Arsenal legend tells Arsenal fans to keep ‘making noise’

Arsenal Legend Thinks Arsenal Fans Should Keep Protesting!

After a disappointing season across all competitions for Arsenal, the old debate of should Arsene Wenger leave the club has arisen once again. As ever it seems that Arsenal fans are forever split on the matter, although things do seem to be falling slightly out of Wenger’s favour, as protests continue to happen at the stadium and on social media.

Arsenal fans last made their feelings known in the home game against Norwich, presenting banners that called for an end to Wenger’s management of Arsenal Football Club. These banners however were held up by the minority it must be said, and soon after the protests, chants of ‘One Arsene Wenger’ were sung loudly across the stadium. This shows that it seems the majority of Arsenal fans, especially those that manage to attend home matches, are still favourable of the Frenchman in at least granting him the support he and the team needs, until the end of the season.

Gunners Legend Ian Wright has spoken out on the matter, with The Mirror reporting: “I hope they continue to make the noise and I hope that people upstairs will listen. I don’t think it’s fair on the Arsenal fans that they should continue to be paying the money they are paying and at the end of the day they aren’t really getting anything back for it.”

Ian Wright isn’t wrong in saying that for amount of money fans pay, that they deserve to see more from the club. Arsenal charge some of the highest prices to see a game of football, yet in most years the club fails to produce what is expected of them. With all the money that is pumped into the club, you can understand why the fans expect more, especially when it comes to attracting the top calibre of player. However I remain unsure if the club officials upstairs will be willing to listen to the Arsenal fans’ pleas.

Whether or not you feel that a protest is necessary for change is a debate that can be held in the comments, because although some will feel it is the only way that fans can make club officials see want what is wanted, others will say that Wenger deserves more respect than to be forced out the club by protest and a lack of support when he is only following Kroenke’s orders.

Whether you want Arsene Wenger gone or not, I think it’s especially important to show your support to the team in the final match of the season, and although Arsenal may not have had the best year, for what Wenger has done for the team, he deserves to be treated with more appreciation than to be forced out by protest. Personally I think there is a need for change but I remain unsure if the club will action it until Wenger himself feels it is the right time to step down. The real issue in my opinion is, which manager out there is able to better Wenger right now and is actually willing to come to The Gunners?


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  1. @AH….The last words of your post are the most relevant. “who would willing to come to Arsenal”?

  2. Wenger is the most stubborn man on the planet. If everyone says one thing, he will disagree. Everyone said last summer the team needed to sign a striker and a defensive midfielder at a minimum. Wenger said Arsenal don’t need to strengthen!

    How did that stubbornness work out Arsene? If it weren’t for Alexis Sanchez the Arsenal would barely made the top ten of the Premier League. The squad certainly didn’t get much from Giroud or the little princess Theo Walcott when it mattered. There is too much dead weight in the squad who are just happy to earn a big paycheck and live the posh life in London.

    Leicester showed what hard work and dedication can achieve. The Gunners, and Wenger, could learn a lot from the Foxes!!!

  3. Didn’t Ian Wright have a different view 2 weeks ago? ?
    You know the one.. about, how fan’s should show Wenger some respect! ?
    Like I said in that last Article, Mr Wright keeps changing his views and jumps on the bigger bandwagon that’s doing the rounds… albeit his timing is a bit ####ed up!

    Anyways! .. The protests are pointless for now, as we all know that wenger isn’t going anywhere for at least another year! But if he fails to reinforce the squad with whats truly needed then that’s when the fan’s really need to become one and vent their anger and frustrations in and around the Emirates… demanding immediate changes.

    Koeman could be a realistic replacement,
    Even Bilic would be a more tactical improvement than what wenger is, because under Wenger, Arsenal’s plan B is to cheer on our rivals opponents! ?

    1. He wasn’t saying to show AW disrespect. All he was saying was to keep protesting to put pressure on the club to lift their standards. I think he would agree that with an elite squad AW would be considered an amazing manager. I personally think if Wenger was in charge of Real or Barcelona where he could just focus on managing elite talent and not worry about developing it. He would have won multiple CL trophies by now. Just my opinion

  4. According to The Sun:

    Arsene Wenger lines up £80m triple swoop for Granit Xhaka, Alvaro Morata and Henrikh Mkhitaryan to calm fuming Arsenal fans.

    1. Before signing 3 year contract – I’m buying big. We’re going for the league and CL and for that I need 3 quality signings

      After signing 3 year contract – meh. I have Giroud, Wilshere and Ox. I’m off on holiday. See you in August.

  5. Arsenal can do with some more noise. I think we should create an anthem. I was just watching Liverpool and Madrid on TV and noticed the song before the kickoff. This is the intimidating part. How can we turn the Emirates into this?

  6. Wenger is deluded, I wouldn’t give him any money to spend because he would only put it in a trust fund for the board 🙂 It might not be great after he leaves but we have to try something different.Every team in the prem knows how to handle Arsenal no plan B never mind C & I remember Bold being a great defender or was I blind but or defense is shocking what is going on when they train.
    Praying for better things but won’t hold my breath

  7. If course the protests needs to go on, we just have to be smarter about it, am sick and tired of the sight and sound of Wenger but wishing death on him and making him out as some form.of hate figure to be burnt at the stake is counter productive to our objectives of getting him out HONORABLY….the reason the Norwich protest failed so miserable is because.the whole thing was taking a very ugly and disgraceful turn, with fans outside the stadium before the game singing they wish Wenger dead by May, who does that?….
    Am personally hoping protest continue, with class and tolerance of other view, and hopefully Wenger will see that his time is truly uo and will pack his bags.and leave at the expiration of his contract….i will never tire of saying he has earned the right to leave and not be pushed

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