Arsenal legends don’t laugh after a defeat, do they?

Legends Don’t Laugh After Defeat! by Dan Smith

When it was announced that he had extended his contract, Aubameyang spoke about wanting to follow in the footsteps of other legends at Arsenal, his ‘family’. Of course that promo would have been written for him by Adidas who were using ‘Family’ as their buzz word to try and sell the Arsenal third kit.

Of course, anyone other the age of 12 knows why the striker really signed. By the club yet again allowing an asset to run down his deal, the players advisors held all the cards. They could demand someone aged 31 be paid over the odds or else it would be another PR disaster.

It’s not like what some call Ozil ‘greedy’ for doing, it’s exactly the same!

Let’s though take the man by his word though. He wants to leave a legend. So that’s the standards I’m going to compare him by.

Do you think an Ian Wright, Tony Adams, Thierry Henry, etc, would have been smiling and laughing with the opposition after yet another defeat at a top 6 rival? I remember Henry almost losing it with the ref at the final whistle once at Highbury when we lost to Newcastle. Because he cared.

I’m not asking any player to cry. Nor am I asking them not to communicate with a friend who might play for the opponent. I am though a firm believer that to be a big club, you act like a big club, and as our captain he should be setting those standards.

I know the sport might not produce characters like Vieira and Keane anymore, but why do I just sense that if we had won 1-0 this weekend, Gundogan wouldn’t have been sharing jokes.

The influence the skipper holds with our fanbase is so big that some were predicting a title challenge based on him committing his future to us.

Some believe that he only did so after assurances that the club had ambition to win major trophies in the next three years. Well, be honest? At full time at the Etihad, was that the body language of a man gutted we had just lost our second game of the season? Do you think he was really thinking about the ground lost to a title rival?

Think of a Gerrard or Jon Terry in their prime. Whatever position in the table, could you imagine them high fiveing and bantering having just lost. Especially if their own personal performance had been poor. The answer is NO, as they would be aware they are the face of one of the biggest clubs in the country, and that there are standards to maintain.

It’s not really a criticism of Auba. I think I can critique his performances this season, but he can’t and shouldn’t change his personality for anyone. I like that he loves wrestling and super heroes, I find that endearing.

It’s more to educate supporters that this notion that he didn’t leave because he believes we are close to something special is a romantic fantasy. Yes of course he would love to lift the Premiership in North London but there are players (more than you think) where trophies are not everything.

Auba might just very well be content to be living in London, getting well paid where, for three years, he gets to be the main man. The fans love him, he’s popular in the dressing room. That might simply be enough. Which is fine!

But when you use the word ‘legend’. Legends don’t lose big games and laugh about it. They just don’t.

Unless of course, like I said, he was just saying what Adidas wanted? Give me 300 thousand pound a week and so would I…

Dan Smith

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  1. Heard Arteta is getting Auba an acting coach to work on the stone face expression for occasions like this

    1. Smiles… Aubameyangs reaction after the match says it all. The negative mentality they already have that they can’t beat top teams which I think should change soon. If aston villa/Leeds can do it against liverpool, leicester against Man city. They agreed to be beaten and they’re here beaten… Change the mindset in the club and win big games

      1. I disagree there is such mentality at the club, arsenal is a big team and will be taken serious by any opponents, the way Liverpool will approach a match against villa isn’t the same with us.

        Besides, villa has every right to throw away caution to attack Liverpool, we have lots at stakes, we cant just attack against Liverpool and city, past results have proven that. Even the latest loss. It was when we attack city that we got punished through a fine counter attack by a good team

        1. Wow… @Adajim, kindly tell me the games we’ve played confidently as the so called big team you just called us now except our opening match against Fulham?
          We even lost possession to West Ham… Any justification for that. Arsenal deserve better performances and I stand with Arteta.

