Arsenal linked with a defender that has potential to be a great

Arsenal has apparnetly increased their interest in Celtic defender Kieran Tierney, according to the the Daily Mail

Arsenal have previously been linked with the 22-year-old and we covered that here just a couple of weeks ago, however, SportsMail are claiming that our interested has firmed up somewhat and a bid could be tabled in just a few days time.

The report further claims that Unai Emery sees the young left back as a shrewd investment and that he has made his views on the Scottish international clear to the board.

It seems that Emery is convinced that Tierney is more than capable of making the leap from Scottish Premiership football to the English Premier League.

Finally, the earlier article linked above had the young lad valued at £26 Million, whereas has this most recent claim has him valued at roughly £20 Million.

So, that is the background to the rumour and there are four questions that leap out at me which I think can be easily answered.

Can we trust the Daily Mail? I think most people would say no but that does not mean that we are not interested in the player, I believe we are.

Would he be a shrewd investment? In my opinion, definitely, if he is a success, which I believe he will be, his value would skyrocket.

Can he make the leap from Scottish domestic football to English football? I wholeheartedly agree with Emery’s reported opinion on this, I honestly believe he will adapt comfortably.

Is he worth up to £26 Million, I would say absolutely he is. When you compare that valuation to some of the crazy fees being bandied around about some players we have been linked with then I think £26 Million is a bargain for a player of Tierney’s quality.

Now, the normal caveats are attached with this rumour but of all the rumours I have heard in the last couple of months, this one remains one of the very few that gets me genuinely excited and one I deep down hope is true and that we do make a move for him.


  1. It looks like Gabriel Martinelli, a teenage forward from Brazil, could be our first signing probably. He likes to play wide on the left and cut in to use his right foot. But very inexperienced. £6 million

  2. Tierney or Grimaldo would be a good competitor for Kolasinac, but I feel Arsenal will prioritize a winger or a CB instead

    If they want to save their money, they could hijack Boli Mbombo from Huddersfield

      1. But there is no interest from the other clubs in Kolasinac, so he would most likely stay

    1. Hey Celtic are interested in Jenkinson so we could do a swap deal with a few bob added

    1. No worries. Arsenal are rumored (or pretend) to be poor, but there must be at least one marquee signing in this transfer window

      1. “Arsenal are rumored (or pretend) to be poor, but there must be at least one marquee signing in this transfer window” Why does no-one use previous experiences to form their opinions? Why are you not taking into account the last two transfer windows and the last 2 reported transfer budgets that we had?

    1. So what you’re saying is – he’s snubbed us!! Bloody hell.. just gets worse… now for the dilly dallying with all our other targets, who’ll end up going elsewhere.. then bingo, you have the usual Arsenal transfer window!!

    2. Media changed the story to suit them.The player said Gladbach is his second choice if Arsenal can’t agree a fee with Lorient and subsequently those those good things about Gladbach.He prefers Arsenal over all the other teams but once again media tries to skew things.

  3. Pussyfooting around players were interested in getting snapped up by other clubs have they not heard STRIKE while the iron HOT

    1. They do not have an iron in the first place not to talk of a hot one. Its called the AFC way the standard way.

  4. Potential to be great,you having a laugh m8,he is already great,just ask andy robertson,andy’s game has not changed since his days at dundee utd,he does the exact same things every week,he was let go by celtic because of this,and this is the why keiran teirney was kept on by celtic because his game is far superior,teirney can play anywhere in the back four and also play left mid and winger…………HH

  5. Not to be negative, but if Tierney is such a prospect then why hasn’t Leceister made a move for him. Rodgers worked with him and I am sure that he would be eager to boost the squad, especially if he has good resale potential.

    If Rodgers doesn’t want him (I’m assuming) then what does he know that we don’t?

    1. Rogers have Been Chiwell who is equally a very good left back at leschester City. so that’s why.

      1. Goodness gracious, so Celtic and Leceister have better LB’s than us, and LB isn’t even the position that we are most concerned about. No wonder we are a Europa club these days.

  6. What load of crap are you spewing??.. Without any semblance of evidence to back it up..
    So sky sports skewed the news? Media outlets changed it’s contents?

    Are you even listening to yourself?
    Well since you obviously have inside info on what’s skewed and how, maybe you can send the link to this imaginary original version of the interview that you purport the media twisted…

    Or are we just supposed to take your words (hook line and sinker) over theirs?

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