Arsenal limp over the line against gritty 10-man Watford

Arsenal managed to get only their second Premier League away win since late November, although we were hardly convincing.

Our side was not only gifted the opening goal after a shocker from Ben Foster, who literally gave the ball to Aubameyang inside the box for the opener, but with only 10 minutes of the match played we were also given a personnel boost.

You will hardly be shocked by the news that Troy Deeney was the man to pick up a red card tonight, but trying to be neutral I feel like it may not have been as bad as it was treated. The England striker seemed to throw his arm up a tad when running past Torreira in the middle of the park, and was shown a straight red.

Despite such a great start for our side, and the given advantages, Watford had much of the possession and a number of chances, and our boys struggled to command any real dominance at all.

The game looked like it was going to give us a painful ending, with our side looking overly likely to hold onto our record of being the only English league side to not have a clean sheet away from home, but thankfully we have shifted that one tonight.

Andre Gray came awfully close after getting in behind the defence and rounding the keeper, only for Maitland-Niles to come to our rescue, and in reality if he still had his strike-partner on the pitch they would more than likely have scored at least once…

Am I being too harsh on the overall turnout of the match? Did Arsenal need that extra man advantage? Is it time to start feeling confident of a top four finish?

Pat J


  1. Poor Deeney thought he could trigger Torreira’s emotion, but Torreira was a better actor. It is never a red card though

    Arsenal were poor despite playing against a mid-table club’s ten men and they looked unfamiliar with 4-3-3 formation. Aubameyang was isolated upfront due to the poor understanding between the two mezzalas and the two wingers

    A win, but they would be obliterated if the miscommunication continues in Naples. Leno was excellent, Iwobi’s movements were threatening as always, Torreira was influential with his interceptions/ steals as usual and Mkhitaryan was the worst of the bunch

    1. Whether it was a deliberate forearm or an elbow in the face, either one is a red cards. Read the football “laws” (more accurately, the rules). A red card was correct all night long! But we were lucky that braindead Deeney played against us. Who else but an idiot would get refs pre warned by famously and stupidly PUBLICLY saying what he saisd about “cajones”. He was not mistaken in thinking it; merely in PUBLICLY saying it. Daft as a brush and thus our luck!

    1. Same here, except there will not be an elbow. It was a woeful performance, we were not creative, we lacked imagination, we kept passing the ball at a sleeping pace. Am worried because with performances like this we will not go beyond top 4.

      1. they just seem to look frightened away from home. Too tense, not fluid. There is good morale in this team though, I’m hoping that that will take us over line…a few lucky goals

        1. After we scored and Deeney was sent off they looked to control the game (Emery mentioned in his post match) but in doing so let Watford back in the game… should have steam rolled them after the red card, they were on the back foot, watch some boxing if not familiar.

          The change of Ozil and Guendouzi lost control of game, same as the Everton game. We lost the ability to play through the middle, closed out on the wings.

          I blame Emery for this, the stat of not playing Laca and Auba in an away game shows a mentality that causes bad results.

          In saying that we can only play what was in front of us and I reckon we would have played better if we were playing an 11 man attacking Watford.

          So glad for the win and back in top four and it’s in our own hands again. COYG

    2. Honestly, that performance was terrible, couldn’t put a 10 man watford team away. Emery made some senseless and sideways substitutions. Our players are the epitome of inconsistency, how does mhki play so well against tottenham away and play do terribly against a 10 man watford team? Ozil comes in for the second half but i barely noticed he was playing, while Iwobi created some chances, he mostly makes the wrong decision and don’t get me started on mustafi. Mavropanos was also really bad but i can look past that due to the circumstances. Leno made some important saves and kept us in the game. Overall, we need luck like today to get top four.

      1. It was a terrible game but job done. United had a shit game against West ham but got the 3 points. I’m not complaining. It’s in the past, next stop Naples!

        Ever considered that our players are actually tired and or Emery is trying to prevent tiredness by playing such formation and starting 11. Maybe the players were reserving their energy and took it down a gear once Troy gott sent off. I mean a professional athlete and coach wouldn’t know how to do that would they!?!