          1. We are in rebuilding face, we were shipping in tons of goals every season, we have been finding solutions, that’s why MA shifted to defensive formation, I believe we wouldn’t like it as fans of a team used to attacking, tikitaka paternal, but that’s the reality we have to live with, we don’t have enough talent to play beauty and get results, we need to be humble and accept reality if we are to achieve our goal of top 4. Blame the process if we fail to achieve the goal. For a top 4 finish, we don’t need to beat city and Liverpool. We need to get results from those teams that are on our level like united and those below us like westharm

            May I remind you the good deeds of westharm after loosing to us? Leicester and spur are your reference

          2. Is possession your problem? During Wenger’s reign with tiki taka, we had 80% possession and lost 3 goals to nil.

        2. @adajim..Arsenal a big team??? What world have you been living in for last 3 years. We are almost out of the top 10 rich club list, we are out of top 4 and the way we setup to play against theses top4 shows who is the bigger club. What have we more at stake then Villa? Dude, we are not the defending champions who have more at stake. Us losing to top6 is same as Villa losing to them, both Arsenal and villa drop 3 points in the tabel. We attcekd city?? Did you watch the match??? So by your logic we should not cross the half way line into opposition territory as this is deemed as attack. We should sit back and just park the bus…oh wait! Actually that’s what we did but still lost. You contradict your own comment by saying we lost bec the goal came from counter attack that shows some of the fans already have small club mentality. The fear of playing so called top 4 runs through you, you want us to shut the shop and park the bus then you say we are a big club.

          1. Liverpool in those years were struggling to make UCL, still we call them big team. Form is temporal, class is permanent.

            Either you agree or not EPL has big 6 teams and arsenal is one of them. Performance alone isn’t what determines a big club

    2. Yeah, when Auba has a grin, so we have an article dedicated to it! Good, let them come. When others cannot impress the coaches in training and prefer to sit at home and collect their cash, it is alright, on the contrary the coach is blamed for not getting the best out of a player who has nothing much to offer.Like a spring drying up in summer, so you want Mikel to wait with buckets ?So a player is not entitled to exchange some pleasantries post final whistle? With non committed players like Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Mustafi even Messi or Ronaldo will not land you the title. So alone what can Auba do? Cry for signing the thing? Behave like RVP screaming at that Wenger? or like Ozil demeaning Unai and Freddie because he can only kick an imaginary ball in the air and not the match ball?
      Some the fans …………

      1. @Loose Cannon: ‘With non committed players like Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Mustafi even Messi or Ronaldo will not land you the title’. NOTED.
        Those players get paid, a huge wage to play for Arsenal, but they take it for granted. Never ever fight for football glories (EPL & CL), but always fight if someone hurt their pride.

  2. The game plan….sit tight for half an hour and hope City don’t score…..then break…as we did in the cup….rubbish. You cannot keep playing the same tactic….you get found out. If every game is a tactical mind game then football is going crazy. Luckily most other teams, City, Everton, Liverpool, and others, play football. This Pep and his sorcerers apprentice, Arteta, story is now boring. Lets see if our team can play football and DOMINATE teams. Give the team a little space and let them play. Now we have a defence let’s not be so ‘scared’ like we were in the first half hour against City. Lets be bold and braver, otherwise we are like a damp squib, spineless. Just IMHO.

    1. I feel your analysis and desire is shortsighted…. Suddenly you feel we should go out and dominate teams, even including Man City! … Suddenly you feel the same players that played so horribly under Unai should now go out and dominate teams…. And you fail to realize that it is Arteta’s tactics that has made you suddenly feel Arsenal is good enough to dominate teams… My friend, reality check… Those players are not good on the ball… They have poor close ball control and without a good first touch and control, then you cannot dominate teams…. No coach can teach such professional how to control a ball at this stage of their career! It’s either you have it or not! Off course, he may be able to coach the younger guys, but not the fully developed guys…

      So please leave Arteta alone and allow him build his team over time! Oh mine! You are criticising Arteta just over 9 months! Please be real!!! Don’t be so impatient! Now, you say boring? Oh my Lord, how can you say so after he won you the FA cup and community shield cup? Your analysis is really unbelievable and without core thoughts!

