Arsenal legend ‘surprised’ by Ozil omission & urges signing

Arsenal legend David Seaman has claimed he is ‘surprised’ that Mikel Arteta is overlooking Mesut Ozil, whilst telling the club to sign Wilfried Zaha to help with our lack of goals.

The German playmaker has been left out of the side since the Coronavirus pandemic hit back in March, sitting on the bench on one occasion but picking up zero minutes since.

His expulsion has become more apparent in recent weeks when our side has struggled not only to score, but created very little for the forwards in the Premier League, and Seaman shocked that the manager would make the decision to leave out their highest paid player.

“I am surprised Arteta is choosing to leave out Mezut Ozil because he’s a player of quality,” Seaman told The Target Men Podcast (via Evening Standard).

“I feel something’s gone on personally between the two of them, because to leave him out, and on the money he’s on, is a big statement and for me it’s a bit of a waste, because he’s still a quality player.

“When you look at the Arsenal team, we’re crying out for a player like that, so why don’t you build your team around Ozil rather than just leaving him out in the field and letting him go.”

The former England and Arsenal goalkeeper added that he wants to see the Gunners bring Zaha to the club, with the player supposedly making his intentions clear that he would favour the move.

“I think Zaha would be a good addition to Arsenal because he’s a proven goalscorer,” he said.

“I don’t know the reason why it hasn’t happened as he obviously wants to come. Whether it’s the agents and clubs not agreeing certain things, that must be the reason, but he’s made it clear that he wants to come as he’s an Arsenal fan.

“He would be a good addition to the squad, no doubt at all.”

Zaha has been in top form so far this season, while our players are very much struggling, so it would be an easy claim to make, but ability-wise, I’m not sure he is any better a player than Willian or Nicolas Pepe, albeit playing with more confidence at present.

Could Ozil make a shock return to the playing squad in January? Should the club prioritise a move for Zaha in January?


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  1. Phil says:

    Sort of interesting how so many ex players are questioning Arteta. for leaving Ozil out of the squad don’t you think? But of course what do they know compared to the “DULLARDS” on this site?

    1. Krish says:

      well you know phil, a fellow businessman like TMJW surely knows better than all these ex-players and current professional players.. i mean footballing talent and knowledge is surely less important than the financial knowhow of some businessman

      1. ken1945 says:

        A business man who doesn’t get his facts right about the playing career of the manager he adores either!!

        As for the so called realists amongst us, show them the real facts and they suddenly throw their realism out of the window.

        Good old “safe hands” knows a little about football, but of course, we should take what he says with a pinch of salt, as people who support MO, don’t really mean what they say…while those who demean him are the ones who speak the truth and we should sit up and take notice.

        That’s a taste of the kind of “realism” we are meant to be impressed by. LOL

        1. Krish says:

          absolutely, thats why i dont trust people who declare themselves as the only realists because you can have differing opinions but as long as you are arguing with facts its all good but its so difficult to talk with people if they lie for an agenda..
          I am of the opinion that one shouldn’t respect people because of their age but because of their behaviour/ tact and honesty and you and jon fox prove me right i think, both of you are surely elder than me but I respect you very much, not because we share the same opinion most of the times (we DO but thats not the reason 😂) but because you always argue respectfully while being honest on the topic and arguing with facts and not emotions while jon fox keeps looking down on others purely because of age and differing opinions and like you said as soon as somebody confronts him with facts, he disappears

          1. ken1945 says:

            Hear you and agree with you Krish.

        2. jon fox says:


          1. Phil says:

            To be fair Jon I have visited @Ken1645 at his Scottish “Fantasy Land” and it’s about the same size as Balmoral Castle just up the road but obviously far more valuable and paid for by his own hard graft and not the tax payer.

          2. ken1945 says:

            By the way Phil, you still owe me the fee for opening up the Gardens of Highbury” and the “Sweet Smell of the Emirates “Garden within the grounds, during your vacation and even though I gave you a personal guided tour and it was out of season!!!

            As a businessman, you know this is not the way to conduct yourself and, as a realist, I expect you to send me a postal order for sixpence in old money forthwith.

          3. Phil says:

            Ken- I believe at the time I couldn’t defrost my hands to get them in my pockets to dig out the change. Next time mate 😜

          4. ken1945 says:

            You smooth talker you!!!!!

          5. ken1945 says:

            Jon, it’s cold, snowy and dark – but I’ve got my sunglasses on, my factor 15 slapped on,along with my beach shorts and sandals – us realists deny the facts when they don’t suit us or just ignore them…you know the drill of course, as I’ve seen you use this alternative universe when it suits your argument.

            As they say, reality is the state of things as they are, RATHER than as one might want them to be – unless it’s Jon’s idea of reality of course.
            Go and check that defensive record for the 12/13 season Jon, I know just how much it hurts you to do it, but there it is and no alternative universe will change those facts.
            Szczesny, Fabiianski – Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Djourou,Squillaci, Monreal, Gibbs, Sagna, Bellerin.

            2nd best defensive record in the PL this season.
            Kept 14 clean sheets, nine of which were away from home.
            Conceded 14 goals away – best in the PL this season.
            Arsenal’s best away defensive record since 2003/04.
            From March 2013, they only conceded one goal away from home, a penalty against West Brom.

            But, as a realist Jon, you still maintain we never had a defence since 2008 and Sol Campbell – never mind Jon, their coming calling witht the realist’s straight jacket my friend!!!

  2. Ebonygold58 says:

    This site is getting boring, sound like they want Arsenal to fail. Instead of these armchair critique to tell Ozil his failings, they want Arsenal to sacrifice for him, instead of other way round. How do they want the team to be built around someone who gone missing in games of high intensity?

    1. Mobella says:

      What I really found strange about someone like you is you keeping telling us that the alternative to playing Ozil ( mind you I never want him to play for us again because of the way he is treated by the club and the division we fan presumed he caused)is better but when the alternative is failing you come up with all sort of excuses for him not to still make the team argue against fact. The fact has shown he has covered more ground than so many of the grafters you believe we take our club forward. About him go missing in the game, what would you call what Auba has been doing lately l

      1. ken1945 says:

        Now that’s a REAL realist talking Mobella – not one who claims to be, but won’t accept the facts from the club he supports.

        Funnily enough, I agree with you about Ozil not playing again and I hope that he and the club can come to some agreement in January and both sides can at least walk away with some dignity.

        The reason Auba is going missing is because Ozil has been made to go missing – still Ceballos is showing us what we are missing.LOL

  3. SueP says:

    I almost felt I’d inadvertently joined a private WhatsApp group

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