Arsenal legend warns club that they might lose Mikel Arteta

David Seaman has warned Arsenal that they have to back Mikel Arteta financially or they risk losing the Spaniard.

The Gunners have become a better team since the former midfielder was named as the club’s manager.

He has helped them turn around a disappointing start to a season to end the campaign with the FA Cup trophy.

He will look to get the club back into the top four at the end of next season, which will be his first full season with them.

There have, however, been talks that the Spaniard will not be backed to full capacity in this transfer window because of a lack of funds made worse by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Seaman has opined that the Spaniard is a fine manager and that the club will need to back him in the transfer window or he might not be around for long.

‘If the board realise how good a manager we’ve got, then we really need to back him,’ Seaman told The Gary Newbon Sports Show as quoted by the Mail.

‘He will obviously have ideas of players that he wants to come in and who he wants to get out, but the board have got to back him. Because if they don’t, Arsenal will just be doing what they’re doing. 

‘They’ve been top six, this season we’ve been top eight, Tottenham have finished above us again. That’s not good enough for Arsenal and if we had lost on Saturday, that’s a really bad season. 

‘But because we have got into Europe, hopefully it means players will come to us. But the board need to back Arteta because he is a great manager and I am sure that if they don’t, he might not hang around for too long.’

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  1. This is exactly what I wrote about ten days ago, before the cup final. So true , sadly. Top class people will not hang around second or third class owners for long. Reality!

    1. Second or third class owners, employing third or fourth class Boards and management teams.
      Arsenal manager/head coaches currently don’t have any trouble getting another job; just ask Unai Emery.

  2. A while back,JA posted an article titled something like”will Arsenal wait 4years to get back into Europe?”my comment was”the title should be will MA wait 4 years if not backed up?”

  3. According to the Telegraph, a major rift is developing as the board are making AMN available for sale but Arteta wants to keep him. And so the boat starts rocking.

    1. Niles asked to be sold.
      Arteta wants him to stay.
      The club is open to selling him if the offer comes since he’s not interested in staying. This particular one isnt a stand off between Arteta and the board.
      Until Niles changes his mind and decides he wants to stay, there’s nothing Arteta can do. There’s no point keeping a player who wants out

      1. Particularly, one who wants to play football and hasn’t been given selection when he was playing well.

      2. Niles wanted to go because he thought Arteta didn’t rate him at the time – that was a few weeks ago now.
        Since then Arteta has finally realised he’s one of our best players and has played him regularly including in the cup final of course.
        Maybe Niles will now be feeling that Arteta DOES rate him.
        Pity then that the bozos on the board want to sell him, against Arteta’s wishes.
        BTW Sue and Eddie – have you seen AMN ask for a transfer LATELY? If so please give me details as I’ve missed it.
        Thank you.

      3. This is where senior players are required to mentor the juniors. Maybe Ozil could help the lad to follow his example and stay put, be firm like a rock to the lashing waves, focus on the wages and forget about playing.
        Or maybe Ozil learns from AMN and his desire to play and seeks a loan somewhere. But, we all know the outcome, just wasting time pondering and speculating.

  4. I can’t believe I am saying this now but we need to keep him,I read that he is valued at 20M,not a chance for that amount!more worryingly ,already disagreements!!

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