      1. Fire

        Critique is what makes life FREE. What is wrong with the truth at all times. Who is beyond Critique….I hope nobody.

        1. Sean Williams

          Yes, I do agree with you that critique is what makes like free, and I do not intend to stifle you in that regard. However, sometimes holding a gun in your hand could be permitted in a free world, but caution must be taken when firing it…. Your criticism here would definitely impact someone’s life too… Some Arsenal fans are so passionate that they may fire a gun after reading your comments lol! I trust you understand me…

          Nevertheless, I only want us to apply our thoughts upon our opinions and expression of free will so that we all converge! Arteta had a big problem to solve in terms of how soft Arsenal was at letting in goals… My friend, it takes a lot to change a Man’s mentality… And Arteta has made us difficult to play and beat now… Presently he has bought Partey and same with Willian with the hope of solving the attack issues next… Can’t we just be patient and give him the entire season before we judge him? That’s my only argument… Nevertheless, critique and opinions are free, but let’s watch when we fire, we never know who will get hit!

          1. Fire
            I support Arsenal and have done all my life. I do support Arteta, but when I make my thoughts and reasoning known, it will not reach Arteta an iota. Between us supporters I see no problem, agreeing, disagreeing, etc. Each can express themself as the want. Supporters are not silly and if Arteta makes alleged mistakes supporters will see that. Arteta is on a big stage in full view of a million or more worldwide supporters. I understand that he doesn’t have much to work with, and most of the players are not of the highest ilk, but I think it is better to speak up if we see errors and mistakes in his judgement. I think he is passionate and knowledgeable but throwing Guendouzi, Torreira, and Ozil under a bus. That does not sit well with me….but it’s OK…… Arteta will never find out what I think. Thankfully I can express what I want if it causes no harm. I think and reason differently to you. That’s good.

            1. @Sean Williams I agree to all your opinion, until ‘throwing Guendouzi, Torreira, and Ozil under a bus. That does not sit well with me’. Except for Torreira, but Ozil and Guendozi. For me it’s obvious that their mentality are below par to achieve football glory. Guendozi if he change his attitude, he still can flourish, but Ozil is absolute waste. Real Madrid knew that (Mourinho assesment), then they sold him, and next Real Madrid have more balance. If Ozil was so good, Zidane would had bring him back.
              To refresh our memory
              Mourinho (then Real Madrid coach): You think two beautiful passes are enough. You think you’re so good that 50% is enough.”
              Ozil response was threw his shirt on floor.
              Mou: What do you want? To creep under the beautiful, warm shower? Shampoo your hair? To be alone? Or do you want to prove to your fellow players, the fans out there, and me, what you can do. Although Mou is not the coach to perform beautiful football, but his assesment can’t far form the truth.

              EPL matches are more intense than La Liga’s. In English football, even playing vs a lower division team, sometimes you have to fight for every inch. So I think if Ozil can bring 10 beautiful passes and never give 100%, simply he’s not good enough for any English team.

              Let me give a comparison to Eric Cantona. He was not the best technical player, but he had hugh mentality. For Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona was his missing piece. I recall the ‘kungfu kick’, I thought it will be the downfall for Man Utd. Somehow, Alex Ferguson was right. Mesut Ozil was never Arsenal missing link, sometimes he did connect some links, but most of the time he was the weakest point of a chain.

  3. Auba’s performance seems to have dipped somewhat this season. I sincerely hope we don’t have an Ozil situation on our hands soon.

    But on topic though, were Auba and Gundogan not teammates at Dortmund? Maybe they were just exchanging banter as old pals.

