Arsenal linked Ousmane Dembele rules out Deadline Day move from Barcelona

Ousmane Dembele has ruled denied any chance of him moving from Barcelona this month, ending Arsenal’s hopes of adding him to their exciting forward line.

The former Borussia Dortmund winger joined the Catalan giants in a monster deal worth a potential £135 Million after add-ons a year ago, but missed most of last season with injury, and struggled to regain fitness.

Ousmane has since found his place in the team come into question, with the exciting and highly rated Malcolm coming in to challenge for a place in the first-team, but Dembele remains happy with his place in the team.

“I’m staying at Barca, I’m ready to play the Super Cup,” he said.

Arsenal had been linked with the winger’s potential arrival for most of the summer, with permanent and loan deals both being mooted, but the latest reports had insisted that we would have had to pay a massive £10 Million to bring him to the Emirates this summer ON LOAN, with a possible inclusion of a £90 Million option to buy at the end of the campaign.

Unfortunately for our club this looks like it will end any talk of us bringing in further additions this window unless Unai Emery has other targets for the winged attacking roles, while there could still be a small possibility that Ramsey could forge an exit and would need replacing.

Would Ousmane have gave us another level in attack? Do we still need a winger today?

Pat J

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  1. McLovin says:

    Get Quincy Promes now! We are desperate!

    Perez has officially gone to W Ham for £4 millions. We made a ~7 million loss on him in just 2 years. Horrible business by Wenger.

    Also likes of Campbell and Jenkinson are on +40k a week and they are not suited for PL. So who’s going to offer them wages like that? NO ONE. And Jenkinson’s contract is until 2020!! Another brainfart by Wenger.

    1. Declan says:

      It was an £11 million loss as we signed him for £17 million. So the deal is worse than horrible, it’s disgraceful.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Don’t be surprised if Perez bites Arsenal on the arse when they play West Ham United.

      2. D says:

        If you had listened to Guillem Balague when we signed Perez (one of the few pundits that actually knows what he’s talking about), you would have heard him say that it was an incredibly shrewd bit of business, as Perez had just come off an extremely good season with Deportivo. So it’s all well and good attacking Wenger after the fact, because idiots like you only talk in hindsight, because that’s all you can do; you don’t have the footballing knowledge to know whether a player will make it or not in a new league. No-one could have predicted that it wouldn’t have work out well for Perez at Arsenal, yet you come on here and talk as if you knew all along that he was a poor player.

        The only thing “disgraceful” here is your show of support for the club that you claim to be a fan of.

      3. Brian Rotich says:

        Simple math 17-4 = 13….I cant belief some of the fans cant manage simple math

    2. D says:

      Yeah, because there literally isn’t a single club out there that make mistakes on transfers, but sure, you just focus on attacking the ex-manager of the club that you claim to support and none of the others. Honestly, the level of “support” that the people on this blog show is utterly pathetic. Again, it is people like you that make our fanbase a complete laughing stock and there is no arguing that. Embarrassing.

  2. RSH says:

    Ornstein is the only reliable aresnal journalists. Twitter ITK’s can’t stop trying to discredit him but once again he was spot on about Arsenal being done with transfer signings after Guendouzi. Dembele was just the fantasy transfer of the summer. Same vein as Higuain, Benzema, etc. So frustrating to see people fall for twitter accounts like Football Mole/Plug, and people who “have uncles working at Arsenal.” It’s always garbage.

    I’d give this window a B- overall. Maybe up it to a B if we get players like Jenkinson/Welbz/Ospina out the door. I don’t think we did enough to improve the back 4, I think Chambers loan is something we will regret. Lack of a true wide player is also something I’m worried about. Main Positives is signing of Torreira, Leno. And I think Guendouzi will have valuable contribution to this season as well. I won’t get hyped about him too early since he has yet to kick a ball in a competitive EPL match. Hopefully we have a decent start to the season and can sign at least a top quality winger in Jan, or top CB. I really think Arsenal need to just bite the bullet and spend big on a CB instead of looking for a bargain. We haven’t had a competent CB since Koscielny who is at the end of his career now.

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    We need a star player to come wear that vacant jersey 11.

    I thought for once Stan would surprise use by sanctioning the purchase of a marque signing. There business model might be working for now but for how long? Getting harder to attract new fans now unless Unai works out a miracle.

    1. Kachope patrick says:

      What Jersey does torreira put on?

      1. Shekar233 says:

        Arsenal jersey, obviously. If you were asking about jersey number then it is 11

        1. ozziegunner says:

          11 is Torreira’s birth date, so that Arsenal jersey number is already allocated as stated above by Shekar233.

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