  2. Arsenal must do all they can to sell certain player come this summer especially the likes of Mkhitaryan and Mustafi.Both of them do not deserve another chance here ever again.Even the dreadful and hopeless Iwobi has even outperformed Mkhitaryan this season which shows how bad he’s been.He’s also another I wouldnt mind to see go but as long as he is an option from the bench its okay because at least he has trickery which defenders hate though ineffective.If we can also find a buyer for Ozil then he must go too because we are not getting back what we are paying him.Some players are really living the life at Arsenal.Carl Jenkinson played for our U23’s and scored vs Chelsea but the thing is why can’t he start over Mustafi who is even shaky in his actual position?The only real highlight of the match was Aubameyang scoring from a terrible mistake by the keeper and Deeney being sent off.Auba deserves MOTM for his persistence though he like the rest of the attackers did absolutely nothing.This match was absolutely not worth my while but I guess I allowed myself to be deceived thinking we were gonna do anything positive.

    1. It’s due to performances like this that some of us were angry at Arsenal not taking their chances against a massively underperforming Napoli.
      We played Auba,Ozil,Mkhi and Iwobi against 10 mean and still did next to nothing.Im guessing the excuse will be jot playing Laca as we wouldve wom with him??The painful thing is you read comments bashing Iwobi who even though average still created two clear chances one for Mkhi and Auba which both should’ve scored from.In truth he’s average but still outperformed both and Ozil today despite doing nothing just like at Everton.

        1. Well we know you’res don’t we .
          Stupid comment ….
          If you’re happy watching him play that’s on you .
          One paced
          Can’t be arsed to track back
          Can’t string a pass together
          And the only person he can dribble around is himself .
          If you actually watched the match before Deeney got sent off you will see what I’ve writtten is all true ,rewatch it for yourself and just watch iwobi .then come back to me with you’re smart arsed comments .

          1. The level of ignorance,naivety and bias in your comments is serious.You seem to be missing the point but I don’t blame you because it’s due to your bias.When have I ever said Iwobi is good enough?Infact I’ve even said here that Gervinho is better and if Emery is willing to be brave I’d rather see Saka given his chance.Iwobi must start because he’s the only one who can take on his man in this team and that alone creates space and through that he can create chances of which he did in this match despite being average.Your Ozil did nothing in the match and I wonder how he still makes £350,000 a week at this great club.Imagine him being her next season and calling the Arsenal management competent.Please learn to respect others before replying to them because I can easily destroy you with words if I want to.Sit down and take of your Ozil tainted shades and watch Arsenal matches without trying to make everything about him.What nonsense!

            1. Kev-I’m going to cut you a bit of slack (only a bit mind) because your right and your wrong.
              Iwobi?You can see why we need a natural wide player is all I will say about him other than I won’t accept the Lagos Lunatics (you know who you are) startvdefending him by saying he is being played out of position.He is.Wrong position.Wrong Club.Wrong league.He is Championship Level at best.
              But you also are forever banging on about Ozil being overpaid and under performing.Is it any coincidence our best run of results have come when he is in the team?
              Emery is starting to get him playing with the strikers we have at our disposal.We all know and accept we are unbalanced but it’s not just Ozil that is the cause.
              I always read what you say Kev and you do say a lot of relevant stuff but was Ozil really as bad as what was on the pitch before him?I don’t believe he was and nor do I suspect most others.
              Forget his wages.MO10 is going nowhere next season.With a more balanced squad and system I would like to believe Emery can get the consistency out of the player.
              What’s the betting for player of the season?Leno for me by a mile.Sort Of says it all

              1. To being with,if you’ve always read my comments then you’d know the reason why I say Iwobi should start.It’s simply because he’s the closest to a winger we have in our team and he has some trickery to put the opposition on the back foot despite being average.I’m not a Nigerian and I don’t blindly defend Iwobi because I know he’s average and only gets to start because of lack of personnel(wingers).
                As for the part on Ozil,the less I say about him the better.He has been here for about six season and has only really been impressive in one season.He doesn’t deserve to be here another season like many players here and if Emery is trying to get consistency out of him then I think he’s on a mission to fail.If we are talking about best run of results including him then I’d also like to point out that Arsenal beat top teams without him showing that the coach believes he can’t handle it against top team.It literally makes absolutely zero sense as to why the club shouldnt try to sell him.I’ve have already given up on him and this team is kind of pathetic to the extent that I can literally tell you who’s gonna play bad or good in the next match and so on and I’m gonna be right.