    1. They don’t get to see each other often and as old pals things like that are expected.
      I disagree we are having another Ozil situation or a drop in performance, AUBA has always been like that, every game he has flashes at times he disappears only to appear and score, then everyone forgets his disapearance, we are noticing it because the goals aren’t forthcoming,

      We are still developing different tactics, and presently we are playing safe to reduce goals we conceed, apparently this will affect out attack and attacking players, so I believe by the time we sort our attack tactics, every other person will start performing.
      Of course, the whole team not doing well in attack except 1 or 2 person

      1. Are you MA in disguise, how do you know all of this. Arteta was not appointed 2 weeks ago, he has good amount of games under his belt now as Arsenal manager. Are you telling me he is still trying to get his way around the team and developing tactics? He has had transfer window and we can clearly see his tactics the way the team plays now. I don’t think he is experimenting or does not know his right formation/tactic. Everyone can see it. He is intelligent and quick learner so I hardly doubt with his qualities he is struggling to find his tactics and team balance.

        1. His first few game he used 4-3-2-1, it wasn’t working, he shifted to 4-3-3 and still we were only getting draws, until he came up with 3-4-3, which I believe was a formation completely born out of nessecity. Am not MA but I can feel this isn’t the way he would love to play .
          In his recent interview and comment about our new arrival, he stated how Partey will give us different options and an opportunity for him to experiment on different things in the middle. We have a goal, and the most important thing is achieving that goal, I believe we are on the right path.

          You can be enthusiastic about villa and Everton, we are arsenal, we have a different path, and at the end of the season I believe we will all laugh together having achieving our goal

    2. “I sincerely hope we don’t have an Ozil situation on our hands soon.”

      But of course we do. When you take away what a player does best, that player becomes ordinary. This does not apply just to Auba but to all Arsenal players. Just ask yourself, who is performing up to par lately?

  4. Aubameyang is a very jovial person naturally, he smiles a lot, that’s just him. The game has changed these days, rivalry and aggression is gradually being phased out while fair play is being encouraged.
    Aubameyang “playing” with the opposition after a loss should not be a big deal perse. However, what we should be concerned about is the obvious drop since signing the bumper contract.

    I remember how super hardworking he was, in fact, I often find myself pitying him as he runs up and down the left flank gasping for breath.
    But truth be told, he has somewhat dipped.
    We all know when he is not scoring he is almost useless- add to that the annoying fact that his passing leaves a lot to be desired. There were some situations where his final ball killed our attack yesterday.

    He has already made his name as a prolific goal scorer, but he is also part of why the team is not balanced. Play him in the middle, he will be marked out, no hold-play, can’t pass to save his life, easily bullied to mention but a few.
    This is unpopular but it would have been better if we had sold him or Lacazette
    and seeing how he was refusing to sign the contract, I would have sold him and brought in an effective forward as replacement.

    1. Your last paragraph though. I’m sure there would’ve been a fans meltdown had the club decided to sell Auba. If the new striker then scored only a single goal for us in 5 matches, then we would constantly be reminded by comments on here as to why it was a big mistake to sell our main striker.

      I’m hoping Auba is just having a temporary dip in form. And this also goes to all the underperforming players. I would like to see a much more spirited performance from the team.

    2. Dan, It’s so really unfair taking situations out of context like this, it was a friendly smile while probably saying “well done” to a worthy opponent. No point in making comparisons with past matches & players and as I remember it that Henry incident was over Newcastle winning a very doubtful penalty (Shearer dive?) and getting undeserved points at our expense.

        1. You know Dan, you’re actually promoting hate. You need to re think this. Ex team & international mates greet each other before and after games no matter what the circumstances. There is no indication that Auba is happy at having just lost a match or two.

  5. I really feel that there should be a balance between playing Wengerball and current Artetaball. The art of playing fearless, positive football but also defending like our lives depend on it. That’s what wins matches and leagues. That’s the football AVFC are playing.

