Arsenal legend urges Mesut Ozil and Mikel Arteta to make up

Sol Campbell has urged Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil to solve their issues as the German continues to be away from the Arsenal first team.

Arteta has overseen a period of success at the club having been their manager for less than a year.

When he first became the club’s manager, he gave Ozil chances to impress, but the German didn’t take his opportunity and like the manager before him, he axed the ex-Germany international from his plans.

Ozil wasn’t given chances in Arsenal’s games during the Premier League restart and the German appears to still be out of Arteta’s plans as he wasn’t part of the team for the Community Shield.

Campbell suspects that there might be an issue between the player and coach and he has urged them to find a solution for the good of the team.

He reckons that two of them can find a middle ground in their disagreement.

He said to TalkSPORT: “Obviously, internally there is something going on. It’s all there for everyone to see. I think it’s going to come down to how they approach it and the conversations they have in private. How Ozil trains and things like that. It’s really going to come down to that.

“They need to come together somehow but if there’s a standoff then nothing is going to happen.

“Someone’s got to give and to give in is not always to lose. You don’t always have to give in and it means you are losing.

“It’s just sometimes you have to meet halfway.”

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  1. Couldn’t disagree more!

    Arsenal do not miss Ozil in the slightest! I don’t even see how Ozil would fit in if he were to be picked anyway, because he lacks the two main elements of Arteta’s approach: Hard work, and discipline.

    There’s a really good vibe around the first team at the moment, so the last thing needed is the baggage that comes with Ozil.

  2. If Ozil was consistent on his top performance and worked a bit harder at defending for shore Mourinho would of tried to lure him to the three clubs he managed in the EPL , Ozil did play his best football under Mourinho at real, so why he has never tried to sign him?
    As I have said years ago Ozil don’t like playing football anymore and he probably retire Almost instantly once his contract expires unless his wanted from Middle East leagues or Far East don’t think he can cut it in the USA

    1. It’s easier to look good when surrounded by players better than you and you are just a luxury player.
      The real test comes when you move to a club where you have to be main guy and have to the go to player. This is where real talent is guaged.

  3. Why should anyone give into Ozil? Just because he is on £350,000 a week does not mean he must play. He has his chances since 2013-18.
    The guy has zero impact on the team (lose or win). The only impact he has is scrounging £350,000 a week from our club, playing victim and social media vanity / propaganda.

    We fcked up big time on him so we should just accept that and let him rot on the bench until he can start showing fight and determination like his teammates.

    I am firmly behind Arteta on this. No more shoehorning Ozil into the team because he has a very passionate, loyal and loud cult following. Needs to buy into the fight and grit method Arteta has instilled into the team. No more cuddling.

    Thank you very much.

  4. He’s not needed. Arteta doesnt like midfielders that do not work hard off the ball. The whole squad should not have to bend to how Ozil plays. If David Silva was able to change his game to fit into Pep’s style, Ozil should be able to do the same. Or rather, he’s not willing and never has been willing. 10 Months until he is gone… I can’t wait.

    1. We’ve even seen Auba track back, and work hard in matches. It’s just comical how people make an exception for Ozil as if he is genetically incapable of doing what the manager asks. He has gotten dropped by how many Arsenal managers? Three….

      1. H mmn and three brought him back.
        Let’s see what MA decides, as he is the man in control and I have no doubt whatsoever, that we will ALL back him to the hilt, whatever he decides… isn’t that the case???

        Sound logic from Sol by the way, especially as he has no axe to grind either way.

        1. And realists already know exactly what MA has ALREADY decided, KEN!

          OZIL, LIKE GUENDOUZI, IS SIDELINED, AWAITING THEIR EXITS, GUENDOUZI THIS WINDOW, Ozil next June barring a blessed miracle when he can leave earlier. Unlikely though!

          1. Jon,
            As a “realist” you knew that Ozil was going to leave last summer… 100%…still here.
            As a “realist” you knew that Elneny had played his last competitive game for The Arsenal… 100%…CS winners medal.
            As a “realist” you knew The Arsenal had no chance to beat either city or chelsea in the fa cup… 100%…beat both and won the fa cup.
            As a realist” you call out one of our players as “filth, dross and you loathe him”… 100%…but say you don’t abuse or “hate him”.

            As a “realist” you should actually read what I said – leave it to Mikel Arteta – knowing that we will all support his decisions 100%….as I have 100% to date, isn’t that so Jon?

            ENEMY OF OUR CLUB? Jon, your theatrical background really shines, when using such flowery language – as MA has been training with him, along with all the other players you label as “dross” , is he also the “ENEMY OF OUR CLUB?”
            Surely, he should have hung, drawn and quartered this ENEMY OF THE CLUB?!?!…or at least banish him to the ends of the earth, as he has done with Guendouzi – flagrant favouritism!!! Off with his head!!!

            Leave the drama on the stage Jon, Ozil is simply a current Arsenal player, not the enemy for goodness sake.