                1. See Kev you have now let yourself down badly.You are no MYSTIC MEG.You believe you know who will play badly but how can you really say without doubt will not perform.Everyone (quite rightly) slaughters the living S**T out of Mustafi .Some (including myself) would have had Jenkinson in at RB but Mustafi actually had a decent game especially playing where he did.Aubamayang did NOTHING all game other than score the winner.He is a striker and that’s exactly what he is paid to do so as far as I’m concerned that’s all he needs to do.
                  And Ozil is the patsy for a lot of fans.But the statistics prove beyond doubt ourcresults are better with him in the team.You can not argue with facts PAL whichever way you would like to spin your comments.
                  I’m actually not having a pop at you-you are very consistent in your comments (well Tomas Lamar an obvious mistake) and you have always been very anti MO10. But if he does not get another game this season I guarantee the team will suffer.Three things you can never get away from.Death Taxes and. Mesut Ozil.And like the other two mentioned Ozil is going NOWHERE

                  1. I never said I was mystic meg.I said in my reply that the team is so pathetic that I could tell who would have a bad game and it would likely be true.I said that because lots of players are underperforming and it’s not hard to tell that some for e.g Mustafi are going to be suspect against Napoli away.Mind you he made some mistakes today which weren’t punished.I also beg to differ on the Aubameyang part.
                    You rightfully and clearly state as a striker he’s paid to score goals hen this implies he should be scoring more than he misses but from what I’m seeing that isn’t the case and even Aubameyang will tell you he’s missed a lot of sitters and he should be cruising by now in terms of most goals scored in the league.He has to improve his composure in front of goal and there’s no debate on that.
                    Btw I’m not anti Ozil or against any player.I seek the truth and justice.Is it difficult for a fan to say both Ozil and Iwobi didn’t play well?No, but you’d rather see people blindly supporting either player especially Ozil and lambasting Iwobi on days where he even outperforms Ozil like today.Im not a fan of both players at all and tbh I’d like to see the back of both players.I see you’ve how gone to stats(facts) as your basis to defend Ozil and that is quite interesting because even stats say Mustafi is our best CB which is far from it when you consider it in context.Considering Ozil’s stats in the context of how he’s been playing for most of his time here at Arsenal and this season I will once again repeat that he should be sold!Ozil like Iwobi must start games together because they are all we have for now but these two should not be in the first team next season.

                    1. Kev -I bet you are someone who never smiles and laughs about anything.I actually thought I would support your comments tonight but sort of wish I hadn’t bothered.
                      Here’s a stat to consider -What F***ing W***er of a defender gave away a penalty at Palace and another at Wembley against the Spuds?Yeah Mustafi.4 points lost because of that useless twat that would have us clear in third if we had won both games.At £35m I would expect him to be solid against a 10 man Watford wouldn’t you?
                      Here’s another stat to consider-How many opportunities has Iwobi had in the starting eleven this season?Goals scored?Goals created?
                      And YOU want both Iwobi AND MO10 in the same side?Why?Stats will prove we are a better attacking side with Auba and Lacazette in front of Ozil.That is a fact.
                      Another Stat-How many clean sheets have we had with Ozil in the side against when Iwobi has played in his place?Look it up if you don’t believe the facts.
                      Let me tell you I have far better things to do with my life other than to look up stats.Back home from Watford at midnight and being picked up to fly to Naples from Heathrow at 4.00am so no sleep and not bothered at all by that.What I am bothered by is fans dissing our best player because he has made himself a target by inconsistency due to Emery completely mis -managing the player.
                      Emery thought he could do without Ozil.Stats (if your sad enough to look them up) prove him very wrong

                      Chao And arrividerci

    2. I don’t think Ozil and Mkhitaryan are sellable, because they are old and bloated with mega wages

      Mustafi still has high value though, because his defending stats are one of the highest in EPL, he is still in his prime age and a World Cup winner (despite he was not the main CB)

      1. Agree. If we can get just one of Ozil or Miki out this summer it is a victory. Preferably Ozil since his wages are that much higher and significantly affect what we can do in transfer market. Even though I rate him higher than Miki as a player. Still, not high enough to keep him here. I’m also confident we can find somebody to buy Mustafi. We won’t recoup our money, but on paper, he has excellent stats and he’s at a good age.

  3. We can’t keep doing this. Won’t win a single away game in the remainder of the season if this persists. I just don’t understand why we are such pushovers when we leaves the Emirates. Leno MOTM because I cannot give it to a single outfield player.

