenal as people have said, have let Ozil train and have carried on paying him as they should, they have done everything correctly and have been more than generous to Ozil. If Ozil loved this club and loved football, he would have left before now but he doesn’t. The sooner he is out of this club the better for us Arsenal fans and the club.

    1. I’m not always in your court Reggie but I’m going short of calling him a nasty piece of work as I don’t know that he is. Otherwise he is not doing anything whatsoever for the benefit of the club that he professes to love apart from playing it by the book. Kolasinac is moving on and if Ozil had more scruples he’d have done the same. He will be loved or pilloried depending on your point of view and I know mine

  9. Reggie, Ozil has also done everything correctly and that is why the club are having to pay him the salary they offered him – if it’s good for the goose then it’s good for the gander.

    Both club and player are acting out this scenario to the bitter end and I see faults in both camps

      1. Jon, you are being PATHETIC tonight, in fact you are making a complete fool of yourself.

        IF Ozil had done anything wrong, the club would have had grounds to sack him wouldn’t they?!
        He hasn’t and they haven’t!!
        END OF!!!!

        Fans have OPINIONS and try to discuss them as equals – YOU on the other hand try to belittle anyone with a different viewpoint to yours.

        I have seen Liam Brady play, probably as much as you and have also seen Mesut Ozil many more times than you – as you never actually go to matches anymore… you are the typical armchair know it all critic.

        I would never compare them, as they are two completely different players – competing decades apart from each other – in a different league – with different teams – different team members – different pitches – different rules – but what is the point anyway?

        This article was about an OPINION by a player and yet YOU IN YOUR INFINITE AND AGED WISDOM always tell us dullard fans not to believe what players say… unless, as usual, they are saying what you think is correct.
        I get it now Jon, that’s what a “realistic” old man does… SHOUT LOUD ENOUGH AND LONG ENOUGH so he doesn’t become as irrelevant as the younger fans he tries so hard to put in to that catagory.

    1. Ken correctly or cunningly, i dont think correctly is quite the right statement but i do accept he has kept under the radar.

  10. If there is some sort of factual basis to Liam’s assessment of the Ozil situation, I applaud him for voicing his concern to the fans…the old adages regarding “loose lips” and/or “dealing with things in-house” simply don’t apply as they once had…it was this sort of “prison rat” mentality that actually led to our current predicament…for far too long no one, including Wenger, provided any insight into the inner-workings of the club, either from a player personnel or financial standpoint…in fact we usually received the exact opposite, like a series of generic responses or scripted nonsense…traditionally organizations, like ours and others, craved this tight-lipped gig as it allows those in positions of power to better control the narrative and maintain the status quo, yet they didn’t mind changing the rules when the club was trying to shift the blame in the days leading up to the Sanchez debacle…they had no problem whatsoever leaking potentially fraudulent stories about Alexis to hopefully benefit themselves…to me, if this information has merit, I’m happy we have club “caretakers” who are so sick and tired of the way things have gone down that they are willing to defy the “code” so we might better understanding the real dynamics at work…if this isn’t based on facts, he should be seriously admonished by the club and made to offer a public apology to Ozil…if that wasn’t forthcoming, he should lose any standing he has at the club, until he has properly addressed the situation…we’ve been on the outside of this club for so long that we should never prematurely disregard the honest commentary of a potential insider

  11. Brady was an amazing player who I would walk from Borehamwood to Highbury to watch if I had to. The earlier comparison with Platini was a ridiculous out of context post.

    1. Declan, just as trying to compare a player from decades ago to one of the current players is, wouldn’t you say?
      How could one compare Brady to Rocastle to Fabregas to Eastham to Ozil to Nasri for instance?
      Such a complete waste of time, especially when one was privileged to watch ALL of them…. and the greatest of them all (in my opinion) a certain Dennis Bergkamp!!!!

  12. I am not a bring Ozil back fan. He has his qualities and weak points like almost all players. He can be used by many good level teams in my opinion, obviously not Arteta’s or Emery’s and they are in the coach position. He is going, the sooner the better since he is unused and club is short in finances and moral.
    Liam comments with all due respect is a claim to be proven or negated. Club should not allow people to act as the know all the insides guys. It is not good for the club’s image, which has been already affected by how they handeled a lot of things recklessly including Ozil’s saga.

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