Arsenal legend urges Wenger to snub Sanchez demands

Martin Keown has told Arsene Wenger that he should not bow to Alexis Sanchez’s demands, with the Chilean eager to play every minute of every game. Sanchez joined Arsenal from Barcelona in the summer of 2014, and has quickly earned himself a key role for the Gunners.

The forward missed six weeks of the current season after struggling with a hamstring injury, and the Arsenal boss was criticised for overusing the star when he was struggling with his fitness.

Martin Keown has now claimed that Sanchez is hard to control, and that he demands to be on the pitch for every minute possible.

“I get the feeling that Sanchez can be a player who is hard to handle,” the former Arsenal defender said.

“The last time I visited the training ground he was on a day off and he had actually come in to train.

“He is always so desperate to play and that can be quite tricky to manage.”

Keown went onto talk about the former Barcelona star’s reaction to being substituted at the weekend.

“But I wouldn’t take too much notice of that reaction – sometimes you don’t want your players to be happy about coming off.

“When I played we all wanted to play every minute and that’s the case with Sanchez.

“As long as you don’t go over the top I think it’s ok to show your disappointment.”

Losing Sanchez to injury in November was a huge loss and even Wenger admitted that he had been stretched to the limit, especially as we sat only two points off of the top of the table at that point.

Does Wenger need to put his foot down and rest Alexis against his wishes?

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  1. When i read the headline, i thought it meant Wenger snubbed Alexis’ demand of signing WC players lol

    1. And that’s exactly why it is known as ‘click bait’. Misleading headline to draw you in and make more money…

      1. This site has already hooked it’s fan’s,
        For being the best Arsenal forum,( in my opinion)
        I have practically moved in, I even have my own bed at the bottom of the screen, there! ?
        So I won’t be having any bad words said against it… Okayyyy? ?? ? ? ?

        1. Don’t forget to bring all of your medicines Fatty. Cause that makes you a funny good commentator. Hahaha…

    2. yeah!……..if Arsenal had their way, they’d let a world class player leave and keep an average manager!

      BTW #ImmunedToClickBaits#

  2. This is a tough one to call.
    If he is fit, you would expect him to play all our EPL and UCL matches..

    Afterall,Ronaldo, Suarez,Neymar,etc play all matches as long as they are fit…
    So if he is fit, let him play!

    But as for his reaction against Norwich,that wasn’t good enough as he wasn’t playing well and the game was almost finished..

    Sanchez…,that guy is hardworking to a fault..

  3. Sanchez is one of the few players who gives it his all in whatever circumstances the game may have taken so yea play him as much as he wants, christ its not like there are many others in the team that have his drive and will to win.
    the rest of the squad could do with a little more of the Sanchez mentality in thier approach.
    Walcott for example instaed of ducking off into the wings or just doing nothing HE should earn his fee a lot more

    1. @twig, I got your irony, but that only shows how much we need more top players on top of him, Ozil, Boss and cech.

  4. Sanchez in his mind;
    “When I was at Barcelona, I sat on the bench too much but that’s understandable as Barca is one of the best if not the best in the world, but here in Arsenal,I must play EVERY minute of any games,as I am their best player and the club is not as big as Barcelona”

    Just kidding…

    1. You don’t need to be kidding its plain truth, just that he’s our 2nd best player if you ask me.

      1. not even the second best if we purely judge by this season, this season he was 4. or 5. best after özil, bellerin, monreal and then koscielny/sanchez but he definitely wasnt in the top three

  5. The following caoches would love Sanchez in their team
    Ancelotti and of course Pep..

    ….I think he will best suit Simeone and Athletico’s style of play and Mourinho also…..

  6. Sanchez has to be protected from himself, it seems likely that his last injury was due to being overplayed. He always wants to play and his enthusiasm has to affect players around him. His goalscoring is very important to us, 188 minutes per non penalty goal in PL last season and this, that is similar to kane and vardy.

  7. OT: if u think “Wojciech sczcseny” is a bit hard to spell or pronounce, then try “Aiyawatt
    Srivaddhanaprabha” (Leicester’s vice chairman)

  8. When you compare how well Sanchez played in his first season at Arsenal, to how he has played this season,
    You will find that Mr Wenger’s cut backs to training, because of fear of injuries (especially with Sanchez, who used to stay behind for extra target practice) is the main reason for our downfall during mid-season (mediocre performances)

    This theory hasn’t really been touched on yet, but I now believe that it makes logical sense.

  9. Who is the coach again, Wenger or sanchez?

    “Your not playing son and that’s that. If you want to play go do it with yourself”

    In an alternate reality this would be the case

  10. Alexis frustrated at Arsenal

    Alexis Sanchez’s contract talks have been thrown into doubt by his recent frustration at events at Arsenal. The Chilean not only walked straight down the tunnel after being substituted against Norwich City but left the stadium.

    BUY THE PLAYERS EVERYONE AS FAN KNOW IS NEEDED TO BE CONSIDER A TOP TEAM IN EUROPE. THIS HAS GONE SINCE THE FINAL WE PLAYED IN PARIS NOT WE ARE A LAUGHING STOCK. GET THE WC ST, WC DM AND WC CB and we can get the best of our 3 WC PLAYERS not around of bunch of non hopers , no guts, winning mentality ( Leicester as example ) and bottlers. EVERYONE KNOWS APART FROM THE COACH 12 years of submission and mediocrity has to end.

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