Video: Arsenal legend Sol Campbell forgets what team he manages in hilarious interview blunder

Sol Campbell accidentally refers to Southend as Southampton.

Arsenal legend Sol Campbell is not having the best start to life in management, let’s be honest.

While the former centre-back will always be much-loved by Gunners fans for his tremendous service as a player (and even more so for joining us in a free transfer from rivals Tottenham that traumatises Spurs fans to this day), it’s fair to say he probably isn’t going to follow Mikel Arteta in returning to the club as a coach.

As well as having a pretty dire win percentage of 16.7% with Southend, he can’t even remember his own team’s name!

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports

Watch the video above as Campbell has to restart the interview for saying Southampton instead of Southend, much to his embarrassment.

To be honest, if he ever gets to the point where he’s managing Southampton, his coaching career will have taken a surprising and dramatic turn for the better!


  1. 😂😂 Nice one? Sol!!

    I just saw on Sky that Bournemouth want a Jon Moss investigation after their game on Sunday, about time too!! Horrible little man.

  2. An “article” about a slip of the tongue, made out to be something embarrasing by this site. What is EMBARRASSING is that this site has nothing to say except to pounce on a clear slip of the tongue and make a mountain out of a molehill. Grow up for goodness sake. Maybe an article about a typo next, eh! This is what nine year olds do, not adults!

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