Arsenal like to have the fans sweating right to the end

Arsenal have living on the edge in their DNA!

So that is another one ticked off our list and if you Gooners have just about recovered from the near loss experience of the two games on the weekend, lets reflect!

Six points in total for our men’s and women’s team’s means that surely smiles are big on the faces of Arsenal fans this week.

At least until the next round of games that is!

Now we are not getting ahead of ourselves but even some of the more negative Arsenal fans (me included at times) cannot be blind to the form we are in and run we are on, and the fact that we are slowly but surely climbing up the table, and at times even managing to take advantage of the slip ups our opponents around us are making.

No team is easy to play against in the Premier League. Every team has a strong and weak point, and sometimes it does boil down to how you perform on the day. 

Sometimes it is just not meant to be and sometimes it is. 

One week you can blow a team off the park, the next you can be blown off the park, that is why the Premier League is one of the greatest leagues in the world.

But Arsenal faced a Watford team who have been inconsistent in their performances lately but only last weekend held Manchester United to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford. 

On paper this result could have gone either way, especially as the ball was in the back of the net with just 18 seconds on the clock, yet VAR called it offside and Arsenal fans and players breathed a sigh of relief, well I know I did and I guess from that moment on it could be said that it would be our day. 

Another Martin Odegaard goal, followed by that man again – Bukayo Saka – and a third from Gabirel Martinelli with a small assist from the boss, meant another three points were on the board for us, and despite conceding two goals, one which came on the 87th minute to make it 3-2 and a nervy finish, it was nice to see us hold on to our lead and grind out another win against what was actually a very tough opponent.

But as long as Arsenal continue to do their job and forget what everyone around them is doing, then come the end of the season we should hopefully finish in the best and highest position possible that would mean we are part of the Champions League next season!

And if the wins keep coming in whatever way, shape or form, then so will the smiles, and I am sure we won’t be complaining!

Heres hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman


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Mikel Arteta’s FULL press conference after Watford win –

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  1. It’s only nerve racking if you set unreal expectations. I have hoped for top 6 all season and see top 4 as a bonus not essential so I am in a comfort zone right now.

    1. Come on man. The world is not static. It is fluid and one’s got adjust their expectations with the situation at hand.
      We came into the season with this over estimation of our opponents. We absolutely over estimated them. We overrated them.
      Now through the season we have learned that they are not as good as we thought they were.

      It’s like going into the ring overestimating your opponent, you get in there and you hold your own throughout the 10 rounds, you discover that tour opponent was just a big talker and has always had an injured leg . You don’t then say, “oh well I will not be disappointed if I lose to him after 10 rounds.”

      The likes of Spurs, United, Chelsea etc have shown that they are weak too, they have not been much better than is this season, so finishing 6th will definitely be a disappointment and shouldn’t be looked at any way other than that.

      It’s like the Russia vs Ukraine madness. We all overestimated Russia’s ability. But now we find out that they have some weaknesses Logistically, poor planning, low morale and underestimating the Ukrainian people resilience etc..

      Finishing 6th after the weaknesses of our

  2. Let’s be real, the is the PL and this is how all the teams are playing.

    No one show up to lose and we should fight for the win and sometimes, struggle!

    1. Yeah, EPL is highly unpredictable. All our top four rivals have experienced unexpected defeats, which we could also get when Leicester come to visit

        1. Yes we must win against Leicester, but their midfielders will be more harassing than Watford’s. I’m afraid they will intimidate Odegaard

          1. Gai, it’s not really about Odegard alone we have Pathey and Xhaka who are both experienced players. It is our defenders that I worry about. Gabriel have been Shakey at the back lately. The game is going to be a slim victory considering Leceister may be out for a revenge. If Arteta gets his tactics right and the players bring on great energy and fight I am hopeful of a victory for us even if slim because our next game would be unpredictable

    2. Yes Sir, agree and happy that you accept the EPL is a very tough league now, in your days it was a two horse race with MU, only to be replaced by City & CFC. And with all your big signings we landed 6th!

      1. The league as been a 2 horse race for the last 5 years ,and both Liverpools and Man City have been getting a higher points total than the likes we have seen before so the league is not tougher at all ,if anything the top 2 have been having a easy ride to the PL title compared to when the great Arsene and sir Alex were going toe to toe .

        1. Sir Alex knock out 10-3 titles (not considering the 3 he won before our greatest Mr. Wenger landed on our shores)

          1. I was talking about the league being easier as were you not sure why you have changed the subject .

            1. You are right Dan, the league is so easy in the recent years that in 2016 Leicester walked home with the title. (Claudio 1-0 Arsene the score board read in 2016)

  3. We’ve been very good at chasing to get to 4th spot with little pressure. Now that we are favourites(statistically speaking) it will be interesting if we can handle the pressure that comes with being chased week in and week out.

  4. Off topic,

    how would Arsenal fans feel about Rashford being available? I don’t know what’s going on with him this season but if you look at his past 3 seasons, he was amazing.

    I always thought he would be better as centre-forward (like on his debut), although United has played him on the left over the past few seasons.

    Its just circulating on the news right now. He’s getting heavily criticized but if you look at the state Man United are at the moment, I don’t blame him. He scored 19 goals and assisted another 9 from the left wing last year, and as a reward United brought Ronaldo to replace him..

    1. Rashford has never been, as you mistakenly claim,”amazing”! He was a promising player when very young who had one really good – not amazing, but simply really good – season and thereafter faded into mediocrity.

      He was, when very young , overhyped by foolish fans as a special talent , but has disappointed bigtime and his former mediocrity has diminished NOW, into anonymity.
      It is a shame that his big heart for disadvantaged kids, off the field, is not matched by a big heart in properly trying for his team when playing.

      Reality and context!

  5. Rashford? Please we’ve had enough buying players who fell out with their former clubs,it just does’nt work for us.

    1. I would take him if the price is right.. I would have also taken Van di Beek from them.. Sometimes it’s not the player’s fault.. Some excel at a club and struggle in another.. Take Sanchez as an example he was a beast with us but below average with ManU.. Hazard with Chelsea and Madrid.. KDB before moving to Wolfsburg.. Serge gnabry and the list goes on.. If he was old I’d say okay but rashford still has many seasons in him

  6. Every team in the EPL desirve to be there as they played to get there. Now, we fans should be very happy to be where we are, as looking back, those top boytjies did not become super teams overnight

  7. Arsenal deserve to be where they are because of the way we have played over the weeks and our consistent winning run has been enabled by the fantastic form of Saka, Ode and ESR, not to forget the tireless Laca. That said, there is still lot of work to do before the season is over and we have to maintain our consistency and not allow our levels to drop. As for Rashford, I would welcome him. The guy is top class and will add impetus to our strike force. He can play as CF or on the left and his pace, precision and power are a treat to watch.

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