    Somehow I just don’t get that confidence when Arsenal play. I sense too much respect for the big teams. I also see the same timid approach when we take the lead vs. smaller teams (Westham, SHU). We let other teams grow in confidence, inviting that extra pressure (Arteta calls this as suffering). I get that thi has won us trophies recently. But, I truly believe other teams (maybe except FUL) feel that can beat us. The mental side of a contest has been ignored completely by Arteta and it’s going to cost us this season (and make for painful watching)

    1. Psychologically we should be afraid of big 6 thanks to our past performance against them, I could remember a time, during Moyes man utd, every team seems to be beating Utd but somehow we got beaten by them, may I remind you of our constant humiliation? This can’t go away overnight, and the best way to start is minimize the humiliation to a less scoreline and draw, then confidence will build up gradually

      1. Theoretically, that’s how it should be. But c’mon, look at the body language of Auba since he signed the contract (Darren Bent has written a piece on this). Before the contract, the guy was an absolute delight, we even saw him defending in our box during regular play (not set pieces). He even got red carded for that passion once. That’s gone mate! Btw, he’s my favourite player and it pains me to see that the difference in energy before and after was almost immediate.

  6. I think Auba should have head butted gunduan and told him he was on more money than him, or slapped him over the back of the head. Maybe he should have kneed him in the groin. REDICULOUS!

    1. 😂😂😂😂…
      Gundogan to Auba
      “Aye mate, I haven’t seen you in years, I miss the days at Dortmund”.

      Auba: Headbutts Gundogan because we lost 1-nil

      1. 😂😂I didn’t even want to comment on this article because of how ridiculous some things in it sounded but Eddie you just made me break my own curfew. That was hilarious from you and reggie. Good one 😂👍

    2. Or shown a bit of dissapointment ?
      After all he only signed because he thought we were title contender correct ?

  7. Well, Dan, your opinion and hypothesis I respect, but the show of emotions is a different thing based on personalty, some fake it though to gain sympathy/or other reasons best known to individual, however I appreciate a sincere emotions rather than an orchestrated one. A lot of our players in the past has shown passion and orchestrated emotions to make us think they were real, eventually they showed their real color at our most vulnerable time.
    AUBA is far from legendary figure and I doubt he will, however, if he score the winner at our UCL final match, who says he wouldn’t be?

  8. no need to blame the guy for smiling its his natural self. If you set him to play in other positions and not as a central striker is it his fault that he is not scoring? That’s like expecting Gabriele to score 23 goals from the back, Its impossible.

  9. More importantly…
    Why did Arteta play Willian through the middle & not Aubameyang???
    Willian should be in a midfield diamond four with Ceballos, Partey & Ozil.
    Ozil spearheading….for those killer passes…through to Pepe & Aubameyang……or Martinelli when he returns…

  10. Agreed.
    What about Willian, in all games I have seen, he lacks physicality and is not doing the defensive homework.
    He played one good game against a weak Fulham side.
    How much better he is than Ozil! Frankly, I do not care about any of them. I just care that all our ageing players do not have the stamina to fight for 90 mins. Arteta realize that and he substitute him regularly. I hope fans judge all players fairly from that perspective.

    1. I think it was a tactical tweek, he played as CF without the ball and as CAM with the ball, while AUBA play as lw without the ball and CF with the ball that’s why Saka could fill and explore the left-wing

      I think this was an intention to break up play from opposition yard, unfortunately city defenders were quicker and agile, even lacca and nketia couldn’t break them

  11. Some ppl can’t stop smiling even when in pain and I guess Auba is one of them. It seems like signing the contract is like a curse at Arsenal…either players dont sign or when they sign the performance dips. Hopefully, not the same case here with Auba. He will bounce back stronger. Ppl have different personalities, Henry as an example does not look like an approachable person when he was playing any team. He had this assassin’s look, straight face and on top of that an attitude of a guy who is way above ppl around him n he knew it. When he played for france that was completely different because he was one of the star around so many other super stars …specially when Zizu was playing then Henry knew who is the boss. Auba has different personality, he is looks more approachable, always has a smile, his body language and attitude is not that of a star…for me he seems more grounded and does not have that arrogance about him. I won’t read to much into what happens after the match.

  12. You said it your self…we use to be in big 4 now we have slipped into big 6 and if we keep sliding down which we are not only based on the results in EPL but also on the fan base and financial side then soon we will slip into a new category top 8 big clubs.

