Arsenal legend warns Premier League could lose power over Brexit

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has warned that Brexit could well topple the Premier League’s dominance in Europe.

The English top division is currently raking in the best incomes from their mega Television deal, but with Brexit looming, that could well impact on the way that the best players are acquired from other European countries.

Currently there is the Freedom of Movement act, which allows players from other EU countries to work and travel within those countries without the need for visas or work permits, but Britain has yet to agree to continue on such terms.

Arsene Wenger claims that Brexit could well affect the division’s superiority over other European top divisions.

‘Certainly, subconsciously maybe for some people, it [Brexit] was to regain some sovereignty of their own destiny. And football is completely the reverse,’ Wenger told The Mirror.

‘How will that change? That will depend now on how Brexit will be applied to football.

‘I’ve asked many people, nobody knows. Will people inside Europe be considered as foreign players who cannot play in the English Premier League? I don’t know.’

He added: ‘But if the rules are restrictive, they will kill the superiority of the Premier League.

‘Because today the Premier League depends on worldwide exposure, with the best players and worldwide ownership with multi-billion owners from around the world.’

Will the government find a way to help the Premier League retain their ability to sign players across Europe without issue? Will the majority of problems come from younger players who are yet to prove themselves in their respective countries?


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  1. Certainly will be interesting to see what happens. If there is a restriction on what happens with movement of people post-Brexit, then it could have a negative affect on the league, but on the flip side, the national team will improve.

    Then again, not many care for International football.

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