    1. It’s due to team mentality.Mind you in the early part of the season teams were creating numerous clear cut chances against us but failed to score.Hence why you always hear about the unbeaten being full of luck.The players seem to lack belief away from home.

        1. Its a clear sign of irresponsiblity.Just look at how we try to string passes together.At times it’s almost as if we can’t pass.See how players head drop quickly when they make a mistake and you feel there’s no recognizable leadership in the squad.

          1. Picking one captain is something i was sure Emery would do. Disappointed to see he keeps throwing the armband to different players. Honestly, it should be Sokratis who is consistently our captain. Nobody else has his mentality and you need to just be stubborn and ruthless at times. We are desperate to get into top 4, yet we never looked ruthless at any point in this game.

            1. The fact that the caprain armband is being thrown around like nothing goes on to confirm the issue.Its blizzare really the way the captain’s armband keeps changing from player to player.I also believe Sokratis can be a good captain though I have problems with his style of defending as he gives away many cheap fouls.The race for the top four is certainly going to be a nailbitting experience for us based on what we are seeing.I actually thought we were gonna cruise past Watford then struggle a bit at Wolves but let’s see how things pan out.

    2. Guendouzi has been horrible lately and needs to grow as a player. Ozil was better than his usual away performances, Miki is out of form so he will be the worst player in the squad for a while, Iwobi was just marginally better. Get’s to the box and his mind goes blank though so that makes him useless. Kos is still the heart of our defense and we can’t let him go just yet considering our current options. Thought Mavropanos did just okay. He was no worse than Mustafi, but has positioning issues due to inexperience. Height was a nice advantage though.

      1. I agree what you’re saying but I hope you considered it in the context of us playing against 10 men??

  4. Yeh very poor performance you would have thought it was us with 10 men huge credit to Watford definitely deserved
    Something from the game but at this stage of season going for top 4 it’s a win and that’s what counts doesn’t matter how just get a result!!

  5. Leno 7
    Mustafi 4
    Mov 6
    Kos 7
    Monreal 7
    Ramsey 7
    Xhaka 6
    Iwobi 4
    Miki 3
    Torreira 7
    Pea 7
    MOM Leno

    Ozil 7
    AMN 7
    Gendo 6

    We need to sell Iwobi, miki and Mustafi ASAP

    1. Terrible and bias rating.Did we watch the same match??Why do people always call out only Iwobi,Mustafi and Mkhitaryan.What do the rest do that catches your eye game after game?Iwobi was terrible today but I’m pretty sure he created more chances than any attacking player.I couldn’t care less if he’s sold but I hate it when the truth is hidden all in the name of blind support.

      1. Kev it’s an opinion same as when you said we would def sign players? chill your boots. Iwobi created FA and he’s had numerous chances now he’s average at best and wouldn’t get in ANY other top 6 side. Miki is shocking full stop and most of the others get 7 as we did ok nothing more nothing less

        You do realise we actually won the game so some players must have been ok

        1. Let’s leave the transfer issues out.Where have I said Iwobi and Mkhi aren’t average?Iwobi outperformed Ozil and Mkhi today despite also doing next to nothing like them.The fact that a team win a game does not necessarily mean some were good.You can be dreadful for 90minutes and still win a game.This happens all the time in football.How Iwobi has lower ratings than Xhaka,Guendouzi and Ozil is beyond me.I call your rating shameful and far from a true reflection of the game.I wonder what wouwoul been the ratings if Arsenal won like 4-0.

          1. Of course why wouldn’t you?You’re as bias as they come.Imagine thinking his ratings are fair.How can any Arsenal watch the match and give anyone bar Leno a 7?These ratings are nothing and are shameful to say the least.Now I truly know we have bias folk here.I don’t blame you though because it seems as though the incompetence from some of the Arsenal management is creeping into the fans.We can’t even give proper ratings let alone manage player salaries.

      2. Exactly kev, i know its his opinion but how does he come to this nonsensical conclusion? Iwobi a 4 but ozil a 7?

        1. It’s a bias rating.My only hope is that come this season we will be able to sell the dreadful ones and the overhyped ones.

