Would Arsenal fans want Yaya Toure?

Yaya Toure’s agent has claimed that he is set to open talks with other clubs about a move for his client at the end of the season, with the DailyStar citing us as one of those interested.

The Ivory Coast international has scored six goals in his 26 league outings this term, and still remains a regular starter for Manchester City. Despite being one of the first-named on the team-sheet, his agent claims that he is not appreciated by the club, and is pushing for a summer exit.

“From this moment we start to discuss with different clubs about Yaya going there in the summer. City don’t do anything concrete.

“Yaya has given everything for the club and we don’t feel that this situation is the right way to show how much they appreciate him.”

It sounds like he is simply trying to push City into offering him one more bumper deal, as he enters the latter years of his career, but with a new manager in the shape of Pep Guardiola coming in this summer, no talks of a new deal appear likely until the Spaniard has considered his options.

Regardless of the situation, Yaya Toure is being linked with a move to Arsenal, most likely to sell the story, but where exactly would he fit into our team?

With Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny operating in front of the defence, and Ozil Sanchez and Ramsey playing behind the striker, who would you take out to play the ageing prima donna?

Not to forget we have Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla also on their way back from injury.

Would we really want Yaya Toure to come in and throw his weight around in our dressing room? Does he even retain enough ability to deserve a big-money contract to join us?

I think we should just get him a birthday cake in May, and skip on offering him the chance to move to London…

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  1. Yaya will end up at a club like Juve, PSG, Bayern or the MSL. Arsenal cannot afford his wages and demands (of course we can but we wont).

    Get Kante or Wanyama for DM and look for B2B if we can find “quality”.

  2. Hahaha Why not, we are a charitable club after all.
    We May aswell bring in all the Wenger “I nearly signed” from many moons ago! ?
    Bring in Ibrahimovic too and wait for Ronaldo and Messi to reach their mid 30’s and sign them also….
    As the saying goes… “Better late than never” ?

    1. No disrespect meant but I read your post and thought “Wow, no long term fan would joke about getting mid 30’s players, they’re probably still in shock of being linked with anyone past 30 still…”

  3. Wenger always picks favourites like Arteta, Giroud, Mertesaker, Theo and Ramsey no matter how badly they play. He has no ambition to win trophies and he has wasted Ozil’s 3 season by not signing top striker. We need 5 world class players next season just to challenge for 4th place next season. Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, Klopp and teams like Spurs, WestHam and Leicster will make it even tougher next season.

    1. Must say, I was kinda hoping we might end up with Conte one day. He brought Juventus out of a dark time and returned them to The team in Italy. His player acquisitions were superb, as was the football played. The only down side was when he would go with a three man defence, which was often. He really looked a great candidate for succession of AW, pity, another one bites the dust. Whenever they choose Che, for me that means they will never be at Arsenal ..players are different.

    2. Get back to football manager.

      You know NOTHING about real football.

      Wenger will always pick his favs?
      PMSL how ignorant, yes Wenger does have favoritism but he has dropped both Per and Giroud which you have claimed he wouldn’t. Theo has been a bench player in favor of Iwobi. Ramsey gets thrown out on the right because Wenger will not choose him for CM over Cazorla.

      “Wenger ALWAYS picks his favorites” blah blah BULLSHT

      Seriously STFU and watch Arsenal before you make stupid comments, it doesn’t sound like you have watched a single EPL game, you have read what the daily rags have to say and repeat it like a parrot.

      You including Leicester in there is all anyone who knows football needs to see, they have done brilliant this year but they didn’t have CL football and the congestion of games that other top teams had. They need to invest into there squad depth otherwise the WILL suffer next season just like Liverfool did.

      Oh and if money talks then can you please tell Leicester because someone forgot to, if money talks then they should be near bottom!

  4. After being milked and juiced and squeezed out completely and drained out of their best years…………The remnants are deemed fit to be offLoaded to Arsenal!

    Interesting……just interesting!

    1. When it is other teams players then it is “After being milked and juiced and squeezed out completely and drained out of their best years” but when Arsenal sold players who was hitting 30+ the fans was complaining about losing the experience…

      Interesting… just interesting ^.^

  5. If Yaya is looking for a new and improved contract then Arsenal become an obvious rumor club, we are the only other top team who has actually stayed in the top 4 and as such can offer him CL football while also being the only team to have CL football who MAY be able to afford his wages.

    I wouldn’t take this rumor as truth due to the lack of evidence, I will point to how Wenger has looked to offload players at 30 when Arsenal have backed him, if Silent Stan is actually going to get the players Wenger wants this time round then I would think Wenger is looking at top YOUNGISH talent who can do the job for us now.

    Xhaka is the kind of player I can imagine Wenger putting as his 1st choice target, youngish and has experience plus bags of potential still.

    Ozil is an Exmaple of what I mean, he was still youngish when we got him and obviously at an age where he can get better but he was already experienced. Ozil was 24? 1 month away from 25 when we got him?
    Alexis can be used as another example, I think he was 25 when we got him (3 months away from 25?), still younger than the ‘peak’ age that Wenger has said to be from 26-27 ish…

    Cech may be older but GKs prime is later, Mad Jens was what.. 34? when we bought him and look what he achieved with us. Wasn’t he in his 40’s when he had his 2nd spell with us?

    Elneny this year, that is another youngish player who has experience and can still develop.

    Yaya goes against this and that is the main reason why I would say this is just Yayas camp making sounds to try and strongarm City into giving him his final big pay before Pep arrives.
    Yes we have been linked to Ibrah as well but that guy is a special talent, he is still performing at the same level he was years ago… if anything I think he has gotten better with age. If we can get someone of his talent then it has to be considered doesn’t it? Yaya isn’t as special… great player etc but we do not need him as much as a special CF.

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