Arsenal linked to Real Madrid star in place of Mahrez

Arsenal have today been linked with Real Madrid’s creative midfielder Isco, after he was reportedly put up for sale by the Spanish giants.

Arsenal are supposedly on the lookout for one more midfielder, despite the high number of players in midfield already, but are specifically trying to find a suitable winger for the side. Arsenal have been supposedly acting towards making a move for either Draxler or Mahrez, but whilst the former has had a deal ruled out completely by his side Wolfsburg, Mahrez’s future on the other hand remains uncertain. The preference for the Gunners does seem to be Mahrez due to his Premier League experience and the obvious fact that he was rated the PFA Player of the Year last year, thus he was voted the best player in the league. However with a deal seeming to have stalled due to a lack of activity, perhaps Arsenal are keeping their options open and one player they may target is Isco.

Isco has had a tough few years in Madrid, not because of form or ability, but rather he has been unlucky with Perez and the managers in securing a place in the team on a consistent basis. Isco didn’t really suit Madrid’s style of play when he first joined the club after Ozil’s departure to Arsenal, and then his place was taken in the side by Columbian signing James Rodriguez. It has meant that he has found opportunities limited in Madrid and Isco is now reportedly willing to change clubs after the it was announced he would be considered for a transfer.

Real Madrid have never been a club that struggles with money, however in order to finance a possible move for Paul Pogba, as well as their other targets, they reportedly need to sell some players to get some high wages off the books. Alavaro Morata was reportedly a player they were considering selling and Arsenal were rumoured to be an interested party, but perhaps the Gunners will now turn their attention to his teammate for club and country.

Isco isn’t exactly needed at Arsenal because he is more of a central player than a wide man, however what is good about the 24 year old is his versatility across the midfield. Despite it not being his natural position, Isco can play on the wing and has proven to be a quality player when it comes to picking a pass and utilising his dribbling ability.

Should Isco be a target for Arsenal this summer?



    1. a slick rick reference?

      if rakim gets a mention im bringing out the shell toe adidas and my fake gold ‘rope’

  1. Another player who we don’t need..get a defender and a striker first, then we can go for Isco, draxler, Mahrez and all attacking midfielders that the sun, the star and the mirror links us with.. anyway a transfer window would be incomplete without ” isco to Arsenal ” rumour..

    1. @Rhoto, Other players you mentioned (Mahrez and Draxler) will make more sense than Isco, because they are forwards but he’s a CM or CAM, which is where we are stocked the most.
      The guy (Isco) is too selfish, Not Arsenal’s type of player.

  2. The minute i heard Isco was available .(…and yea….he’s another MIDFIELDER)

    I was like BooYoo…..this is it…. Arsenal would definitely be Linked!!….wanna bet on it?

    Xhaka’s arrival doesn’t alter a thing!

    1. *grabs microphone
      i dont wanna close my eyes. i dont wanna falll asleeeep cos il miss a rumour….


  3. TOP LINE: we don’t need Isco.
    BOTTOM LINE: he is Wenger’s type of signing.
    MY TOT: he will probably be announced on DD instead of striker or a winger.

  4. Arsenal already has 19
    midfielders so lets get
    another over priced
    over hyped piece of S##t.
    Lets not get what we need
    a CB and a striker.
    Makes sense 🙂

    1. Sky sport is reporting that
      Arsenal are in intense transfer
      talks with Skënderbeu Korçë
      for the highly rated Sebino Plaku.
      Wenger refused to comment yesterday
      but inside sources have leaked the news.
      Wenger himself has met with the strikers
      negotiators and personal terms have been agreed.
      An announcement is expected mid afternoon.

        1. he stays up an goes into mordors fiery pits of hell, avoiding urak–hai and just arsenal moderators

      1. Davidnz, well done, you had me looking it up, all a got was a link back to your comment on this site.

        Your information is as reliable as 95% of the rumours in the media.

      2. Wenger is not interesred in Isco, the following is being reported on bbc website

        A senior Arsenal spokesman said “I am pleased to announce that we have signed a Korean midfielder, Fu Kinno Won from FC Seoul. Won is a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally. He has good pace, is technically gifted and will be a huge asset to Arsenal Football Club. We are delighted that he is joining us.”

        1. but does he have a good ‘re-sale value’ and will he increase our team’s ‘cohesion’?

  5. nonsense rumor IMO. If Wenger doesn’t want Theo on the wing since he doesn’t defend well enough, he is certainly not going to like Isco in that role. I am certain Wenger is not even looking at Isco. In fact Wenger is not even looking at any player other than perhaps an inexpensive CD.

  6. every season its the same shiit and some fans say lets give benefit of the doubt, c’mon for several years now its the same repackaged crap from wenger and gazidis giving fans contradictory messages, what type of crazy manager has resale value as one of his criteria for getting a player, we are a fuccking big team, God help arsenal

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