    2. Iwobi was better and he worked harder than the subs

      He had no assist nor goal and he looked petrified in the penalty box, but he would have two assists if Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan managed to finish Iwobi’s excellent deliveries

      There is no stat for being a threat, or for terrorizing a defense, or for linking up play at the front. All you people see is just the number of goals or assists, but never the hardwork nor the take-ons of a team player

    3. I don’t rate iwobi, but how do you give iwobi a 4 but give ozil a 7? I know iwobi is not good enough but i remember him creating some chances like the mkhi chance he should have buried. Stop with the BIAS rating and go watch the match again. I barely saw ozil in the second half except for a cut back to mkhi amd you give him a 7? Why not a 10 because his name os ozil. Before anyone say i prefer iwobi, for a second time, i don’t rate him.

      1. It’s funny because they actually think we rate Iwobi.Its almost as if we became fans yesterday and having watched great wingers play for us.What I can’t stand is with the bias and the overhyping of players who always do next to nothing yet those players won’t be bashed but a player like Iwobi will take all the blame for the incompetence of others.

        1. If I call people out for being completely bias towards Iwobi every one will say am supporting the player because he is from my country, I would rather keep shut and observe.
          I’m happy we won today and also glad Musti had a good game, not all games are to be won with brilliance though I think our forwards should do better in converting chances given to them.
          Off topic : would love to follow some of the fans here on twitter, my handle is Aeontisty.

      1. The problem unai emery us facing is that he met a mdiocre team. So he is just trying to manage the team using various tactics and system. To me he had done well so far with the team, already more point than last season.
        To me, he is tactically more sound than Wenger. Even pep guardiola will no go far with this team.
        No natural wingers, lack of enough quality players. He never inherit good team. He has tried so far.
        The team need a lot of offloading of players and more quality players.

    4. Did we watch the same match? Iwobi created 7 clear chances as an attacking winger. How many clear chances did Pea missed? Yet 7, how many chances did Ozil creat when he came on and how many clear chances did he miss. I guess you just hate this Iwobi for no just cause.

  6. Positive
    first clean sheet away from home this season.
    3 important points
    Deeney shut up now…

    Casual display even after having that extra man in our favour.
    Midfielders don’t press or close down the opponent enough. You always see space in between for opponent to give a simple pass.
    We don’t kill games off

    Next stop, Napoli. We need to get it right to scale through. I think we will qualify to the semi final in the Europa

    1. I think we kept a clean sheet against Huddersfield away… I’m not sure though….. our performance today, just like in most of our away games was horrible, we played like we were the ones with a player short…. I believe our performance will be a lot better against Napoli though. But really, we need to fix our away form. Only Leno, Koscielny, and Torreira played ok…. the rest were less than average… Mkhitaryan…. was just plain horrible.

  7. We all know we’ve been poor away from home, so I don’t get what all the fuss is about, we expected this from Watford, and sure will get it from Wolves. We knew we would struggle and I expected it, but the other thing I expected were the three points.
    I don’t care how poor the game was, in the end the three points is the most important thing to get from it

  8. I honestly do know where we are as a football team. Emery’s method of football does not suit Arsenal’s. We are our team when we are at home but an absolute shambles away because Emery think his inherent method is better, so we look quite lost, unimaginative and weak. I am not happy at all.

    1. Last season we were just as awful though, so it is not Emery that is causing us to struggle away. He has not found the solution though either.

        1. I thought that was why we brought in a new manger to help us improve significantly or at least not be this poor away from home???! Or what should we except from a new manger

          1. Pat, Arsenal are at least in the hunt for a Champions League place this season, unlike last season.

            1. Because Chelsea and Man U have bad season. Not because we have improved significantly. You have to look at the whole picture before you can say we have improved. To think that we have only won against a bottom team and a performance like yesterday is shameful. I can not get over that performance. I wish us luck on Thursday. We are not fit to compete with top teams.

  9. The most important thing is that we won,back in top four
    Why are we trying to bring negative vibe to this win,.
    I do believe this win will definitely ease off the away day psychological blocks.
    Lets support this lad
    You guys made me proud today.
    My first win away from home in 2019 and my first clean shit with an experimental selection. Thumbs up.
    Napoli in sight.

    1. If you truly watched the match you will see why. I’m not usually negative in my thinking with arsenal but watching us playing abjectly poor against 10 men Watford what do expect the reaction will be like and what do you expect will happen in Napoli

  10. ….The chances we wasted are heart breaking….The devil wanted to use Mkhi and Ozil and Iwobi plus their master in the business, Auba with their wasted chances….and Emery with his strange substitutions that nearly killed us….. Ozil is a real enigma as we were literally playing with ten Players…..God help us if we don’t get a creator next season….
    …. Priceless win….unto the next one….COYG!