            What will you say if Guendouzi is still here at the end of the window and/or he decides to select either him or Ozil to wear our shirt? I will wait with baited breath to see if it happens.
            I, of course, have no problem either way, as for me it’s whatever he decides, is fine and dandy with me and I guarantee that 100%!!!

            Needless to say, I respect your personal views and have no concerns that they differ not one iota with mine on the subject of Mikel Arteta…I also think that Sol makes complete sense, don’t you?

        2. Two brought him back. One was Emery and Ozil was still awful. Arteta brought him back and he was simply not bad. Arteta wants his midfielders and the whole squad to play with energy though and that’s something Ozil obviously has never bothered to do. Time to move on from players that dont listen to the manager and are here for a holiday.

        3. We would not have even put a finger on the FA Cup or Comm Shield if Ozil was starting for us. He’s not cut out for the intensity level Arteta demands, and the levels that essentially all top football teams demand now. Nobody bothers with lazy midfielders anymore besides Everton and they are not good.

  5. I suspect a pragmatic truce is what Ozil is banking on. My preference is that he leaves now but if, he sticks around, I wouldn’t put it past him that he gets back into the rotation. And if our back four gel, with two of Xhaka/Partey/Ceballos patrolling behind him and our wide forwards working their butts off to track back, whose to say he can’t be effective in that “luxury player” role?

    Just saying…

    1. Trudeau, and if Ozil doesn’t thrive with those supporting players around him, hopefully his acolytes will finally accept that he is finished at this level.
      Hopefully he takes the Al Nass’r offer to continue his playing career and earning potential in Saudi Arabia.

  6. The team is really fighting for each other as a team, integrating özil into the system and he won’t track back like Auba to defend or put in his 100% into the team will destabilize the team and bring poor result. Because the rest of the team will surely emulate him. So is either he put in 110% work like the entire team or he might be relegated to cup games.

  7. Ozil is a very good playmaker but the problem is that,he was given chance to prove it frm the begining of arteta’s entrance,if he changes his mind he can be ok

  8. He should be given a chance….

    The only MA needs are players who can track back once they loose the ball….

  9. Arsenal haven’t exactly collapsed without him.

    That apart I prefer to leave it up to Arteta to make the right call. If he gets a start… all well and good. If not, Ozil doesn’t have what Arteta needs to move the club forward. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories or that his failure to make the team is at the behest of Kroenke. The one absolute is that Ozil has stated what seems like a million times now, is that he is staying.

    I have got used to the idea, so if he starts or comes on as a sub, then it will be that he actually has something to offer. Fine by me

  10. Notice how the smart footballers one after the other realize how much Arsenal need Ozil. Cambell is another one who does not submit to the lies and falsehood surrounding Ozil. The player was not sidelined because of under performance. No one at Arsenal ever said that including MA. Something in the back ground went wrong and we don’t know what it is. If Ozil is at fault he needs to apologize no question asked. If he is not, he deserves to compete and regain his place. If he is not at fault, MA should be man enough to forget the incident and move on. As for this tracking back and counter attack fad, it worked few times but it will not work again. The opposing CB will eat the space given to the wingers allowing them to score goals. If tracking back and counter attacking worked, we wouldn’t finish 8th. In football you need talent and not gimmick. Kolesniak tracks back and gives the ball to the opposition to score. Luiz tracks back and gifts the opposition penalties left and right. Lacazette tracks back and seldom scores goals. Yet these players responsible for loosing games are given a pass.

    1. We need Ozil? Remind me how much we needed him after the restart again… If you dont work hard you dont get in Mikel’s lineups.

      1. Well if you are not bothered by finishing 8th and loosing to teams in the bottom of the table then your expectations are very low. Also working hard is for the mules when you have the skill to work smart.

        1. We finished 8th with him playing too! He had 18 appearances last season. One goal two assists. Atrocious return. And working hard is for mules? Guess City’s, Liverpool’s midfield are a bunch of mules then. Remind me where they finished again? Remind me how barca’s lazy midfield did compared to bayern’s? I swear some of you will abandon all sense to defend Mesut.

          1. One goal two assists? Two assists are misleading when you have so many botched opportunities by Lacazette, Peppe and the rest of the offense. As they say: you can lead them to the water but you can’t make them drink. City and Liverpool do not press and do not play counter attack because they don’t have to. You are too worked up about Ozil for no reason. With pros like Cambell, Pedolsky, Steve Nicol, Wilshere, and tousand come to his defense, you should know that your opinion is without facts.

  11. As for me if ozil has leave, it as to be between ozil and the club that means one of the party in contract can not decide, and the fact that said he is staying that means he is ready to fight back his place in the team and he has to given the Chance because is also a potential player and talking of why morinho call for him doesn’t make him a useless player because he play a lot under morinho at real and more Sol cambel have said it all that MA and Ozil should settle what ever dispute there are having between them so as to move the club forward.

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