Arsenal linked to an audacious last-minute move for Premier League captain

Arsenal has been linked with a late move for Southampton’s Pierre Emile Hojbjerg.

Arsenal has been busy in these last few days of this transfer window, they have completed the transfer for Pablo Mari and they are on the verge of sealing a deal for Southampton’s Cedric Soares.

Sky Sports is now claiming that Soares isn’t the only Southampton player that Arsenal is looking to sign this month.

The report claims that the Gunners are among several teams who are looking to sign the Saint’s captain Pierre Emile Hojbjerg.

Tottenham is the team with the strongest interest and the report claims that the Lilywhites have already opened talks with their counterpart on the South Coast.

Pierre Emile Hojbjerg has a deal at Southampton until the summer of 2021 and the club has opened talks over renewing his deal.

He has been integral to Southampton’s recent revival after they were beaten 9-0 by Leicester City last year.

Arsenal are well stocked in midfield however, Mikel Arteta would not want to rely on the same number of players all the time and the Danish midfielder would fit in well.

This one has come out of the left-field I will admit and if it was the likes of the Daily Star claiming this I would have been very sceptical, however, it is Sky Sports and they are at least a little bit more credible.

This also tells me that tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day as the transfer window enters deadline day.


  1. Mogunna says:

    We are overloaded with midfield players, why would we go for this one for? Is he on loan? Bloody cow!

  2. Sue says:

    I’ve just read the spuds are after him…
    Tomorrow will indeed be very interesting…will we sign any others? And I’m dying to see where Cavani and Jarrod Bowen end up.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Sky Sports’ report about Barcelona’s bids for Richarlison and Fernandes are wrong. We also don’t need another right-footed DM, since we already have many midfielders with that characteristic

    Hojbjerg’s main suitor is Tottenham, not Arsenal. Although it’s going to be interesting to have Pierre Emile and Pierre Emerick in one team

    1. Diogenes says:

      Yeah, my theory is someone associated with Everton ‘leaked’ that Barca rubbish rumour to increase Richarlison’s valuation. No way are they refusing 85 mil.

  4. Ayoola says:

    arsenal don’t need this guy

    1. Macboy says:

      Hes better then xhaka and lucas hes been consistant since a youth at bayern xhaka is too slow even tho i like em if u psrtner lucas and emile that was secured our midfield we need midfielders that can also get u atleast five goals a season xahaka never attacks we need a ball carrying midfielder

  5. Grandad says:

    Would he be an upgrade? I think not.

  6. Mogunna says:

    We play on Sunday, let’s focus on that!

    This transfers are all cheap loans and useless players, we have same and better on bench!

    Transfer window gave us opportunities to sell Auba,Torreira,Xhaka and Kolas before injury; Arteta opposed.

    That’s 120M! Torreira Kokas + 60 to Napoli was getting us Koulibaly

    Auba Xaka secured 90M; complete Kouli and 30M left for back up in R&LB!

    Build team smartly, Auba won’t sign but leave, nor be missed with what Saka and Martinelli show on that flank.

    Niles Gendouzi, Willock, and Ozil + Ceballos we stock with, are enough. Luiz able to play in front of defense as well.

    Let’s these young players step up, they show way more!

    1. Lugdush says:

      So for u to sell torreira is a smart move?

    2. beast mode says:

      Nonsense. This is not FIFA20 you are playing. So in your head, we should sell all the decent players in order to buy just one CB?

    3. Abel says:

      @Mogunna, You lost me at “sell Auba..”

  7. GB says:

    He’s going to spurs in the summer window.

  8. Shambala says:

    Arsenal defence always look bad because it’s so much exposed by a very weak midfield. The current crop of midfielders are not good enough so new recruits are definitely needed.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Too true and a midfielder with leadership ability!

  9. Reggie says:

    No whaay Jose.

  10. Shakir says:

    What type of a midfielder is he?

    And i think southampton will be the team to beat liverpool…considering their form and recent results

  11. SAGooner says:

    Goodness me, the negative comments once again. Have we improved our game in the last few matches or not? Has the midfield offered more protection to the defence or not? GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE!! Koulibaly who? I thought it was Meccano? Or was it Nathan Ake or Virgil van Dijk? Name all the CBs in all the leagues please, then Mikel will have a better chance of making a selection.

  12. ozziegunner says:

    Meccano, one of the greatest toys ever invented. Mr Hornby changed my life!

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