  11. Not our best performance but 3 points, no injuries and a clean sheet! Will take that – Top 4 still in our own hands.

  12. Funny old game this. Didn’t learn much other than why Emery hasn’t been playing Mavraponas. I know many will disagree but Mustafi was pretty dominant in the air in the last 20 when Watford were hoofing it up. Hopefully the performance was because we had one eye on Thursday. Still, a big win in the end.

    1. Mustafi was a rock on the right side, partly because he was instructed to stay behind and he was dominant aerially

      I think it’s good to go to Naples with similar 4-3-3 formation with Mustafi as an RB, but the team must familiarize themselves with this formation first

    2. Actually find myself agreeing with you on Mustafi as well. Was okay today and did a good job in the final push.

    3. Unfortunately I saw enough of Mavropanos to suggest he isn’t going to improve our defence… Tried to get to ball with a header in first and completely missed and let their man run through on goal?

      Need to let him out on loan next year to see if worth to keep hold of him…

      Big critic of Mustafi but this was one of his better ones?

      Aubameyang really need better support than Iwobi and Mkhitaryan to be efficient… He is a cool dude who will score goals for fun with right back up!

      Do us proud on Thursday!

  13. Excellent result! Finally a damned away win! I really don’t care whether it was scrappy or undeserved. At this point of the season the only thing relevant to me is the result..and we got it. They all worked hard but today it wasn’t happening for Mkhitaryan and Iwobi. Ozil was pretty much a passenger when he came on too.

  14. The positives:
    1) Leno was good following a bit of early dithering.
    2) Mustafi made his usual couple of mistakes but his headers out when under pressure were vital.
    3) Iwobi seems to finally be getting the idea about his final ball.. Had a very good game today. Let’s hope he’s insprired by this and improves further.

    I’ll leave the negatives for others.

  15. The only thing stopping me from criticizing this performance happens to the most important thing which is the 3 points. I don’t know how Emery is ok with this performance. I can’t remember Foster making any good save despite his team played with man down for almost 75 min. 11 vs 11 today we would drop point. Thank you Mr Cojone. For the cl sake Iwobi and PEA should never start a game together and In fact Iwobi and Miki should never start any important match again.

    1. Iwobi must start in Naples

      Nobody else is able to wreak havoc the opposition’s defense like him currently, not even the 40+ M strikers and attacking midfielders

      We need someone that can produce corners and free kicks, because Arsenal are still lousy at away matches

        1. Wow come on gotanidea you just be trolling ?
          Wreck havoc ?that must be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen posted on here .thats worse than that made up pre assist stat that was being mentioned a few weeks back
          I can’t take it I’m off to bed ? ????

            1. Wreak Havoc?Are you F***ing serious or what?When has Iwobi ever wreaked havoc on any team he played against?And you expect him to do that in Italy?

      1. What did he do today. I watched him taking ball to the byline and allowed Watford players to double up on him tin instead of attacking the box straight away each time he reached ball alone. Somebody said he is brain dead each time he got into the box and I quite agree with him. I don’t know why cos I don’t see play like that for my country. Maybe because he plays centrally.

    2. Thought Iwobi was very good today. The only one to put the Watford defence on the back foot. Not his fault the chances he created were not taken.

  16. Dreadful performance from us. Did we have a man extra? Very very lucky that Watford had a man sent off, because I am not sure we would have won that, given what I just saw.

    I think Napoli will be licking their lips!

    1. Obviously the result is what matters at this stage of the season, but there are no positives in regards to performance. We haven’t turned a corner with our away form.

      1. I agree about Napoli licking their lips TMJW… was hoping for a decent performance to boost our confidence a little before Thursday, but after limping over the line against 10 men… ??

          1. Haha sure thing Paul ? my heart rate has just gone back to normal ?
            Yes you’re right, a win is a win… now that is one game I’d like to forget ?

  17. I thought Deeney was sent off in the 12th minute… The way Watford played, you’d have thought we were the team with a man down. Need a lot of improvement going forward.