    1. Well said Mohsan. We are getting more and more content with not competing. Can’t keep relying on transfer windows to correct every problem. At some point things have got to start coming together. Two more massive games coming up and really hope Arsenal show what they’re made of and Arteta takes his hands off the safety net a bit.

  13. We all know that Aubameyang has been always like this.. kind of a guy that always smiles.. he seldom looks sad or angry.. and that is his nature!

  14. The one in Pic, they played together and good to catch up after the game. Don’t add dimensions to a casual chat

  15. Yesterday Leno said in an interview that MA told players that they should be upset after losing against City,I am guessing that he must have seen things he didn’t like in the dressing room after the game like players laughing, joking…I mean MA shouldn’t have to tell our players to be upset should he?Leno’s interview said a lot about our mentality when he said there were a lot of positives(true) ,we were still in the game and could have got a point against City,I don’t know but it looks like we do not have high expectations against top teams if players think that losing 1-0 is a good result or that a draw is the best they can expect against City!

  16. How times have changed. Dennis Bergkamp (a true legend), had to take a pay cut and an annually negotiated contract when he reached the age of 30!! And here we are with no crowd revenue having to lay off 50+ staff giving a hugely enhanced 3 year contract to a 31 year old. I don’t blame Aubameyang who probably has another 3 plus years as a top footballer and is looking to consolidate his financial future. To me it looks like Mesut Ozil revisited except that he was 28 when he signed his megadeal. Only time will tell if the board made the right decision.

  17. Auba has his strengths and weaknesses but he is a superb player whrn used correctly.
    But i will be honest,he was never captain material…..

  18. It’s not Aubameyang, it was poor tactics from Arteta. There is only a certain amount of time you can deliberately sit back and not get hurt. Poor tactics that others are working out. What about some BRAVE tactics that incorporate playing to our strengths……football? Our defence is OK now…..we can attack…’s allowed.

  19. I think you all have seen by now that in premier League there is No team too small or too big. Every team is a worthy opponent. I disagree with Dan smith on Auba smiling. Our players are enjoying their game, their manager said he loved the way they played, I see no reason for Auba not to smile. He shows his commitment to the club and the game by scoring goals not frowning. And that is what we hired Auba to do. For song long as he does that his legendary status will be solidified.

  20. why?
    i have observed always arsenal players make more jokes than the other teams in training
    then they try to be serious in real match while the opponent teams become more e serious than them.

  21. SORRY Dan Smith but I am seriously on the opposite side on this one. I have seen how the world has moved on and increases the pace at which it moves on faster and faster with each passing year.

    The attitude you try to promote belongs to the past. There is no sensible reason why once a game is over our captain or any player should not converse amiably with the opposition.
    If you think more rationally about this talking afterthe final whistle, let me ask you this question: How long after the game would you prefer Auba to have not contact with the opposition? An hour? A day? A week? TEN YEARS?

    PRECISELY WHEN do you think this post match aggressive attitude to the other team should be allowed to wane? Ten minutes? An hour? A day, etc? NEVER PERHAPS!

    What you are asking is to behave in an unnatural manner and that is not how most younger people behave these days. Thank Goodness too!

    You are in effect asking our players to become dinosaurs again and say I to you DAN, THAT DINOSUARS SHOULD BE LEFT WHERE THEY ONCE WERE, IN THE DISTANT PAST.

    1. Dan I’d also like to point out that times have changed, for the better too, since “Gerrard and Terry were in their prime”!

  22. We all loved Santi Carzola, but I be never seen him with a strong facial expression , maybe that’s a weakness, and if so Ronaldinho was a weak person on And off the pitch

  23. Has anyone noticed Williams is fraud?
    And we are forcing ozil out to accommodate someone who cannot pass, do defensive works , create chances as much as half if what ozil would have done in that number of games , because he is Brazilian and from Chelsea plus Edu says he is good.
    Arsenal wake up

  24. Gundogan to Auba : ” Your fans are about to tear you a new one for todays performance”

    Auba to Gundogan: “Hahaha yeah man, I know. Great to see you again though bro”.

    I guess people were out of ideas on what to write about.

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