Arsenal lining up Portugese international defender in January?

We all know that the transfer window is currently shut, but the fact is that Arsene Wenger is desperately short of defenders and should be at least looking around to strengthen in that area as soon as possible, despite Wenger moaning about the lack of available defenders in the summer. He said: “There is not a lot on the market and if you look at the other clubs, they had exactly the same problem. If you went anywhere, everybody is looking for defenders.

“I feel that we made a very good buy with Calum Chambers and we are a bit unlucky to lose Debuchy and Monreal at the same time together. No matter how many players you buy, you cannot have three players in every position because it is impossible to manage.”

But there is little surprise that we have an Arsenal transfer rumour in the Express this morning saying that the Gunners are looking at the contract rebel Vitorino Antunes, who has reportedly pulled out of signing a new deal with Malaga.

The untimely injuries to Mathieu Debuchy (out for three months) and Nacho Monreal have only served to highlight the fact that Arsenal desperately need new defensive arrivals, so we all hope that Wenger is looking around for January arrivals, and Antunes definitely looks like he would be a helpful addition to the squad.

The 27 year-old left-back actually first arrived at Malaga on loan to replace Nacho Monreal after he left for the Gunners, and was impressive enough to earn a four-year contract with the Spaniards, so he could be a useful stop-gap if we make a bid for him in January. Surely Wenger must be looking for someone right now?

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  1. We are a cdm and a pacey cb away from title. And poease wenger dont try to score the perfect goal. Let the players to.shoot!! Please! Cant bear this. It pains a lot!!:(

    1. You identified our two biggest needs but those signing would only make us a solid 3rd place team without an outside chance to do better. We don’t have the elite strikers that City and Chelsea have and won’t score enough goals to win a title.

      1. we dont need an “elite striker” because we have very good wingers who are capable of scoring 20+ goals (sanchez and walcott). Not only that we have players like cazorla, ramsey, podolski, ozil, welbeck, giroud who can all chip in with plenty of goals.

        The reason why city and chelsea need world class strikers is because thats where all there goals come from. City have no wingers to pitch in and really only toure and silva are the other players who score. Same goes for chelsea besides schurrle and hazard they dont have other goal scorers.

  2. OT: But the draw against City and now Spurs at home are not sitting with me well. Both games we should have won and even though we’re still undefeated in the league, 2 wins and 4 draws calls for improvement. The injuries are now racking up and I’m afraid those dropped points will come back to haunt us…

      1. I agree with that statement wholeheartedly but we need to look at the positives too. While alot of jackoffs are literally gong insane like we’ve picked up 6 points. Weve played everton, tottenham, and man city already and havent lost while teams like liverpool, everton, man u are losing to lower table teams.

        And everyone is raving on about city and how complete there squad is while they have ONE more point than us. Only chelsea have played well and i dont see it lasting costa looks like he will get injured soon and they will be screwed.

  3. we have gave away points that should have won at home…….

    it will gonna be worst away….

    fans should be realistic by now that the title is over!!!!!

    1. By the end of deadline day we knew that we were no title contenders. Looks like FA cup again and honestly I don’t think we’ll make that too. As for Uefa …. sigh. …..

  4. so did Wenger just give up on signing defenders? did he just say “oh well” when all bidding failed and move on?

    I believe that it was definitely difficult to sign defenders in this transfer window especially with those greedy managers out there. but if you know the team’s weaknesses, you gotta do everything in your power to fix those weakness. and if that means signing players, sign players!!

    1. but i do agree with him to some extent, what decent CB’s were available? BUT if there were no good CB’s on the market we shouldve get vermaelen and let him go on a free

  5. The reason we could not buy a CB in the summer is because Wenger was looking for a backup. Any CB who signed would have been looking at being the no. 3 or no. 4 option on a team with a manager who never rotates his CBs. Any quality CB would have looked at Vermalen’s role last year and said “no thank you”.