  18. this away jinx is really affecting the team, cant blame many of them except mkhi, i think d issue is not a tatical problem, i guess the team were not jess mentally ok any time they play away from home, i do hope something should be done, b4 next season

  19. oh what I’d give to get ozil, Mustafi, mhiki& elneny off this team. I need players with the technique ,grit and zeal of torreira to replace them. I need hard workers. if Auba & Lacazette have some players like trossard, Malcom & a stocky,creative & rugged CAM with an eye for goal and not some useless flicks & flips as passes. add Umtiti. hmm! maybe one day soonest at least I saw wenger leave

  20. A poor performance.We failed to match Watford in terms of effort and apart from Ramsay our running off the ball was non existent .This is where we are miles behind Man City and Liverpool. Decoure is a rolls Royce of a player who I would love to see as a replacement for Ramsay .The usual suspects have been criticised but two of our poorest players on the night were Torreria and Monreal. This is the third consecutive match where the opposition has created problems on the right channel and in this case we cannot blame Kolasinac.I fear Napoli will exploit this glaring weakness on Thursday.

  21. Arsenal don’t belong in the Europa league on that performance, let alone CL. No urgency, no pressing, no creativity, not physical, no character, not a lot at all to offer really.

  22. A win is a win ,whether it is crappy or not, if we play well and lost, is that OK ?. I don’t think so, getting a result is the ultimate in 90mins football which the lads did. Kudos to them all.

  23. We need to put football at this point of the season into context.

    Man United were lucky to beat West Ham, Chelsea even more luckier to beat Cardiff.. we were not as great as we can be yet we grind out a win.

    When was the last time someone said we played poorly but won?

    We have conceded the least amount of goals in 2019 after Man City. Coinsides with having Kosciency, Sokratis and Monreal all fit and playing the majority of games.
    Unfortunately we are still learning about this new arsenal under unai.

    One point of mention is that away from home unai plays mkhitaryan Iwobi then Laca and Ozil. This does offer better protection for our midfield but lacks the real creative instinct that opponents will be concerned with and although this is affecting our balance…its also affecting our ability to pick up wins away from home.

    On the note of the Troy Red Card I would say it was a fair decision. It was deemed soft because he didn’t connect with his elbow but on another day, his elbow connects…its irrelevant…its dangerous and Intentional play and players think they can kick our players to get ahead…I’m tired of that.

    It’s time English football moved on.

    1. Valid points. My real concern is Arsenal’s failure to score from clear chances created. The playersneed to get their shooting boots back on. Arsenal is very wasteful at present, which has and will cost points.
      If Aubameyang and Mhikataryan had taken clear chances, the negativity over the win would have been reduced.

  24. Being Purely Analytical…

    Tottenham have the easiest run of games till the end of season, with most of them being Home Fixtures – They’ll definitely seal 3rd Spot

    Chelsea have one game LESS than us and are already below us with one of their games even being against MAN UTD. – Looks Like They’re Destined To Finish Below Us One Way Or The Other

    We are 2 points ahead of Man Utd and they still have CHELSEA & MAN CITY to play – That Doesn’t Show A Sign Of Them Topping Us

    I believe the Table (Top 4) is already shaped the way it will end:

    Man City

    We’ll most likely drop around 5 points – Chelsea & Man Utd are headed to dropping at least 5 points too

  25. Happy for the vital away 3 points at this critical time. That was all I asked for.
    People who are murmuring and complaining about our poor display haven’t learned anything about the master strategist we are fortunate to have as a coach. This is no time to give Napoli anything to work on against us come Thursday.
    Very happy for that haphazard 3 points.

  26. I never complain when we WIN!
    That’s all I want. Whether we win convincingly or not. a win is a win and 3 points
    We desperately needed the 3 points to stay in contention.

  27. Arsenal are a pathetic shadow of a once great club. Blame who you like but it is a club in decline.

  28. Arsenal: Leno (6), Koscielny (6), Mavropanos (6), Mustafi (6), Monreal (6), Ramsey (7), Torreira (7), Xhaka (6), Iwobi (7), Mkhitaryan (5), Aubameyang (7).

    Subs used: Ozil (6), Gunedouzi (6), Maitland-Niles (6).

  29. That’s a fair rating @nonny, though I would have given the players you gave 7 rating 6.8.

  30. The problem unai emery us facing is that he met a mdiocre team. So he is just trying to manage the team using various tactics and system. To me he had done well so far with the team, already more point than last season. To me, he is tactically more sound than Wenger. Even pep guardiola will no go far with this team.
    No natural wingers, lack of enough quality players. He never inherit good team. He has tried so far.
    The team need a lot of offloading of players and more quality players.

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