Arsenal legend trying to detach himself from club as their poor run continues

Emmanuel Petit has admitted that he is distancing himself from Arsenal so that he doesn’t get worked up watching them in this abysmal state.

The Gunners are currently struggling and they can hardly buy a goal for themselves in the league.

Their last league game ended in a 1-1 draw, but that was their first positive result in the league after four games.

Their struggles can be blamed on poor transfer decisions with the likes of Willian simply failing to do what they were signed to do.

Their players have also lacked discipline with Arsenal earning red cards on a regular basis in the league.

Petit says that Arsenal and Monaco are his favourite teams, but as both sides struggle, he is trying to detach himself from them to help himself.

Petit told French broadcaster RMC as quoted by the Sun: “This may shock you. Arsenal, together with Monaco, are one of the clubs I love.

“But it’s a few years now since I have gone beyond the stage of resentment at them and fallen into a state of apathy.

“It is simply the logical result of what has been happening for years, with bad management by the Arsenal board and bad decisions during the transfer windows.

“Even more than that, it is the content and the image presented by their team in terms of personality and character.

“Yes, resentment has given way to apathy.

“These days I try to make as big a distance as I can from them – so I don’t get worked up about them any more.”

Arsenal has fared better in the Europa League, they even won all their games in the group stage of the competition this season.

If Arteta can find a way to get those type of performances from them in the league, then everything would be fine. 

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  1. I started distancing myself after those successive 5-1 thumpings by Bayern. I dont get worked up anymore.

    Truth is, we have recruited sub par players for the past decade and giving them undeserving contracts.

    Xhaka, Özil, Pepe, Jenkinson, Flamini, Arteta, Diaby etc. All stayed too long as players.

    It has to end now. Get ridof the 2nd rate players. I counted atleast 10 players unreservedly staying in our club.

    1. Xhaka
      El Neny

      If AFC truly aspires to be one of the best
      clubs in the world none of these players are
      consistently good enough to feature as much
      as they currently do in the first team.

      Id hate to ever see Arsenal relegated to the
      Championship but watching the future
      stars of this club(Saka/Balogun/ESR/Nelson/
      battling for the survival of the badge would
      be a hell of a lot more entertaining and
      gratifying than the current lot of spoiled

    2. I’m going to butt in here and just say Diaby was never a sub par player ,the best player I’ve ever seen in the flesh as a 17 year old watching him live in a under 23 match .
      If he didn’t get get assaulted he would have been as good as Vieria

      1. I will even add that Diaby was technically superior to Viera or any other one who played for Arsenal. As for Ozil, he is the type of player that needs a good supporting cast around him. Unfortunately that was never the case at Arsenal.

    3. apart from Jenkinson…

      all the players you mentioned are internationals, world cup winners, played for top european clubs or captain of their national team…..

    4. It started with Walcott in my view. He was the first to be rewarded heavily for potential, despite doing barely anything. Everything followed from there.
      Flamini was amazing the year before he left (2008) and was just a panic buy when he returned as he was physically finished.
      Diaby was always considered a special talent that they held on to in case they could get him over his injury issues. Same as Wilshire.

      There’s been so many mis-steps to bring us here. I’d even say AW deciding to shift to 433 permanently when he did was a factor, but definitely the way contracts have been handled over the past 10+ years ranks highest on my list

  2. Nothing wrong with what he said. I too feel apathy towards arsenal lately. I used to feel so sad after a bad defeat, it would ruin my entire day. Now I feel indifferent. This is the sentiment of many arsenal fans.

  3. No no petit. Apparently relegation type football is acceptable these days. Because arteta is new so we can allow him to screw our club up.

    Every previous arsenal player thinks its a joke. Man only non arsenal pundits beleive we should stick with him because it means arsenal are out of the game.

    Chelsea would never have this rubbish lol


      1. Some minutes tomorrow and more against City on Tuesday 🙏

        Chambers and Balogun with the goals tonight in a 2-1 win 👍

        1. Sue: I always wanted Chambers in the midfield instead at CB. I think he should be tried there and he couldn’t do worse than what we currently have.

          1. That was where he played for Fulham and won their POTS… well with more minutes under his belt tonight, Icw, it can’t be much longer until he’s back with the first team…. and that’ll give us more options! And you’re right – he can’t be worse than what we currently have!