    Wenger should have been looking for a starter who would be an upgrade of Mert.

    1. Exactly….top teams like Chelsea, City, Utd, Barca and Real etc…

      They always rotate their CBs…….u will see different CBs in every game..

      1. That is not true at all that is a ridiculous statement. but of course all the 15 year old muppets on this site that have no idea would agree.

        1. Actually barca has been rotating their CB and they have had a clean sheet their entire season so far. Man U do it because they are all trash. Chelsea have their starting two locked tight, and I’ve seen Varane start some matches for Real Madrid although Ramos and Pepe are pretty much locked there too.

          1. Barca only do that cUse of there injuries. Pique is injury prone and bad, while mathieu already got injured this year

  6. STOP GAP!!!

    What is this talk of stop gaps and making do/patching/plugging gaps?
    A good manager identifies deficiencies in his squad and moves early to fix that and keep his squad in the best possible shape.
    We all know how many years certain positions in the squad have needed urgent attention but every year nothing and the endless rounds of players played out of position.
    By that very definition Wenger is no longer a good manager.

  7. “No matter how many players you buy, you cannot have three players in every position because it is impossible to manage.”

    Except when the position is no. 10 in which case you can never have too many because you can always play them out of position where they will be less effective. And if the position is CDM, you don’t need any at all. Just take an over-the-hill CAM and convert him.

  8. I dont blame Wenger for draw yesterday, his selection was good and the players played pretty well. twas just bad luck.
    today,first time this season, I wont say #wenger out

    1. Sorry dude We only really started ticking after forced injuries changed that selection. We saw the best of Ozil once again. He should have started with the Ox on left and Sanchez on right. But he keeps making place for the likes of Ramsey and Wilshire.

  9. We played well.. Ozil played his best game. We afraid to shoot, actually if you see we dont have powerful shooters. We always do too many passes.

  10. For the second league game in a row. Ozil proves Wenger wrong. Ramsey should never have started this game he is off form, and injury prone. Wilshire spends too much time laying on the grass. Im sorry guys they say after ten games we will be really able to how the season will go. Out of 6 played we won 2 and drew 4. Next week is Chelsea our seventh game. I wonder what it would look like. Played 7 won 2 drew…..won….. or lost…..?

  11. I think that basically the club
    has decided that it is too
    costly to win the Premiership.
    Being a wealthy club like Arsenal is not enough.
    You need to be super rich like Chelsea, Man City and Utd.

  12. So we keep a free Flamini
    and 10 mill Arteta we don’t
    pay 27 mill for Kheidra 40 mill for Vidal
    or pay 50 mill for Pogba.
    We buy Giroud 10 mill Sanogo free,
    Chamakh free bring back a free Campbell
    and pay 16 mill for Wellbeck.
    We did not pay 50 milll for Suarez.

  13. Same reason the club gave
    Wenger another 3 years.
    We could have brought in Laudrup
    or Martinez or Simeone.
    But the Club calculates that the chance
    of slipping out of the top 4
    is greater than winning the EPL
    so why take the risk ?

    1. are you f*cking serious Laudrup? and im sure you were asking for martinez after wigan got relegated right?

  14. So we don’t spend 30 mill on
    an unproven 21 year old.
    Our major goal is 4th so we can wait till
    a cheaper deal comes along unlike Utd who need
    to win to maintain their huge income streams so
    they spend 160 mill compared to our 60
    Maybe Southampton can break the mold but I doubt it.

  15. Ey guys…the injury to ramsey and arteta is not cool at all…but look at it this way…ozil wil play his no.10 role…enter diaby…or even ox thru the middle…sanchez welbeck cazorla upfront…mby campbell n rozza will get a run out…but I don’t care what u guys say…if diaby gets a cameo against gala..n gets a start with wilsher beside him…ox,sanchez,cazorla,ozil,welbeck ahead…ii believe we can leav the bridge with a result..we sloowwlly but surely becoing more fluid game by game..

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