Arsenal lining up a shock transfer deal for England international

Arsenal reported to have made Manchester City star their number one winter target.

According to the British media, Arsenal is interesting in making a move for Manchester City defender John Stones.

It is reported that Mikel Arteta and Stones share the same agent and that the England defender is keen on a move to the Emirates, possibly in some sort of loan deal.

The Sun is quoting a source who apparently said

“He was in London to see his agent last week and is due back again this week.

“He knows if he is to resurrect his England career he has to get more time on the pitch.

“Arteta is in need of defenders so it could be perfect for both of them.”

Obviously Arteta has a relationship with Stones from his time as an assistant to Pep Guardiola and that makes this all the more tantalising.

Stones would not need time to bed in, he knows Arteta and what he would expect and would slip into the back four effortlessly.

The 25-year-old loves to come forward with the ball and while he does get caught out occasionally he is still a far better defender than what is currently available to Arteta.

Stones is struggling to nail down a place at the Etihad and that is not good for the defender who desperately needs game time if he is to get an England call up for the European championship in the summer.

It should also be noted that Stones is unable to get a regular spot in Citys team even though Aymeric Laporte is out injured.

It has to be said that if this was to happen it would be a great signing for Arsenal.


  1. Would love stones at Arsenal, really rated him a few years back and at 25 his best is still ahead of him. He’s english as well!

  2. How can City let Stone come to Arsenal when city has been forced to play Fernandinho as a defender? Pep Guordiola keeps players out of his teams to get them to adapt, not to sell him. He did the same to Aguero until he learned to play the
    Guordiola way. Hard to see this happening. Just a few days ago Guordiola complained about stones not been able to play three games in a row. That is not what a coach says about a player he wants to sell. He was indirectly telling Stones to sort out his problems because Man City had done their best.

    1. Exactly.
      City have 2 fit CBs right now. One of them is Otamendi.
      They’re not loaning us Stones.
      The summer could be a different story, though.

      1. Those were different times.
        Many players from back them wouldn’t have been as successful nowadays.

      2. bro even chiellini is slow but he had awareness and reads the game well.These defenders actually knew their flaws and adapted to a certain way of defending,they always get the basics right so they were world class.

        but nowadays we dont see defenders “defending” quite well and unfortunately to survive in the epl they need pace.Many of them lack basic knowledge of defence.So i am not convinced with stones. is he an upgrade to what we have now?I dont think so…

        just my opinion

  3. If this is true than it is fantastic. Stones is world class and Arsenal will greatly benefit. Also Arteta and Stones will have a good understanding from his time at Man City.

    1. The term “world class” is loosely used far too much nowadays. He had and still has the potentials to become a great player, but world class, he’s far from that. He’s at best just above average.
      Him coming to Arsenal will work out well for both parties that’s if he can stay injury free long enough to play some good football.

  4. Its a joke right, the only player in the whole of the prem more over hyped than xhaka was stones. He is injury prone, mistake prone and idiot prone. Its not true so we need not bother too much with this one.

    1. Stones is an adventurous CB like Luiz and he could be erratic like Mustafi, but he worked with Arteta before. I think Stones wouldn’t have communication problem like Mustafi and would fit into Arteta’s system

      He is worth the gamble as long as Arsenal don’t need to break the bank for him. If it doesn’t work out, we can always resell him because he is still in his prime age

      1. Please explain how mustafi has communication problems..
        Because if its based on the language, Mustafi could speak very well right from his Everton days in their youth setup..
        Or could it be that Stones’ left ear is more effective to listen to instructions from his CB partner?

        1. 😂😂 I think Gotanidea was referring to the miscommunication btwn Mustafi and Leno last season that saw them unable to deal with a seemingly simple ball and allowed Zaha to sneak in behind and score and beat us 2-3 at the Emirates.

  5. Stones simply because of his EPL experience is a welcomed development to me but only on a loan deal.
    He won’t come cheap and every fan can agree that we need substantial amount of money to add quality to our team, money I would advise should be wisely spent since we don’t have money reservoir like other teams.

  6. Funniest rumour of this transfer window so far. Does anyone honestly believe that City would let him come to us when they are in a (realistically futile) fight with Liverpool for the league when he could be needed if injuries happen? 🤣

  7. Quite right GB.Stones is a talented ball playing CB who unfortunately seems to be injury prone and seems too complacent when in possession.He is quicker than Tony Adams but not in the same league as Gomez of Liverpool when it comes to speed.To my mind Gomez is the finest English CB around.

  8. Stones the fraud! If this transfer happens I would lose my faith in MA. Stones is the same guy who’s been benched by the likes of Fernandinho and at one time by Rodri!!! Being out injured is one thing but a defender losing his spot to a traditional midfielder is unacceptable. Stones is just a glorified Mustafi. Wouldnt touch him with a 10 foot pole.

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