  4. Isn’t he the second ex Arsenal player who is distancing himself from watching us play because it hurts. If our very own ex players are refraining from watching us play then you can imagine how quickly we are loosing our international set of fans. I said it before this my not apply to most of the UK based supporters as they have this passed on to them from generations maybe to support the club, specially the fans living or lived in London have this emotional connection to the club that outside supports do not have and its natural. It does not mean that international supporters are not loyal but they do not have the same pull or obligation to support Arsenal as locals. Our pull on international level has always been the brand of foot ball and top class players we have had in past. Winning of trophies in style and boosting those incredible gifted n talented players. Now we have almost nothing of that sort, no beautiful football, we are mostly out if league race in first 2-3 months, instaef of players who are gifted n can excite the crowd we have replaced them players who are work horse just run up and down the pitch. Our signing having been awful, our club behaviour has not done good to the club age as well and last our board to accept the below power performances while hiding from answering ppl.

    1. You are right Mohsan. I am from Kenya and when I was growing up, there were only two sets of fans, those of Manchester United and Arsenal. We used to fight for a club we have never been to and even some people were commiting suicide after we lost. I tell it was the most intense period until Chelski and Mancity came into the picture. Right now the premier league has become dull in Kenya just because we are not competitive enough anymore because many of the Man U and Arsenal fans have distanced themselves from the whole thing. Since non of us Kenyan’s Arsenal fans can spread the gospel of our beutiful game from the professor Arsene, we have nothing else to hang on and I can guarantee you Kenya is turning from Red (Arsenal and Man u) to blue ( chelsea and Mancity) as all the new generation youths are finding those other teams more reasonable and it really hurts coz I have nothing to defend with this Imaginary club in my Country.

      1. Unfortunately our period of dominance has long gone. Same can be said for the Mancs. Always remember wherever I’d go here as well as abroad, Arsenal/United merchandise everywhere, no longer the case, nowadays it’s Liverpool, Chelsea, City and even the spuds… it’s sad, really sad… I do hope one day we’ll be a force again.. but no matter what I’ll be a gooner forever… and my son is part of the next generation.
        Mose.. keep your chin up, things won’t be this bad forever!!

    2. Mohsan
      My family have supported Arsenal since the 1940s and I went to my first game in the 60’s
      Once a gooner, always a gooner regardless of the quality of football. I have watched good and awful but I could not possibly support any other team.

      1. I will never support any other team either but I would prefer a different ownership. I feel the current owners are in it only for the money and could careless about Arsenal past and future. I wish there was a way for the fans to own the club instead.

        1. And that makes it hurt to know a faceless billionaire is counting his money and all our hopes and dreams (football wise)are dependent on him

          1. Don’t shift the blame from Arteta to Kronke. Arsenal spent more than £100million on players. Now the problem is Kronke instead of Arteta

          2. My understanding is that Kroenke hasn’t put a penny of his own money into the club. He owns it but doesn’t invest in it – unlike Abramovitch

      2. SueP Mohsan actually ADMITTED that many so calle dfans who choose to suport Arsenal BECAUSE at that time we were top dogs now cannot stomach not being evebn neartop dogs What he says is that those fairwearyer fans can switch off their supoort or at least dilte it when things are tough.
        THAT is NOT how real fans can even think of behaving. A REAL fan can never, for a moment, divorce his/her constantvpassion for our club.
        And that expains in great part WHY older fans – who chose ARSENAL for life for sound reasons, and NOT because they liked our shirt or a players “cool” hairstyle or a social media presence, all of which are passing reasons – remain staunch and loyal when times are hard but fairweather only fans switch off or dilute their support. REAL FANS HAVENOT THAT OPTION. And don’t want it anyway.

        In this very thread, the following have all personally REVEALED themselves as fairweather fans by their OWN words; McLovin, ArsenalWhy, Mohsan and the fellow nationals who Mose speaks about. Not REAL fans at all.

  5. What this nothing much article tells us – which amounts to very little in fact- is that Petit had or even has a fondness for our club.

    BUT that mere “fondness” does not make him a REAL fan , since REAL fans care deeply and have not the option to distance themselves from results. If you CAN do that, then you are NOT a true fan. And that is ALL this article tells us, not that it surprises anyone. I have a fondness for the fortunes of many clubs. BUT I am a true fan of only one club; OUR CLUB. REALITY! Huge difference !

  6. There’s free entrance and free exit in supporting any team. You’ll end up having heart attacks because of Arteta.

    1. Sorry Armoury, there is no such thing as a free exit when your heart is given to a club. You are trapped for life and I don’t even understnd how you could possibly think that. Even th freeentrance, meaning what club you oroiginaly choose id not USUALLY afre choice. Generally a parent or someone you trust makes that choice for you.

      At least that is how it was, in the main, for us older fans. I accept that now even a social media presence or a players “nice” haircut or a liking for a particular club shirt can cause some to support and I find all those dismal reasons very sad and unworthy ones for supporting.

      This is why so many younger fans, who chose Arsenal for petty reasons, are not staunch and not patient, as we older ones are.

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